LeBron X “Cork” Giveaway Winner – NRML


Major props go out to our friends at NRML as they’ve teamed up with us for some of our best giveaways and without further ado, the lucky winner is…Evan Young (@sneakerheadevan)! Congratulations as you have just won a FREE pair (1) of LeBron X “Cork” in the size of your choice US 9 thru 12! Please be on the lookout for a Twitter DM or an email from NRML to get your shipping information.

Big thanks again to NRML and for all those who entered. We wish there were more than one pair to give out, but definitely stay tuned for our next giveaway come March!


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  • Anonymous

    Three tweets on the day the contest concludes. Hmm…

  • fuckk! the guy just open that account, probably fakeeee

  • Ken

    HAHAHA – Go to http://www.whendidyoujointwitter.com/ and check his name. The account was created on Feb 22, 2013

  • congrats to Evan. u lucky bastard you lol

  • Tizzle404


  • makav3ll1

    Mad fake LOL

  • Lex_407

    Real talk, this contest had to be rigged in some sort of way. I mean that account just looks mad suspect, seems like the contest runner rigged it to get hits, followers, and buyers to his/her business. Not hating but the account just makes it look funny, that’s why people are complaining.

  • Rigged

    Probably was no winner. They’re probably gonna keep them and sell them, not give them away for free. smh

  • Y do i waist my time with this shit anymore…..

  • yea this is beginning to get ridiculous.

  • laslo reed


  • Daniel760

    Waste of fucking time, this was used to get followers on twitter and facebok for NRML. Unfollowing now

  • Notcool

    kicksdeals you guys have been very disappointing for doing us dirty…

  • Anonymous

    How the f**k are you guys gonna do us dirty like that with a fake ass promotion? Smdh

  • Kicks Deals

    Just to update everyone, the winner of the giveaway was selected randomly by NRML. It’s obvious for anyone to cry foul or claim it’s rigged if they were the ones who didn’t win…we get it. Thousands of people want these LeBron’s and there is only one to giveaway for free. It’s impossible to think everyone will be happy. The winner has not responded yet when we reached out nor has NRML heard from them and if we don’t hear from them by tomorrow, we’ll pick another winner. We appreciate your support as always!

    • Kicks Deals

      Giveaway winner was in touch with NRML on Saturday 2/23/2013 within a 24-hour window of winning so there will be no need to pick another winner. Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone had hopes for a redraw. Be on the lookout for another giveaway next month!

      • adfadfad

        you mean another scam next month??

  • ha, this giveaway is so rigged it’s ridiculous. wow man.


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