Nike SB Dunk Low PRM “Yellow Curb”


This deal is sold out. Act faster next time!

Today marks the last day of the Nike SB restocks at Premier and available today is select sizes for the Dunk Low PRM “Yellow Curb” for retail + ship!


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  • eli

    you guys are so fucking wack… let SB heads who are paying attention get these things! i actually wanted these but ur stupid tweet sent to much traffic to the site and they sold out… in some ways u really help the sneaker community, but i lost all respect for yall during these premier restocks… at least keep part of the sneaker game holy.. so dissapointed

  • eli

    so dissapointed in yall… you really couldnt let real SB heads who were paying attention everyday to the premier site at 12:58 thrive? had to send your mass of hypebeast followers to scoop the pairs so they can resell a shoe that they dont even kno the inspiration behind? yall are so lame

    • Nick

      This site is up specifically to update people on ALL restocks and deals throughout the sneaker community. Get that “sb head” bullshit out of here and stop bitching. There was plenty of time after they posted this to get the shoes. Get your head out of your ass and grow up, it isn’t that serious.

      • eli

        you shouldnt have to be “updated” on these restocks.. every weekday at noon on premier’s website.. they are not a surprise restock… you should be on your shit and on the site at noon to see what it is if you really about it… otherwise you just see kicksdeals tweet saying “restock” and jump on it in typical hypebeast fashion

        • Nick

          Premier posts the restocks on their twitter too dumbass. Just because I knew about the restock prior to this tweet doesn’t mean that it isn’t nice to have a direct link. & the fact that you are hating on this sites hustle, for them doing their job, is just pathetic. Get a life “sb head”. bitch ass. You’re the hype one for thinking that phrase even applies here. Dont use words you dont know the meaning of.

        • Nick

          Just salty you couldn’t get your own pair. If you were “on your shit” you would have got them easily. Smh.

          • eli

            lol your right man.. i am salty, i had the 13 in my cart and by the time i entered my CC info somebody had copped em.. guess im just being a sore loser. and for the record I love @kicksdeals, when they post deals tho. what i used to love about the sneaker game is that you had to do your homework and be on your shit, everything wasnt handed to you via tweet. I liked that you had to be in the loop, based on your own dedication. i was too slow today cuz im at my office and have to close online shopping windows when people walk by… but ive calmed down now lol thanks for kind remarks


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