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We know, and hope(!), KD is in your rotation of sites you visit daily and we highlight the 20 best sneaker news sites you also want to read on the regular! From staying on top of release dates to performance reviews to recapping the latest news-worthy events, these wide array of sites have you covered from all angles. Original content is also what makes a lot of these sneaker news sites stand out and several are producing daily videos to bring even more to your senses. Be sure to check them all out and hopefully you can find a new favorite or two!

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Classic Kicks

Standout Column: Classic Ads

Nick Santora opened Classic Kicks as a shop on Elizabeth Street in downtown NYC, and it quickly became the go-to spot to go for all variations. The shop unfortunately closed down, but Classic Kicks the site lives on as a repository of sneaker history – from ads to catalog scans to vintage action shots. The site doesn’t update like it used to but if you are trying to gain sneaker knowledge beyond the latest Jordan release, this is the best place to start.


Complex Sneakers

Standout Column: Quickstrike

When you have Russ Bengtson and Nick Engvall on the same squad you are bound to kill everything moving. Considering Complex’s sneaker channel was basically a daily post a few years ago, now they are one of the go-to sites for informative and entertaining features and now videos thanks to Russ and DJ Clark Kent on Quickstrike. The roster continues to get better and deeper and the content shows – more than lists.



Standout Column: Performance Reviews

Providing you with all the latest from upcoming releases to new releases to event recaps, CounterKicks is also hitting you with in-depth interviews from athletes and designers that may not immediately come to mind. You can also get plenty of performance review knowledge on a whole range of kicks that you’re actually going to go out and wear and utilize from a functional standpoint.



Standout Column: N/A

Another Yu-Ming Wu production (with Dan Hwang), so you know it’s good. Keep it fresh and keep it locked here. Freshness Mag is another site that does a perfect job reporting the daily business and with a great display and strong writing…you won’t regret checking them out. They have a broader scope than just sneakers, but don’t you, too?



Standout Column: N/A

Thank God for Google Translator and Godfather movies, this Italian Hypebeast-type site requires a little extra work but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re getting Euros – or just like to keep tabs on what’s dropping outside the U.S. – this might be the best place for you to visit to stay up on worldwide news.


High Snobiety

Standout Column: N/A

Highsnob has been a go-to site for all aspects of style including kicks since you knew what blogging was. The clean layout (one of the best-looking sites, period) and great aggregate posts make it easy to navigate and read through for hours. The original photography makes the site really stand out.



Standout Column: Essentials

At one point being a hypebeast didn’t have the negative connotation it does now. It was a way of letting people know you were up on that new new. The pioneer of streetwear sites, Kevin Ma paved the way for most, and the site still trumps nearly everything else out there.


Inside The Sneakerbox

Standout Column: Is It The Shoes?

Clyde Edwards has been running this blog proper for years now and it sounds like he is ready to take things to another level soon. Clyde actually posts hi-res shots of the sneakers dropping at his shop 1973 in Miami rather than just relying on other sites that over-water mark their craft. It also supports the sneaker community via events, and posts from other notable sites.


Jordans Daily

Standout Column: Vintage Gear

The name says it all – a site dedicated to Jordan kicks only. Well, and apparel. And athletes. Whether you’re looking for vintage track suits or what your favorite baseball players PE Jordan cleats, if it’s got a Jumpman (or ball and wings) on it, you’ll find it here.


Kicks On Court

Standout Column: On-Court Training (Video)

If you need to know all about the latest basketball kicks from detailed photos to in-depth on-court reviews, Kicks On Court is definitely your one-stop location. Updated daily with plenty of content, you can also spend a good amount of time checking out on-court basketball training videos to stay on top of your game.


Kicks on Fire

Standout Column: Best of Lists

Kicks on Fire hits you with a good mix of performance and style, keeping readers updated with daily sneaker information and entertaining features as well as including some of the strongest “best of” lists. Their reference game is mean, too – peep their history and release date pages for information you need to know.


Kix and the City

Standout Column: KATC Sneaker Spot

Rich “MaZe” Lopez has been running Kix and the City for years, and doing it well. The content is great and the photos and the video posts are always done with integrity and appeal to the masses. As for his bona fides, he’s got a storage unit of kicks that exemplifies dedication to the game.

Web: (Jacques Slade)

Standout Column: The Day in Sneaks

Is anyone as committed as this guy? His daily videos and weekly recaps along with his other daily sneaker updates, man, he even takes time out to chill with his buddy Blake Griffin to talk about shoes. Favorite the page and thank us later.


Modern Notoriety

Standout Column: Snapback2theFuture

Sometimes we feel like Modern Notoriety knows Jordan release dates before the employees do. Modern Notoriety is still fairly new to the scene in comparison to some other sites but it has earned a rep for being one of the first sites to track legit news on your favorite kicks. They also scan eBay for hidden gems both old and new, so get your PayPal up.


Nice Kicks

Standout Column: Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Nice Kicks has been one of the most consistent and strongest blogs period, not just in the sneaker game. Halfhill’s team is deep with sneaker knowledge and creative franchises have Nice Kicks looking stronger than ever. NK will also keep you connected with your favorite celebrities so you know exactly what is hot in the streets. The retail store in Austin only adds to the credibility of the team and is one of the best spots to hit up during SXSW.


The Shoe Game

Standout Column: TSG 6 O’Clock News

The daily wrap-up as soon as you get home from work is a good move and saves you from trolling blogs all day and getting fired from your gig. G-Roc is one of the most committed bloggers and has been about that life long before it was trendy or cool.


Sneaker Freaker

Standout Column: The Sneaker Freakier Museum

The Australian print magazine has also crossed over and killed it on the digital side with current content and one of the best layouts online. Breaking news and great interviews are the site’s (and magazine’s) forte, and you can’t read a page without feeling their passion and dedication to sneakers.


Sneaker News

Standout Column: NCAA Feet

One of the first dedicated sneaker-only blogs, Sneaker News is well-respected for great daily information and its NBA and NCAA Feet franchises. If you ever need to know what your alma mater is rocking, this is your best bet – unless you went to some Division III school in Minnesota, just ask them on Twitter. They also get props for clean photo tags that don’t go across half the shoe and ruin the experience. THANKS!!


Sneaker Report

Standout Column: Know Your Tech

It’s crazy to think that at one point basketball and running shoes were actually used for, well, basketball and running. Sneaker Report focus on the facts and more technical approach to sneakers. Plenty of sites out there focus on style, but if you’re looking to get the best kicks for your respective sport, this is where you want to be. Fear not, though, they still look back at the classics too, just with performance in mind.


Sneaker Watch

Standout Column: Exclusive Celebrity Interviews

Sneaker Watch always pulls in some of the best celebrity interviews, talking about their favorite kicks and how they feel about upcoming releases. Their focus on daily news is strong as well and they also showcase some of the best Instagram users and collections on social media.


Sole Collector

Standout Column: This Week on eBay

Few sites do it better than Sole Collector…no wonder Complex decided to acquire the site this year. The features are always well-written and informative and the majority of its art is done in-house. SC has been a heavyweight in the sneaker blog game since you were able to browse on your iPhone. And that status will not change anytime soon as far as accessing content – extra props for iPad editions and the good old fashioned print.



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