Best Jordan Summer Releases Of The Past Decade


Summertime and sought after Jordan releases go hand-in-hand. And with this summer coming to a close soon, check out the 20 best drops of the past decade! From super-limited releases such as the “UNDFTD” Jordan IV to instant classics like the “Golden Moments” 6/7 pack, if you were a Jordan head, you likely did anything and everything to get your hands on any of these during the summer months. Quite an abundance of dope IVs have dropped during the summertime in the last 10 years, as well as favorites from the VI and VII stables. Take a look and let us know what your favorite summer Jordan release has been in the last decade.


Jordan IV White/Chrome Classic Green


Release Date: 7/24/2004

MJ took pride in tormenting the Celtics throughout his career. But, post-retirement, he’s been much kinder. Though it hardly makes up for those playoff losses, summer 2004 saw JB dropping this C’s-inspired colorway of the IV, in white & classic green.

Jordan IV "UNDFTD"


Release Date: 6/23/2005

For many of us that have been following Jordan brand since we were kids, the UNDFTD IV remains the holy grail, surpassing even the OG releases. Inspired by MA-1 flight jackets and sporting an oiled olive suede upper, this was one you had to commit a sacrifice to the sneaker gods to get a hold of…that, or throw down a few racks. Ultra-limited production, numbering only 72 pairs, and a raffle/auction-style release means that, even if you can find someone willing to part with their pair, you’ll be paying quadruple digits for the acquisition.

Jordan IV Rare Air "Black Laser"


Release Date: 8/20/2005

Speaking of limited IVs, for the many that missed out on the UNDFTD IV, all was not lost. The Jordan IV Rare Air “Black Laser” dropped a couple months later as a quickstrike and with production rumored at 3,000. But, even priced at $175, these flew off the shelves. The second, and arguably best, implementation of the laser-inscribed upper can now fetch over $500 at resale.

Jordan IV "Mist Blue"


Release Date: 6/24/2006

Carmello Anthony has received a lot of dope PEs in his career, but even though this IV has been nicknamed the “Melo” – after his then-Nuggets colors, this was a 2006 Jordan Lifestyle release. That meant it dropped at just $125 and alongside a whole bunch of matching JB gear. With all the IV retros we’ve seen lately, I’m sure a lot of fans would like to see the return of this “Mist Blue” colorway.

Jordan IV "Thunder and Lightning Pack"


Release Date: 8/23/2006

Another callback to our Best Sneaker Packs post, the “Thunder and Lightning” pack simply could not be ignored. Jordan Brand stirred the pot with this one, sending release info in an exclusive email to members. Priced at $250 and $500, they were paired with a t-shirt and zip-up jacket respectively. Even though the Thunder pair have been retro’ed recently, the original packs still fetch astronomical resale prices.

Jordan III "Black Cat"


Release Date: 6/16/2007

Back in ’07, someone at Jordan brand must’ve been really into Chinese philosophy. Over the course of about 3 weeks, they gave us the yin and yang of Jordan releases, dropping the all white Pure $ and the all-black “Black Cat” colorways of the III and IV, respectively. Draping this III in monochrome black was an easy win. All. Black. Everything.

Jordan VIII "Aqua"


Release Date: 9/22/2007

Jordan heads are always thirsty for non-team colorways (see: Grapes, Cool Grey, etc.), and in 2007, JB gave them exactly what they wanted. Bringing back the VIII in the Aqua colorway, for the first time since it’s original release in 1993. This one dropped just in time for the back to school crowds, and thus, sold out in a hurry.

Jordan VII Retro "Miro"


Release Date: 7/1/2008

Inspired by a sculpture by Joan Miro, a Spanish artist from Barcelona, this colorway of the Jordan VII had a lot of significance. Miro died shortly before the Dream Team took the 1992 Olypmic gold in Barcelona, all while Jordan was sporting the VII. Unfortunately for fans of the VII, this one was never released in the US, and remains elusive to many of us stateside.

Jordan Collezione 19/4 "Countdown Pack"


Release Date: 7/19/2008

Anytime Jordan brand drops the Black/Red IV, it’s noteworthy. But, when they wait almost a decade between retros, the people become restless. Prior to this Countdown pack’s 2008 release, the last time fans saw the “Bred” IV was 1999. For those with tunnel-vision on the IVs, the pack also contained the much slept-on XIX.

Jordan I 60+ "Defining Moments Pack"


Release Date: 7/11/2009

Yet another inclusion from our “Best Packs” post, the Bulls/Celtics 60+ Defining Moments Pack brought the heat, just in time for summer. Dropping a commemorative pack celebrating the FIRST round of a playoff series played 23 years prior (we see you JB), shows you just how special that MJ performance was.

Jordan VII "DMP" 60+


Release Date: 8/23/2009

MJ’s competitive nature is highly evident in these “DMP” 60+ packs. First, he torches you for 64 points in a playoff game. Then, he releases a shoe pack commemorating the moment. That is so dope, you can’t help but want to wear it! This pack honored the shoe he was wearing that night in ’93, an Orlando Magic-inspired (the team he torched) colorway and paired with the recently nicknamed “Raptor” iteration. These contrasting takes on the VII were a perfect match for the summer heat.

Jordan IX Premio "Bin 23"


Release Date: 6/5/2010

After the debut of their Premio “Bin 23″ Collection (the II), Jordan fans didn’t know what to make of the company’s foray into super premium materials. But, after the brand dropped this crazy gold flaked colorway of the much-beloved IX, any doubters or haters fell silent.

Jordan VI Retro "Infrared Pack"


Release Date: 6/19/2010

JB could print their own money off infrared VIs alone, so any shot that allows you to cop TWO pairs with one hit to the credit card, is a shot you should take. Though this 2010 release was the second time the black VIs were retro’ed (2000), it was the first time the white ones were seen since 1990. Calling this pack highly sought-after is a massive understatement.

Jordan I Retro High "Banned"


Release Date: 6/1/2011

As most of you know, when the black/red Air Jordan I dropped in 1985, it was banned by the NBA. But, instead of bending to the league, Nike payed the fines ($5k per game) and collected their checks. With one of the stranger releases in it’s history, the Jordan I “Banned” confused many, and had folks digging in the outlet crates. Updating the OG colorway that started the legend, JB payed tribute to one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever conceived with this bizarre “outlet-only release”. Even though they dropped in June, this one had many Jordan heads checking their calendar for April Fools’ Day.

Jordan XIII 'Ray Allen' PE


Release Date: 7/16/2011

Another extremely rare case of a “Player-Exclusive” making it to retail, Jordan Brand honored a PE (and basketball) OG, with this super-limited 2011 release. If shoe game was a skill, Ray Allen would be Master Splinter. And, with a collection of PEs so sweet they’d give most heads diabetes, JB celebrated Ray Ray’s shoe game by giving back to the sneaker community (for $175, of course).

Jordan VI "Olympic"


Release Date: 7/7/2012

Speaking of the artist formerly known as Jesus Shuttlesworth, 2012 saw Jordan bringing back another Ray Allen special. Not seen since the OG 2000 release, when Sugar Ray wore them en route to a gold medal during the Sydney Olympics, this take on the VI brought out the Jordan heads. Even with some minor changes to the outsole, the 2012 drop of the Olympic VI, was a welcome and very well-received retro.

Jordan 6/7 "Golden Moments Pack"


Release Date: 8/18/2012

Jordan brand knows their market better than many brands could ever dream of. And, that much was evident in 2012 when JB dropped the Golden Moments Pack, selling out so fast it melted hearts and credit cards.

Jordan XI Low White/Black-True Red


Release Date: 6/8/2013

Whether it be Snakeskins, or IEs, the AJ XI has seen it’s fair share of dope low top colorways, but JB really turned some heads with this one. The white patent leather combined with the icy blue sole was the perfect combo for kicking off the summer.

Jordan IV "Toro Bravo"


Release Date: 7/13/2013

The Toro Bravo colorway is one of the most coveted of the V’s many makeups and, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Originally slated for an October release, Jordan brand made it Christmas in summertime, bumping up the release date for this crazy red nubuck version of the IV, and dropping it on the same day they brought back an OG colorway of the Is (Shadow Greys). Hmmm, we wonder what other possible all-red October release would cause Nike to move the release date for these?

Jordan "Fear" Pack


Release Date: 8/24/2013

If the double drop of the Toro Bravo and Shadow Greys didn’t make your bank account hurt, Jordan brand had another surprise in store for you. The FEAR pack presented JB fans with quite the predicament, dropping awesome stealth colorways of the III, IV and V. Though the FEAR namesake is derived from one of MJ’s most famous quotes, our credit card was the most scared.


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