15 Tips To Buying Sneakers Online


With more heads buying online than ever before, you need to be on top of your game when trying to cop the sneakers you want and we present 15 helpful tips! Sure, this stuff isn’t rocket science, but being aware of the little things like where new releases show up on a particular site or what time zone a shop is located could be the difference in you being satisfied or forking over extra dough via the resell route. Take a look, study up and always know we got you if you strike out the first time and more sizes become available!


Do Your Homework!

The first step, though obvious, is also one of the most critical. Thoroughly READ the release information for the sneaker you’re looking for. Some collabs have staggered releases, one at the participating shop or brand website, and a second (sometimes weeks later) at select network shops. Another item to keep in mind is the location of the shop, particularly the timezone it’s in.

Follow The Right People On Social Media

From retailers to shop owners to individuals who work for any of the brands, many of these folks are happy to point you in the right direction, or correct any misinformation being circulated by the internet hivemind. Also, ever heard of #KITHSTRIKE? Some brands even release a small run of sizes early…you never know.

Twitter-Only Release?

Oh, it’s a Twitter link-only, Nike Store release? Get yourself setup with a shiny new Twitter account (if you don’t already have one) and follow @NikeStore. Sure text alerts help, but nothing beats stalking and refreshing the actual Twitter. And as you refresh, keep an eye on the upper right corner of each tweet as you can see the time stamp as it comes in so you know the most recent in the feed.

Scope The Site

If it’s your standard online release, case the joint like a bank robber. Once your kicks go live, does the site require you to have an account setup? Or, can you simply check out as a guest? Setting up an account, being logged in, and saving payment methods, shipping and billing addresses, can shave minutes off your check out time.

PayPal? Or, CC only?

PayPal has been a game-changer for a plethora of online services. And, particularly when time is of the essence, Paypal is your friend. By saving your billing and shipping details, and only requiring a password login and a few clicks to complete the transaction, you can be checking your email for an order confirmation while others are still busy typing in their credit card info.

Choose Your Browser Wisely

Speed matters. In many benchmark tests, Chrome has been ruled the fastest, followed by Firefox and then Explorer. For those CC only shops, Chrome even offers autofill settings that allow you to save payment and shipping details, and auto-populate those fields as you type.

Test Your Internet Connection

Unplug, wait, plugin, reconnect. This one is crucial. There are also plenty of free connection test sites out there to help you fine tune that connection speed and make sure you’re up to par with the rest of the field.

Plan Your Route

New releases page? Brand specific page? Special/Exclusives section? You need to know where you’re shoe is going to pop-up on the site. Ensuring you’re logged in to your shop account, knowing your payment and shipping method and any special webshop quirks ahead of time can be the difference between victory and defeat on release day.

Test Run

It’s fun to pretend, so try a test run. Time yourself and see how long it takes to get from the product page, through the payment funnel. Obviously, don’t forget to hit cancel on that last page!

Set Your alarm

And then set a second one. Don’t pull an Elaine and get your AM and PM mixed up. And, don’t forget about time differences based upon where you live as compared to the shop or retailer’s home base.

Charge Your Batteries

And not just on your computer or device. Get your caffeine on or wake up in plenty of time so you can be alert…reflexes are important!

Stick To One Device

Unless you’re trying to cop multiples, splitting your attention across two computers, or a laptop and mobile phone often hurts more than it helps.

Get Friendly With F5

Get to your per-determined product page and refresh, refresh, refresh. We recommend getting there at least ten minutes prior to the announced release time. Some shops push the product live a few minutes early. And you know what they say about the early bird…


Don’t stop trying until the sell out is officially announced (usually by the shop on social media). Some sites buckle under the pressure of all the visitors trying to get through, throwing weird errors or outright crashing. You’ll want to be one of the first ones there if and when it comes back online. Also, a lot of e-commerce platforms now allow for sizes to be held until checkout is complete or for those to decide one last time if they need to add another $160 to the credit card. So be aware of sizes coming back available!

Hit The Resellers...If You Must

Did all that and you still missed out? You can hope and pray for a restock, or you can wade through the dreaded resale market. Pro Tip: Wait for the initial hype wave to die down (maybe as long as a couple months), and cop at a lower resale price. You’re still going to pay a premium, but those hypebeasts lose interest quickly, so resale prices drop dramatically once their attention has been diverted by the next shiny thing. And if not, try not to cave in! And also know we’re always there to help you out when options are back available at retail!

Miss Out? On To The Next One

And remember, if you don’t succeed, and don’t want to bite the resale bullet, grow up and start planning your execution on the next release. Trust us, there is ALWAYS a next one.


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