Outlet: Nike/Jordan Restock Info

If you haven’t heard, a few sought after Jordan retro and select Nike releases are popping up at various Nike Factory Stores & Outlets as of 10/16/2013.

The bulk of the Jordan releases it seems that will be available are both the ‘Green Glow’ and “FEAR” Jordan IVs, the ‘Fire Red’ Jordan III Retro and the “Black Grape” Jordan V Retro.

If you live anywhere near Hanover, MD, you may want to head over to Arundel Mills Nike Factory Store as select Nike releases may be available from both the LeBron and KD lines.

A few spots we called indicated they were not expecting to receive anything or did not have any further info at this time, while other location(s) will have select stock Saturday morning. Your best bet is to take an in-store visit to any one of these locations listed below or if you have a Nike Factory or Outlet store near you definitely pay them a visit.

We’ll add in more info as we find it!

Factory Stores/Outlets who are potentially receiving product:

– Colorado Mills; Lakewood, CO
Nike Factory Store (MLK); Portland, OR
Nike Factory Store; San Ysidro, CA
Nike Factory Store; Gilroy, CA
Nike Factory Store; Smithfield, NC
Nike Outlets, Las Vegas (South), NV (via @hmpyon…Jordan IV “FEAR” available 9 am local time Saturday)
Nike Factory Store; Anthem, AZ
Nike Factory Store; Gulfport, MS
– Las Vegas (North), NV
Nike Factory Store; Deer Park, NY (in-store Saturday morning)
– Houston
Nike Outlet (Jersey Gardens); Elizabeth, NJ
Nike Factory Store; Rosemont, IL
Nike Factory Store; Grand Prarie, TX
– Pittsburgh
Nike Factory Store (Rookwood); Cincinnati, OH
Nike Factory Store (Sawgrass Mills); Sunrise, FL
– Atlantic City, NJ
Nike Factory Store; Gurnee, IL


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  • Jody

    Arundel Mills did the Fear Pack , KD vi Supreme and Lebron MVP pack today all gone buy 1:30pm today

    • Kicks Deals

      Appreciate the heads up…thank you! We hope you got lucky if you were able to stop by.

      • Jody

        I picked up the KD’s but 7.5 ahh not to sure about lol

        • Soloo


          • Jody

            wats this ?

          • Harris

            Can u get the Fears in a 9.5?

          • jody

            ill check 2mar for u and keep u posted

          • Miguel

            hey harris I have a size 10 of the fear iv miggztown@yahoo.com if you want pics and what not

        • Harris

          Can u get the Fears in a 9.5? I’ll paypal u 250$

  • Jørgen

    Non goes online?

  • Bryan

    As of 7 pm there were still fear 4’s in an 8.5 and 9.5 fyi

    • Jody

      at Arundel Mills ??

      • Bryan

        Yeah Arundel Mills

    • Harris

      Are you willing to see the 9.5 fears?? I’ll paypal u $250 no prob

  • g33zy

    Any word on the Nike Factory Store at CItadel Outlets in Los Angeles?

  • Jose

    I personally went to the Nike Outlet in Jersey Garden.I asked politely, they acted as if they knew nothing.They didn’t have anything at the time because I checked.When they release them no one there would say….. Disappointed

    • BiGP

      They didn’t say when they are getting some in?

      • Jose


    • Justyn

      they said the same thing to me. but the guy claimed that they were never getting any of these but he looked like he was lying so yeah

  • nick

    where at in pittsburgh?

    • Kicks Deals

      It would be best to check the nearest Nike Factory Store or Outlet in the area.

  • La

    anybody from gulfport, ms? I called they said they could not say over the phone….

  • Andrew

    Deer Park has confirmed that Saturday morning they will release B-Grade Fear 4s and Green Glow 4s. They will give out “wristbands” at 7:15 AM and open at 8 AM.

    • Kicks Deals

      Thank you for sharing the information.

  • Syncere Jones

    I just copped some Fear 4’s from Arundell Mills size 9.5 today.. They have about 5 left in size 14
    Instagram: @nasmere

    • Syncere Jones

      And I used my Military discount… copp’d these for 150.00

      • Kicks Deals

        Dope! Thanks for sharing!

    • Harris

      Wanna Sell Em??

  • Richard Lasquite

    Nike Empoyees are no longer allowed to disclose “new release” information.

    • Kicks Deals

      Yeah, we heard some of the same info. It’s best to pay an in-store visit if you can starting today thru Saturday or Sunday as product could be available.

  • Harris

    Don’t live near any of the outlets..I’m over here in Philly..BUT I’m looking for Jordans Posted in the picture above..The Fears…If someone can get these for me I’m willing to pay $250 for these…Let me know if anyone can..I will paypal u the money…


  • Harris

    Oh If anyone needs to contact me by phone call/text my phone num is 267-977-1123
    Harris – Shadyraver02@verizon.net

  • Harris McCord

    Just got back from the NIke Factory Store in Portland (MLK), and they don’t have any of these in and are only getting the ‘He Got Game’ 13s on Saturday (first come, first served). Anybody know if the Woodburn store is getting anything?

  • Dirty DJ

    I went to the AC outlet in NJ tonight after calling and the girl saying they weren’t allowed to discuss the Jordan retros. I took that as they had some. I got to the store and looked all over and nothing. Had some lebron volts in a 10 and kd hulks in a 12 but all the jordans were trash flights and all of that. I ask one of the associates politely if they got any retro 4s in today and he said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss that. I said u can’t say weather u got any in today and he responded that they didn’t. I said can u at least say when u get or put out new stock and he again said no. I don’t understand why they are so secretive. My guess is that they have some but I have no idea when they are gonna release them.

    • Az

      They prob need to move what’s on display first. Any idea what the buying limits are at that location?

    • Rob D’Adamo

      nike specifically told all the outlets after this info got leaked not to give out any more info. Whoever allowed this to get out in the 1st place might be looking for a new job. Anywho, they released Sat, as most outlets did as usual, with only a few outlets having early releases ( most notably Arundel Mills, which I was goin to try n go to for Kd’s/LeBrons ). Got there at 11:00 n all I had to do was ask employee up front n they went n got em. If I were you I would either check back there ( i know it’s a few days after now, but u never kno they did get over 100 pair ) or call around the diff outlets cuz every outlet that got these got close to or more than 100 pairs so u may get lucky

  • Dirty DJ

    harris if i go and they have fears i could snag u a pair. what sz u looking for?i have flawless feedback on ebay over 900 w/ almost 15 years experience. ill keep u posted.

  • Billy greenback

    Jersey gardens said they not getting when I just called and said they knew nothin about it

  • LEX

    Out here in Houston at the Cypress outlets they have the fear iv, but stated they are B grades. They will be available in an hour, one per person.

  • SimoCTRL

    Guys I’m an italian searching for months all over the world I’m willin to pay 250$ + shipment for a Pair of Js Retro 4 Fear new so if someone cun buy them I will be very very happy.
    My mail is fanektm@yhaoo.it

    • SimoCTRL

      Us 8.5 size

  • Az

    Any word on Jersey Gardens?

  • Jose

    Update: Jersey Garden Getting restock Tomorrow morning!

  • Mike

    Has anyone gotten down to the Nike Outlet in Jersey Gardens today? Is it true they are getting restocked today?


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