25 Forgotten Jordans We Want To Re-Release

We all know the retro Jordan releases aren’t stopping anytime soon, but we highlight 25 styles that have been left out of the retail relaunch plans! Whether they’ve been forgotten about or just plain slept-on, we feel we’re not alone in wanting to see each and every one of these past Jordan iterations return to the marketplace. Some of these options would just straight cause a frenzy if announced they were coming back, but let us know in the comments section below which forgotten one you would be most excited about.

listed by year of release

Air Jordan I High White/Carolina Blue

Release Year: 1985

In 1985, when the Air Jordan I debuted, it made waves for many reasons, but it also came in a plethora of colorways. Frankly, the silhouette has seen so many colorways, it’s no surprise that some of them haven’t been retro’ed yet. But, leaving out one of the best colorways in the AJ I High arsenal, the White/Carolina Blue makeup, is just plain crazy! We’d love to see this Carolina Blue (or University Blue, whatever you want to call it), come back soon in original high-top fashion.

Air Jordan VI 'Sport Royal'

Release Year: 1991

With Nike going into the vault for retro’s so often, it’s crazy that they haven’t ever broken out some of their dopest OG colorways for a second go-around, like the ‘Sport Royal’ VI. Back in the day, the colorway was called “SP Blue”, leaving Jordan heads in the pre-internet era to scratch their heads and speculate “Sport Blue?”, “September Blue?”. Whatever you call it, released only once way back in 1991, this VI would kill at retail in 2013.

Air Jordan VI White/Maroon

Release Year: 1991

Another OG makeup of the Air Jordan VI that needs to get a proper retro is the white/maroon colorway. Because of the tremendous success of the other OG colorways (Infrared – both black and white, as well as the Carmine), the Maroon and Sport Blue makeups have been left out of all the hot retro action. We think that should change…the sooner the better.

Air Jordan X "City Series"

Release Year: 1995

The Air Jordan X “City Series” is an interesting story. Jordan Brand had a legacy to carry on after MJ’s first retirement (and sneakers to sell), so they spun up regional colorways for a handful of JB-sponsored athletes and their respective teams. Consisting of colorways for the Seattle SuperSonics, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings and, unofficially, the Charlotte Hornets, the Jordan X “City Series” is a unique pack of OG colorways. Though we’ve seen plenty of X retros that mimic these classic makeups, a proper retro is long overdue.

Air Jordan XI "Columbia"

Release Year: 1996

Due to the high visibility of anything XI related, the Columbia XI is one of the most in-demand retro colorways in the Jordan Brand arsenal. Every winter JB plays the Grinch card, dropping an XI around Christmas time and leaving many sneakerheads empty handed. Though we already know what XI colorway will drop THIS Christmas (Gamma Blue), the popularity of the Columbia XI is not a question of IF it will be retro’ed, but WHEN.

Air Jordan 3 Percent White/Red

Release Year: 1999

Though they never get as much love as the numbered silhouettes, the late ’90s also had a wide array of dope team releases as well. Whether it was the Jumpman Pro or Trunner, the market for bringing back obscure ’90s silhouettes has never been hotter. We’re fans of the Air Jordan 3 Percent, worn by none other than the great Randy Moss. We got a couple of fusions or “new takes” on the 3 Percent silo somewhat recently, but we’re still waiting on a proper retro of the white/red colorway.

Air Jordan IV "Columbia"

Release Year: 1999

The “Columbia” colorway of the Jordan IV is one of our favorites. And, just like the “Oreo” colorway (also released in the fall of 1999), the Columbia IV sports a high-quality leather upper, and a clean, classic all-around colorway. They also similarly need to be retro’ed with the quickness.

Air Jordan XIV Low "Columbia"

Release Year: 1999

If you look at the history of Jordan’s low top silhouettes, there are numerous classics. One of the most slept-on of those silos is the XIV Low and, in particular, the “Columbia” colorway. Unlike the other low top versions of the XIV, which used suede or nubuck on the upper, the “Columbia” colorway came with that unique perf leather upper, which is present in some of Jordan’s OG mid-top brothers.

Air Jordan IV "Oreo"

Release Year: 1999

Though the IVs from the recent Fear Pack bear some design elements that resemble the “Oreo” colorway, it has been unmatched in terms of quality materials since it’s 1999 release. The black leather upper and speckled “cool grey” midsole on these gems team up to form a Jordan Classic. It’s a shame that they haven’t seen a re-relase, at least as a high-quality QS drop. Isn’t the 15th anniversary the “Oreo” year?

Air Jordan XVI "Cherrywood"

Release Year: 2001

Most of the post-retirement Air Jordan silhouettes have been disregarded by many as less-than, due to MJ having never played as a pro in them. But we think those folks are crazy because, if you look closer, there has been some serious heat dropped since MJ hung it up. One of our favorites is the Air Jordan XVI and it’s unique removable shroud. Add that to the fact that there have been some awesome colorways, like the above “Cherrywood”, that haven’t retro’ed in almost 15 years (the originals dropped in ’01), and it’s no mystery why they’re included on this list.

Air Jordan III "Mocha"

Release Year: 2001

The “Mocha” colorway of the Air Jordan III was much like many things in pop culture, under-appreciated in it’s own time. When this colorway originally released back in 2001, they were not a retail hit. In fact, many pairs even hit the outlets! And though any retro III making it to the outlets is almost unthinkable in today’s sneaker game, a retro of the Mocha IIIs would assuredly be a hot ticket.

Air Jordan XI Low 'Red', 'Columbia' and 'Zen'

Release Year: 2001

Jordan Brand could basically print their own money off XI retro’s alone. And, though they’ve found success bringing new colorways of the low top silhouette (silohuetteS, plural actually) to retail, JB fans who’ve been around a while want to see the return of the classic colorways of the past. The retro of 2001’s “Red”, “Columbia” and “Zen” colorways of the XI Low could (read: WOULD) melt cash registers and create quite a buzz at retail in 2013.

Air Jordan XI Low "Snakeskin" Navy

Release Year: 2001

Speaking of retail havoc, a retro of the most popular of the XI Low, the navy blue Snakeskin colorway, would dominate social media timelines and retail locations everywhere. Originally released back in 2001 alongside the other XI Low colorways, it’s a surprise that Jordan Brand hasn’t brought these beauties back for another spin around the block.

Air Jordan IX "Flint"

Release Year: 2002

Releasing back in 2002, the “Flint” colorway of the Air Jordan IX has been seriously slept-on for over a decade now. Another silo that has seen it’s fair share of recent drops (both old and new), Jordan Brand should do the Flint colorway justice and bring this one back out for a victory lap.

Air Jordan XIII "Wheat"

Release Year: 2004

The Jordan XIII has brought us a lot of dope colorways, but some of them simply don’t get the love they deserve. And with all the recent XIII releases, both retro and new colorways, over the past few years, we got to thinking that maybe JB missed a couple, one of them being the “Wheat” XIII. With it’s unorthodox color scheme and high performing Zoom Air insoles, bringing these bangers back as a retro would be an awesome surprise.

Air Jordan II Black/Chrome

Release Year: 2004

We’ve spoken before on this site about the serious lack of appreciation for the Air Jordan II silhouette, and the black/chrome version is no different. Originally hitting retail in 2004, the “Chrome” II’s 10th birthday is right around the corner. And we know just the perfect present.

Air Jordan IV "Cool Grey"

Release Year: 2004

Dropping back in 2004, the “Cool Grey” Jordan IV has been a killer in the resale market, fetching upwards of $400. With so many fans of the colorway, why have these only been released once? It’s been almost a decade since the first go-round…prime time for a retro.

Air Jordan XII "French Blue"

Release Year: 2004

Though not an OG colorway, the “French Blue” Air Jordan XII was a classic in it’s own right. Dropping back in 2004, it’s another dope shoe that hasn’t been retro’ed, and also has a 10th birthday coming up!

Air Jordan XIII "Grey Toe"

Release Year: 2005

If you read the features on this site, it’s clear we love the XIII, and the “Grey Toe” colorway is definitely one of our favorites. Though it’s use of red is similar to the OG Red or Black/Red colorways, the color blocking and use of grey make the “Grey Toe” XIII stand out. But, over the years, many pairs are seeing the same issue. Perhaps one day, we’ll get a retro version where the red suede doesn’t bleed into the white midsole?

Air Jordan IV "Black Cat"

Release Year: 2006

“Black Cat” Air Jordan IVs dropped in 2006, which would mean a quick turnaround for JB in bringing these back to the market. That being said, with all the IVs they’ve brought back over the past two years, and the classic all-black makeup of the “Black Cat”, I’m not sure there would be many arguments against another retro.

Air Jordan V "Burgundy"

Release Year: 2006

The V, another silhouette that has seen it’s fair share of both new and retro colorways lately, has also had a few notable ones miss out on all that retro fun. In particular, we’re fans of 2006’s ‘Deep Burgundy’ colorway. Donning a plush deep red upper and that cool icy outsole, the “Burgundy” V would make an awesome retro for say, Valentine’s day, or sometime in fall, or on a Tuesday…any day really.

Air Jordan V "Olive"

Release Year: 2006

Sporting the same orange and oiled green suede as the UNDFTD IV, it’s hard to call the ‘Olive’ V “forgotten” so much as it is overlooked. The popularity of the UNDFTD and Jordan’s second collabo has simply been forgotten over the course of time, in the shadow of it’s predecessor’s legendary status. Even if the release of the V was a bit wider than the basically impossible-to-cop Undefeated IV, we’d still like another chance to get our hands on them.

Air Jordan XX3 Premier "Finale"

Release Year: 2008

Being the 23rd model in the Jordan signature line (the last of the numbered models), and the final colorway to release, the XX3 Premier “Finale” had the attention of sneakerheads everywhere. Perhaps those inflated expectations gave way to how they’re perceived in today’s sneaker climate, but regardless, the colorway is dope and there’s still a buzz that surrounds this release. Initially limited to 529 pairs (23 pairs to 23 stores), the XX3 “Finale” is one we’d definitely like to see make the comeback.

Air Jordan I High "Boston Celtics"

Release Year: 2009

We’ve expressed our love for the “Celtics” colorways of the Air Jordan I on this site in the past, but that doesn’t make us want a retro any less. Seen for the first and only time in the 2009 DMP 60+ Pack, it was likely overshadowed by the iconic Black/Red I. But, we’d love another opportunity to cop this gem for retail.

Air Jordan VI "Motorsport Edition"

Release Year: 2010

We’ve all seen those crazy-limited, friends-and-family only JB releases and dreamed of owning a pair. And, until the Jordan VI “Motorsport Edition” dropped in 2010, the Motorsport series was limited to riders on MJ’s sponsored racing team. You never know, JB has been known to quickly retro their limited releases (see the Doernbecher series) and, frankly, we wouldn’t be mad at all to see this VI come back…we’ve got our fingers crossed.


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