23 Sneaker Models Influenced By Jordans


Consumers aren’t the only ones with a great affinity for Air Jordan and we highlight 23 sneaker models influenced by Jordans throughout the years. Whether these styles might be inspired by a silhouette or a particular iconic colorway from the Jordan lineup, there’s no denying the similarities between these sneaker ‘cousins’. Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery and Jordan Brand’s influence and design appeal is certainly far-reaching.


Pony City Wings

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan I

The Pony City Wings made no secret of it’s inspiration, using the ad campaign slogan, “Why Get Air, When You Can Fly”. From the colorway to the logo placement, the City Wings clearly took it’s design cues from the infamous Air Jordan I. But, it really took flight in it’s own right when Spud Webb wore them to take the 1986 Dunk Contest crown over teammate Dominique Wilkins.

Etnies Sal 23

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan V

Skating legend Sal Barbier’s first signature sneaker, the Etnies Sal 23, is a signpost in the history of skate shoes. Dropping in 1995, and coupling heavy-duty suede with sticky gum outsoles, it’s one of the most praised skate shoes of all time. Clearly, MJ was your favorite skater’s favorite player, because he threw a nod to His Airness with the Air Jordan V-inspired 23 stitched on the quarter panel.

Bally Rener

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan V

Inspired by the Air Jordan V, and it’s mesh mid-foot panels, the Bally Rener cost four times what the AJ V did back in 1990. Using super-plush materials, like croc-skin, think of the Rener as the low-top precursor to the Bin 23 V. Regardless of it’s inspiration, Bally had a winner on it’s hands with this premium trainer.

Gourmet Cease

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan VII

In 2007, Gourmet Footwear set the sneaker world abuzz with their “re-interpretations” of some iconic sneaker designs done up in more casual materials then their more famous counterparts. Heck, the first two models were even called the “Cease” and the “Desisto”. The former, the Cease, takes it’s design straight from the Air Jordan VII.

Supra Cruizer

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan V

Supra has many awesome silhouettes in it’s lineup, including some, like the iconic Skytop, that render their own copycats. But the Supra Cruizer they debuted in 2009, took clear design cues, in not only the mesh mid-foot upper, but the colorways from the Air Jordan V “Grape”.

Nike Air Python

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan II

Like a brother from another mother, the Nike Air Python is part Air Jordan II, part Air Force II, and all awesome. Using exotic materials, like it’s namesake snakeskin, the Air Python debuted in a super-limited US release, in 1987. It’s return this year, unfortunately, dropped the snakeskin, for an embossed leather, with snakeskin print. But real snakeskin or not, the Air Python is dope.

Supra Ellington Avenger

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan IV

Another entry from Supra saw skater Erik Ellington’s first Supra signature sneaker paying homage to the Air Jordan IV. Not only similar in silhouette-style, using a very similar sole and modified wing system, the debut colorway of the EE Avenger also took the iconic Black/Red colorway of the Air Jordan IV. That’s a good look for a skate shoe.


Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan IV

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but back in the early ’90s, Nike didn’t see it that way. Back then, Nike sued LA Gear, claiming that up to six models of their sneakers infringed on the design patents they possessed for Air Jordan models. This subsequently set off a counter-suit with LA Gear claiming Nike was monopolizing the basketball sneaker market, and so on. As it turned out, the only winners were the lawyers because after months of deliberations, the suits were both dropped. LA Gear continued to manufacture their designs, like the Catapult and MVP, the latter of which clearly takes it’s ‘inspiration’ from the Air Jordan IV.

Gourmet Desisto

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XI

The second portion of Gourmet Footwear’s “Cease” and “Desisto” debut, the Desisto, takes the design of it’s upper directly from one of the most iconic Js, the Air Jordan XI. This model dropped in a few different colorways and unlike the XI, these were strictly for off-court purposes.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low (2002)

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan III

Supreme broke hearts and bank accounts with their legendary 2002 collab with Nike, on the SB Dunk Low. Sporting the Air Jordan III’s iconic elephant print, the duo spun up what many consider to be one of the greatest SB Dunks of all time.

eS SLB Mid

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan IX Low

Another entry from skater Sal Barbier, his eS SLB Mid silhouette paid homage, yet again, to his favorite basketball player. This midtop skate shoe bears a striking resemblance to the Air Jordan IX Low, particularly the white/white colorway.

Gourmet Diablo

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XIII

Finally, the Gourmet Diablo is obviously inspired by the Air Jordan XIII. Though it’s missing the infamous hologram and colorblocking of it’s Air Jordan counterpart, the resemblance is unmistakable. Fans of the brand claim they love the familiar look of the sneakers, paired with the more casual soles and materials.

Nike SB P-Rod 1 Elite "J-Rod"

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan III & XIII

Being in the Nike family gives skateboarder Paul Rodriguez the edge in the footwear department, in this case, with 2005’s P-Rod 1 Elite model. Looking like a combination of the Air Jordan III and XIII, the Zoom Air Elite took the dimpled upper from the XIII, the elephant print of the III, and slapped them on P-Rod’s signature skate silhouette.

Gourmet Santo

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XII

Gourmet Footwear didn’t stop with the Cease and Desisto either. The Gourmet Santo model takes it’s design cues from the Air Jordan XII. Similar to the rest of the “pack”, they were issued in several colors, but the most glaring example of ‘imitation’ is the white version, looking very much like the Air Jordan XII “Rising Sun”.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low (2012)

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan III

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For the 10th anniversary of their initial collaboration, Supreme and Nike went back to the well, and dropped another crazy-limited Dunk. One that sold out online, nearly instantaneously. Again utilizing that familiar elephant print, this version swapped the blacked-out upper portion of it’s older brother, for a bright red colorway that had all the heads fiendin’.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Space Jam"

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XI

Another colorway port from within the Nike family was 2011’s Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Space Jam”. Taking it’s colorway from the iconic “Space Jam” XI, this SB was one of the most well-received, and hottest selling non-collab Nike SB’s in recent memory.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Concord"

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XI

This year, following the success of 2011’s “Space Jam” Dunk Low, Nike went right ahead and did it again, porting the “Concord” colorway of the Air Jordan XI onto it’s iconic skate shoe. Though not quite as popular as it’s Space Jam brethren, the Concord Dunks sold out nearly as quick.

Nike Air Flight Falcon

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan IV

It’s interesting that, with the success of the Air Jordan product line, we don’t see more examples like the Falcon, from within the Nike Flight brand. The Air Flight Falcon basically combines the upper design of the Air Flight ’89, with the sole of the Air Jordan IV.

Starbury ST-004

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XII

The Starbury brand based themselves on creating affordable basketball shoes, so it’s understandable that they had to cut some costs along the way. Apparently, one of those costs cut was a designer for their ST-004 model, because they basically took the upper of Air Jordan XII and slapped it on the sole of an Air Force 1.

Nike Air Flight '89

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan IV

Dropping the same year as the Air Jordan IV, the Nike Air Flight ’89s aesthetic inspiration is obvious. Utilizing the IV’s sole, and an upper similar to a strapless version of the Air Trainer 1, the Air Flight ’89 has astutely developed a following in its own right.

Nike SB P-Rod II High

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan I & III

With Paul Rodriguez’s second signature silhouette, the folks at Nike SB went back to the Jordan color vault for the high top version of the shoe. Similar in shape to the Air Jordan I, the P-Rod II High also grabs the IIIs cement print, this time done in a smooth white-on, off-white makeup.

Nike Air Force 1 Low ADV 'Black Leather'

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan V

With all the Air Jordan Force Fusions dropping around the same time in 2008, it’s no surprise that the design influence went both ways. This Air Force 1 Low “ADV” borrows several aspects of the Air Jordan V, like the iconic mesh mid-foot panel (in this case done in perforated leather), as well as the V’s 3M tongue.

Nike Air Force 1 Low ADV "Flu Game"

Jordan(s) Influenced By: Air Jordan XII

Jordan heads will immediately spot this one. Along with the black leather version, Nike also dropped the Air Force 1 Low ADV in a “Flu Game” color scheme. Borrowing directly from one of the most iconic colorways of the Air Jordan XII, this Air Force 1 makeup sports a fully red midsole.


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