25 Jordans You Should Own More Than One Pair Of


With Jordan kicks, there are quite a few within the vast stable that you just love so much and sometimes don’t come around that often that doubling up is a must! There’s no denying that just about every entry on the list ranks as a classic in at least one individual’s book and if you had the opportunity and the funds to go with it to cop more than one of these Jordans each time they were available, we can’t say we disagree with you. Take a look at our picks and let us know in the comments section below which pair you even have more than doubles of in your collection.


Air Jordan I "Black Toe"

The “Black Toe” Air Jordan I is an elusive beast. Though it’s one of the most famous Js of all time (being in the first ad campign with MJ showing the world the “Jumpman”), prior to it’s 2013 retro, it hadn’t been released in it’s pure OG form since it’s original 1985 release. If you didn’t double up back in May, you may be out of luck…there’s no telling when we’ll see this beauty again.

Air Jordan II White/Varsity Red-Black

As we’ve said around these parts before, the Air Jordan II is highly slept-on. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t sell out on release day. This colorway has retro’ed twice since it’s original 1986 release (1994 and 2004). So, with that retro pattern, could we possibly see another retro in 2014?

Air Jordan I High Black/Varsity Red

The shoe that started it all. With it’s fifth release (fourth retro, and first since 2009’s DMP) coming up at the end of December, you better start planning on how to stock up on these classics. You can never have too much of a good thing.

Air Jordan III Black/Cement

Arguably the most iconic Jordan sneaker there is, the Air Jordan III introduced us to the legendary ‘Elephant Print’. You can never have enough of these and you better believe a lot of cats won’t even stop at just two.

Air Jordan V "Black Metallic"

Over the years, perhaps no other shoe in the Jordan canon has a more diverse color palatte than the Air Jordan V. But, that is precisely why we selected the black/metallic colorway for this list. Simple. Understated. Classic.

Air Jordan I Black/Royal

Perhaps the best non-Bulls colorway of all time, the Black/Royal Is are legendary. Since their OG release in 1985, this colorway has only been retro’ed twice, with the most recent being this year (albeit in extremely limited numbers). If you had/have the means to pick up more than one of these, they are so necessary.

Air Jordan XIII "Flint"

The Flint XIII has been retro’ed twice since it’s OG drop in 1998 (2005 and 2010). But this is another one of those classic Jordan colorways that we can’t get enough of, particularly the OG, with the reflective weave. That’s one we wish we would have stockpiled.

Air Jordan X "Chicago"

Released in 1995, and not seen again until 2012, the Air Jordan X “Chicago” is one of the best colorways the silhouette ever saw. A classic colorway, coupled with it’s scarce retro schedule, this is one you need to horde like supplies in the zombie apocalypse.

Air Jordan III White/Cement

The white/cement Air Jordan III may be the most universally identifiable sneaker in the history of basketball shoes. Whether it be the OG, Retro ’88 release, or just one sporting the plain old Jumpman logo, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Air Jordan XI "Space Jam"

Though not an OG colorway, the legendary Space Jam XI is more popular than many OGs could ever hope to be. Coupled with the fact that it’s only been released twice (OG in 2000, and retro in 2010), you never know when you’ll see this one next…so you better double dip.

Air Jordan XIV "Last Shot"

The “Last Shot” Jordan XIV will always be a double cop, simply because of the history behind the shoe itself. Though Jordan didn’t actually take his last NBA shot in them, it was his last silhouette he wore as a Bull, which will always be reason enough for us.

Air Jordan VIII "Aqua"

The most popular colorway of the Air Jordan VIII is also, not surprisingly, the most difficult to acquire. And, with the “Aqua” VIII only having been retro’ed once, in 2007, this is one you need to stock up on while you can.

Air Jordan VI "Olympic"

With His Airness in retirement for the second time, Jordan Brand dropped this super dope colorway of the Air Jordan VI, for athletes like Ray Allen to wear in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. With only one retro (2012) to it’s name, you should get these if and when you can.

Air Jordan III 'True Blue'

Another shoe you always need to cop multiples of is the Air Jordan III “True Blue”. Releasing just three times in it’s history, the True Blues are a necessity for those of us who occasionally like to break out of the black/white-red color scheme.

Air Jordan IV Black/Red

Just because the black/red IV has been retro’ed twice in the last 5 years, doesn’t mean you should pass on copping more than one should the opportunity present itself. This is a pair that’s always nice to have a backup of.

Air Jordan XI "Concord"

Pretty much any OG colorway of the XI could make this list, but the Concords are such a unique sneaker and definitely one of the most recognizable Jordans worldwide. Whether turning heads back in 1995 or starting holiday riots in 2012, the overwhelming popularity of these kicks mean that, if you can get your hands on them, you have a responsibility to your sneaker closet to cop (at least) twice.

Air Jordan XIII "He Got Game"

The most traditional colorway of the Air Jordan XIII, the recently nicknamed “He Got Game” colorway is a sneaker closet staple. Despite it’s new found name, until this past March, this colorway had only made the retro rounds in the 2008 CDP Pack. Always good to have multiples of these on deck.

Air Jordan VI Black/Infrared

With releases in 1991 (OG), 2000 and 2010 (Infrared Pack), you’ve certainly had a few opportunities to incorporate the Black/Infrared VI into your collection. Being the most iconic VI, and the one MJ won his first chip wearing, this is one you should be sure to stock up on, if the opportunity presents itself.

Air Jordan IV White/Cement

The first and most classic colorway of the IV, the white/cement IV, is an absolute must for any sneakerhead. It’s only been released three times (OGs in ’89, the first retro in ’99 and once more in 2012), so double or tripling up on these is definitely understandable.

Air Jordan IX "Olive"

One of the most debated colorways in the Jordan Brand vault is the “Olive” IX. Though it was an OG colorway, many sneakerheads are split on whether or not it fits into the “best of” conversations. Straddling the line between basketball and street shoes, the Olive IX is one you should double down on.

Air Jordan VIII "Playoffs"

Another retro we’ve seen recently is the black/red Air Jordan VIII “Playoffs” colorway. Though the “Playoff” VIII was last seen in 2007 (relatively recently for a retro), we hadn’t seen it for 14 years since it’s OG release in 1998. Did you double dip on these?

Air Jordan XI Black/Red

And we just couldn’t leave off the black and red “please don’t call me BRed” Jordan XI. With retros in 2001, 2008 and most recently in 2012, Jordan Brand could practically print their own money by cranking these out every year. Regardless of how many times they come around, every sneakerhead needs at least two of these in their vault.

Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux"

The “Bordeaux” colorway of the Air Jordan VII is an interesting fan favorite. Another cult classic that falls outside the Bulls color scheme, the Bordeaux has seen just two releases (OG in ’92 and, most recently, in 2012). And each time, they were more difficult to get than the last. If this one strikes your fancy, you better double up the next time you see it.

Air Jordan VI "Carmine"

Another colorway of the Air Jordan VI with a strange retro history, the “Carmines” are one of the most sought-after colorways the silo has ever seen. Releasing just twice (the OG in ’91 and in a CDP pack in ’08), this colorway has never been retro’ed on it’s own. With rumors of a 2014 solo retro, get you wallets and your strategy right, and double up on these beauties.

Air Jordan VII Raptors

It’s rare that we see multiple retros of a Jordan colorway, like the “Raptor” VII, with another team’s nickname/color scheme. Despite some subtle tweaks with 2009s 60+ Pack, the Raptor VII has seen three retro appearances, with the most recent being 2012. This is one we can never see enough of.


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    Agree with this list. Going to save up for some of these when they re-release and cut out all the bullshit.


    True. All of the above.

  • MelloYelloMD

    Grapes, Laneys, Concords, and WC/BC 3s

  • You’re all fags

    Retarded list ever, is Complex your employer btw?

  • CooL_KiD_305

    the white cement 3 and varsity red 6 is a must to double up!

  • Kurt

    So if I don’t buy any of these Jordans, I guess I’m not a sneaker head.

  • Drumatthias

    This list has SOOOO many release errors! You ever heard of a search engine called GOOGLE??? Apparently not. :/
    *Flint XIIIs (which don’t belong on this list when Blk/Reds & AllStar XIIIs are far superior) have 3M reflective “weave” in 1998 AND 2005 retro versions, not just OGs.
    *Space Jam 2nd retro dropped in 2009 NOT ’10. That’s the year CG XIs dropped.
    *same goes for the botched year of Concords. It was 2 years ago, Not 2012
    *aaaand Bordeaux (AllStar) VII Retros released April 2011. Not 2012. I bought em on release day.
    3 pairs of 1s on this list is overkill (even tho they’re all 3 gray CWs) but beyond that, how can you not count Ban Highs in the list of FIVE releases of Black & Reds not 4??? High Straps would make it 6 total…
    White cements in any shoe don’t need doubles.
    You can just call em Playoff XIs instead of “black & red don’t call em BR*d” Much easier & makes sense.

    • SmellyAssCheeks

      They got the Air Jordan 2’s wrong in that color way also. 2010 makes it a 3rd time they retro’d…

      • Drumatthias

        True that! They also missed the 2009 Euro/Asia release of the True Blue IIIs which weren’t too hard to grab with eBay & online. List is so flawed.

        Oh and NO IXs belong on this list. Especially not Olives. Wtf. If MJ didn’t ball in em, they’re not necessary. Certainly not need in doubles. -___-

        • SmellyAssCheeks

          As well as the Playoff 8’s…they claimed they were last seen in 2007….they JUST came out a few months ago…lmao! Russ Bengston must’ve wrote this list….he’s notorious for list fuck ups..

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      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Kicks Deals

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Where can I buy these?


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