25 Jordans We Would Like To See Return In 2014


We already know a couple Jordan releases we can expect to see in 2014, but we’ve assembled a list of 25 that would likely make more than a few heads happy if they came back! There are obvious choices that many a Jordan fan would like to see return as soon as possible, but we tried to focus on ones that haven’t been available in at least the last six years by the time 2014 rolls around. Everybody has their own personal favorites and wishlist, so please take a look and let us know in the comments section below which iteration would make you most excited if it was set to come back next year.

Air Jordan X "Seattle"

Last Time Available: 1995

The Air Jordan X “City Pack” is a fan favorite, and one that folks have been clamoring for a retro of for years. Our favorite from the pack, the “Seattle” colorway, is one we’d love to see at retail again. With the controversial loss of that city’s NBA team, this may not be a retro we see anytime soon. But, if anyone from Jordan Brand is listening…we think a retro of the “Seattle” X would be a nice way to placate sneakerheads in the great Northwest.

Air Jordan XIV "Black Toe"

Last Time Available: 1998

The first colorway of the Air Jordan XIV has, over time, picked up the nickname, the “Black Toe”. We’re fine with that nickname. But, what we’re not fine with is a serious lack of a retro for one of the greatest Js to hoop in. Sure, it saw a retro in 2006, but that release, sporting a perforated leather upper, just wasn’t the same as the OG. We’d be thrilled to see a return of the Black Toe, in it’s pure OG form.

Air Jordan VI "Midnight Navy"

Last Time Available: 2000

Often drowned out by the masses screaming for a retro of 1991’s “Sport Blue” Air Jordan VI (which have been rumored for a 2014 retro), the “Midnight Navy” colorway from 2000 is one we’d like to see back on shelves in 2014. Next year would make 23 years since the original VI debuted…which would provide JB the perfect opportunity to bring back some of these old colorways.

Air Jordan XI Low "Columbia"

Last Time Available: 2001

The “Columbia” colorway of the Air Jordan XI Low is oftentimes overshadowed by the love the “Snakeskins” or even the “Zen” colorway gets. But, we think that’s a shame. If Jordan Brand brought these beauties back, it’d make our 2014 and they’d make for a perfect spring release.

Air Jordan I "Metallic Black"

Last Time Available: 1985

The Air Jordan I “Metallic Pack” is a true OG release. Though there have been some retros using metallic material since they’re debut in 1985, they haven’t really seen a proper retro. On top of that, our favorite from that pack, the “Metallic Black” colorway, is a bit of Jordan lore. The early days of Jordan releases are a bit cloudy. Back then, they didn’t have specific drop days and much of the minutia surrounding the releases has been lost over the course of time. Some think the “Metallic Black” Air Jordan I is just a sample, others (actually, in possession of them) would obviously argue against that. Regardless if they were a sample or not, they’re way too dope to have not retro’ed in the nearly 30 years since they debuted.

Air Jordan XVI "Midnight Navy"

Last Time Available: 2001

The “Midnight Navy” colorway of the Air Jordan XVI was one of MJ’s go-tos back in his days as a Washington Wizard. And though they’re usually passed by for more critically loved colorways, we love the colors-cheme. The use of patent leather reminds us of the “Concord” colorway of the AJ XI and we’d love to see these back in 2014.

Air Jordan XVI "Ginger"

Last Time Available: 2001

Another XVI that MJ rocked often during his days in DC was the Air Jordan XVI “Ginger”. As most of you know, we’re big fans of Jordan colorways that fall outside of the “typical” Jordan color palette of black/red/white, and the “Ginger” XVI is one of our favorites.

Air Jordan VI Low Black/Silver

Last Time Available: 2002

Some Js just look strange as a low top (we’re looking at you Air Jordan IX). And though many initially thought similarly about the Air Jordan VI Low, we love the simplicity of the black/silver colorway. Using just the right amount of white and silver gives this makeup a clean, classic low top look. We know because low top retros are a rare occurrence, it’s a long shot. Still, we’d love to see these make a comeback…anytime JB!

Air Jordan XVII Low "Lightning"

Last Time Available: 2002

One of the best post-retirement Air Jordan colorways, the XVII Low “Lightning” is one we’d love to see again. MJ laced these bangers up in the 2002 All-Star Game and we haven’t seen them since. We hope JB changes their minds about that one.

Air Jordan XVII+ "Copper"

Last Time Available: 2002

Another forgotten post-retirement colorway was the Air Jordan XVII+ “Copper”. A luxurious upgrade from the base XVII, the + version sports a faux croc-skin heel panel and exposed lacing system that gave the silhouette a more dressed-up feel. We know it’s unlikely, but this is one we’d love another shot at picking up.

Air Jordan VIII "Chrome"

Last Time Available: 2003

Will it or won’t it? The Air Jordan VIII “Chrome” is a retro that has been teased and rumored several times over the last few years. And, unfortunately for those of us who missed out on the original 2003 release, we’re still without one. Bringing these back out would have made more sense in 2013 (10 years from the original debut), but we’ll let that slide if JB wants to drop these for us in 2014.

Air Jordan XII "Flint Grey"

Last Time Available: 2003

We love the “Flint Grey” colorway of the Air Jordan XII. Though there are a few similar colorways of the XII, a proper retro of the “Flint Grey” make up has been left out since their 2003 debut. This one would be a no-brainer in our eyes.

Air Jordan II Low "University Blue"

Last Time Available: 2004

One of the more unique looking of the low top Js is the Air Jordan II. Debuting way back in 1986 (just after the first few colorways of the OG II), aside from a 1994 retro, we didn’t hear much from the silo until a decade later in 2004, when this dope “University Blue” colorway hit retail. Though there are many on the fence about this crew cut version of the II, we think a nice 2014 retro would sway many naysayers.

Air Jordan IV "Rare Air" Laser 'Black'

Last Time Available: 2005

The Air Jordan IV has so many dope colorways that it’s no wonder some of them don’t get the retro treatment. But, in regard to 2005’s “Black Laser” colorway, we think that’s a shame. Maybe it hasn’t been long enough since the original drop…but we’ve seen JB turn around lesser colorways quicker than that.

Air Jordan XIII White/Neutral Grey-University Blue"

Last Time Available: 2005

The Air Jordan XIII has so many awesome colorways that it’s no surprise some of them have been left out of all the retro fun. But, one coloway we’d like to see that change for is the “University Blue” makeup. Wrapping that fresh white/grey upper with the bright ‘University Blue’ outsole is the perfect compliment.

Air Jordan X "Sacramento"

Last Time Available: 1995

Another gem from the “City Pack” that is in serious need of the retro treatment is the Air Jordan X “Sacramento”. Done up for Mitch Richmond back in 1995 (remember, these were “OG” colorways) in his time with the Kings, this black and purple beauty is an absolute banger. Next to the “Seattle” makeup, the “Sacramento” colorway is likely the most popular from that series. And that popularity would, no doubt, carry over tenfold in 2014’s sneaker climate.

Air Jordan XIII Low "Chutney"

Last Time Available: 1998

It’s certainly been a minute since the Jordan XIII Low “Chutney” was available on retail shelves, but with the majority of individuals wearing Js off the court now anyway, this colorway is perfect for the pavement.

Air Jordan V "Sport Royal"

Last Time Available: 2006

There may be no Jordan silhouette that has seen more colorways (both OG and new) than the Air Jordan V. So, it’s understandable that a few of them haven’t retro’ed just yet. But, one we’ve genuinely missed since it’s 2006 debut is the Air Jordan V “Sport Royal”. Bringing these beauties back in 2014 would bring a smile to the face of many sneakerheads…us included.

Air Jordan IV "Black Cat"

Last Time Available: 2006

The “Black Cat” Air Jordan IV needs to make a comeback in the worst of ways. Everyone loves the IV silhouette, and the flexibility that the all-black colorway provides, makes the retro an absolute no-brainer. Though they too released back in just 2006, you can never have enough of a sneaker this dynamic.

Air Jordan IX "Flint Grey"

Last Time Available: 2002

The Jordan IX received a lot of retro love last year, but one iteration that is long overdue for a return is the white/french blue-flint grey colorway. When these dropped more than 10 years ago, it was the first new retro colorway for the model.

Air Jordan XX2 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

Last Time Available: 2007

Post-retirement Jordans are generally viewed as any silhouette that dropped after the Air Jordan XV. However, that notion disregards the fact that MJ came back to play for the Wizards until 2003. The retros for Jordan signatures that debuted AFTER that are practically non-existent. With the exception of a few CDP releases, everything that released after the XVIII has been left off the retro list entirely. We think that’s a shame because, as you can see with this clean Air Jordan XX2 colorway, people need to see these again.

Air Jordan VI "Carmine"

Last Time Available: 2008

The Air Jordan VI “Carmine” has been frustrating Jordan heads since it’s OG debut in 1991. The “Carmine” VIs have only seen one retro, in 2008’s Countdown Pack, which equates to a 17-year solo retro drought. Already rumored for a 2014 solo retro, we hope the whispers are true…we’d hate to have to wait another 17 years to see these babies again.

Air Jordan VII "Miro"

Last Time Available: 2008

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know how much we love the Air Jordan VII “Miro”, and you probably already know the awesome inspiration the colorway draws from. But, unfortunately, as awesome as the shoe is, it’s even harder to get your hands on one – unless you want to drop crazy loot. Being a Barcelona-only release, these haven’t ever released stateside…we hope that changes in 2014.

Air Jordan VIII "Ray Allen PE"

Last Time Available: 2008

Sure, technically, the Air Jordan VIII “Ray Allen” PE DID release…but the quantities were so limited, they might as well have called this a friends-and-family release. Rumored to have only released 24 pairs at select House of Hoops, this VIII is the rarest of rare. We also think it’s one of the best colorways the VIII has ever seen, and we’d love another chance to try and cop these.

Air Jordan XX3 "Titanium"

Last Time Available: 2008

The Air Jordan XX3 falls into that aforementioned post-retirement category, so we know that a 2014 retro is unlikely. However, we feel that the XX3 is a criminally underrated shoe. Not only is the tech there, keeping the shoe’s performance on par with even the most advanced hoop shoes, but the colorways and limited releases were awesome too. We’re especially fond of the extremely limited Air Jordan XX3 “Titanium”. Released as the silo’s first colorway, it was dropped with only 1,058 pairs globally, meaning only the world’s top 23 Jordan accounts received just 23 pairs a piece. Fingers crossed!


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  • The White/Aqua VIIIs in Mens this time.

    • Kicks Deals

      Those would be a nice warm weather release. Thanks for taking a look!

  • BdotStarks

    Knicks 10 and all leather flu game 12 and

    • Kicks Deals

      Both great picks! Thanks for taking a look.

  • jesuschr1st

    Can’t believe people actually like the Miros. That is on the BOTTOM of my list. I’d take the 22s or even the 15s over those!

  • Dik Dangler

    Carmine 6, Blk/infrared 6 are pretty much the only J’s on my radar next yr.

  • AJ4+ white/navy… tiny round laces and all.

  • Myke Wayne

    Air Jordan XX2 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red
    I have these and they are basically still new. Less than ten wears

  • Trill Bill

    Replace those Flint grey 12’s with French Blue 12s.

    • Kicks Deals

      Not a bad call. Thanks for taking a look!

  • Jay Brodes

    black toe, oxy or indigo would be golden..i love the xiv!! great shoe both in looks and perf!

  • Splash

    No Columbia 11s?

  • Kalen Bevy Lipsey

    chrome 8s Navy 16s Colombia 11s and copper 17s

  • Stoner

    Hare VII & Reverse Infrared VI, that is what I’m hanging for.

  • heeey__ahl

    6 oreos !

  • Dwino

    I agree with the Air Jordan XVI Ginger & Midnight. I also would love to see the Air Jordan X New York. French Blue 12’s along Black/Chrome 2’s


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