20 Musicians Sneaker Brands Should Have Signed


With the recent high-publicized deals of Kanye to adidas and Drake to Jordan, it got us thinking which other musicians brands should sign or have signed in the past. Some are no-brainers such as Kendrick to Nike or Rihanna with adidas Originals, but how about Nike inking a deal with rocker Dave Mustaine from back in the day? Or what about Japanese brand Visvim extending its reach even further by officially signing John Mayer? One thing is clear is that music artists are very visible and even from a niche perspective anyone of these individuals could influence a company’s bottom line or bring a particular model to the forefront.

Kid Cudi

Brand: Converse

The Man on the Moon gets caught in some super wild kicks from time to time. But, as of late, he’s been taking it back to basics with the universally loved Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star. Which is why a sponsorship or collaboration between the two would be so dope. Mr. Solo Dolo is one of our favorites, and without a pair of Chucks in the stash, you can’t rightfully call yourself a sneakerhead. Make it happen Converse!

Pusha T

Brand: Balenciaga

King Push is out stunting in Balenciaga’s all the time. We know that a collab/sponsorship among luxury brands like Balenciaga are few and far between, but this would certainly be an interesting one to watch, should the brand ever want to expand it’s audience. Though the price tag on these kicks are usually the main barrier to entry, a deal like this would put these plush kicks on the radar of a lot of new sneakerheads.

Theophilus London

Brand: Jordan Brand

Considering TL’s style, it could be argued that, should he do a collab or get sponsored, he would be more likely to do something more high fashion. But TL’s Jordan game is thick. Even as crazy as his fits get, he always comes back to the Jumpman, and having a plug like a JB deal would be a tough offer to resist.

John Mayer

Brand: Visvim

If you’ve seen any photos of John Mayer in recent years, you’ve no doubt seen him rocking Japanese it-brand Visvim. Thanks to TMZ catching Kanye rocking Visvim on the regular, the brand has got some pretty good publicity of late. But, an official deal with a high profile artist like Mayer would propel Visvim to new heights.


Brand: Timberland

Pharrell has a solid history of design work in the sneaker world, but one brand he hasn’t (officially) touched yet is Timberland. Skateboard P has, numerous times, professed his love for Timberlands, and is often seen rocking black Timbs, customized by himself with a paint pen. So why not make it official? We think this would be a big seller.

Kurt Cobain

Brand: Converse

Obviously, the opportunity was missed for this collab. But oh, what could have been. We know, we know, Cobain probably would have never gone for a commercial deal like this. But, it’s clear from tour photos and footage that he had love for the Converse brand. Heck, back in 2008, Converse released an awesome three sneaker tribute to Kurt and his footwear of choice. This is one that, in more ways than one, will always have us wondering what could have been.

Action Bronson

Brand: New Balance

“The 9-9-2 is scripted on the Balance.” Whether it’s Asics, New Balance or a suede moccasin, Bronsalino is always rapping about what’s on his feet…but he always comes back to his love for New Balance. He’s even got an NB tattoo on his forearm! And, after sharing some salty words regarding the quality of the retro sneaker scene, Bam Bam obviously wants nothing to do with those guys. He has however expressed an interest in putting together a collaboration of some type with New Balance. He’s hinted at the fact that he’s trying to get it made, and according to him, it’s likely to be a 991. It’s obviously an interesting model choice, but this is something we’d love to see.

Kendrick Lamar

Brand: Nike (with emphasis on Cortez model)

Oh, King Kendrick. After ethering everyone and their mothers, and stirring the pot on Big Sean’s “Control” track, KDot said “I ain’t rockin’ no more designer shit, just white tees and Nike Cortez.” Come on. That ad copy practically writes itself! They might have to massage some of the language, but be real. A deal with Kendrick Lamar repping Nike Cortez would be huge. And not just out West where the Cortez is an OG staple. It’s obvious that Kendrick is headed to the top (if he isn’t there already), and it’d be big for the Swoosh to see him rocking these classics all the time on his way up.

Bun B

Brand: adidas

Bun B, the Trill OG, is the definition of a true sneakerhead. The man is seemingly brand-agnostic, and probably has more sneaker connects than some of these companies and shops themselves. Aligning themselves with a true hip-hop legend like Bun would be a perfect pairing for the three stripes. Adidas is bound to have their plate full with the addition of Yeezy to the line up. But, Bun B is as classic to the rap game as adidas is to, well, the rap game. It just makes sense.

Trinidad James

Brand: Nike

Though relatively new on the music scene, Trinidad James has obviously been into sneakers for some time now. And, though he does mix brands up from time to time, he seems like a Nike guy through and through. And even though in recent days, he’s come out saying that Nike should be done with Foamposites and their seemingly endless colorways, he did make mention of one we think he’d be perfect to endorse, an all gold Foamposite. Frankly, we can’t think of a better match to endorse that shoe than a rapper getting hype off of his single called “All Gold Everything.” See, now that’s symbiosis.

Big K.R.I.T.

Brand: Jordan Brand (with emphasis on Spiz’ike model)

It’s clear from his presence on countless sneaker blogs that Young Krizzle is a huge Jordan fan. And, if you dig a little deeper, you can find some videos out there of him sharing parts of his extensive collection. One thing that struck us in particular, was how much the man loves Jordan Spiz’ikes. Spiz’ikes, since their debut, have typically been little more than an afterthought for most people. We think a ringing endorsement from one of the hottest names in hip hop would do well to change that.


Brand: adidas Originals

Yeah, it’s true, Rihanna is usually seen out and about rocking Jordans. But, if recent photos are any indication, she’s also got a pretty dope collection of adidas as well. And, with previous tour mate partner Kanye West joining the three stripes team, an endorsement with RiRi would push adidas into the stratosphere. Just think of the wild off-the-charts creations ‘Ye might be able to come up with specifically for Rihanna.


Brand: Jordan Brand

Even though he claims to be hitting up the thrift shops to fill his closet, it’s obvious Macklemore has been swinging by Flight Club as well. With seven Grammy nominations this year, a Jordan Brand collaboration would have extremely high commercial visibility.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth/Metallica)

Brand: Nike

One of heavy metal’s most influential guitarists from the ’80s and 90s, Mustaine also had a doper sneaker collection than you. Whether rocking Dunk His, Air Tech Challenges or the legendary Black/Royal Jordan Is, Mustaine has been rocking dope Nikes waaay longer than most of us. This endorsement opportunity would have obviously been more relevant back in the early ’90s, but ooohhh, what could have been. Hair metal and Nike high tops? Awesome combo.


Brand: Nike

Another celebrity sneaker blog regular, Stalley would make a great endorsement opportunity for Nike. As a member of Rick Ross’ MMG team, you’d think he’d be flossing more Reebok, but looking through his IG, he’s a Nike man through and through. He’s not as big of a name as some of the others on the list, but the Honest Cowboy’s footwear track record is solid.

Fat Joe

Brand: Jordan Brand

Fat Joe is among those lucky enough to be in Jordan Brand’s inner circle, which means he’s got that hot new release while you were scouring sneaker blogs looking at low quality spy shots. With a Jordan collection that could go toe-to-toe with nearly anyone, Fat Joe would make an awesome rep for the Jumpman. Just look at that photo. He loves Js so much he went there!


Brand: Nike (with emphasis on Foamposite model)

You can’t have a sneaker post talking about musicians without include Wale. The man’s shoe game may be thicker than any other entry on this list, but his Foamposite collection is off the charts. Look, we all know that certain folks get their sneakers much earlier than the retail releases…but Mr. Folorin gets his extra early due to the combination of some excellent connects and the fact he wears a size 9, the official sample size. With all the complaints that Foamposites are over-done, we think an endorsement with Wale could breathe new life into the product line and keep that train rolling for Nike.

Frank Ocean

Brand: Vans

Being part of the LA-based rap collective Odd Future, Frank Ocean’s Vans game is solid. With Tyler the Creator already dropping a dope Vans collab, we think a Frank Ocean deal would make logical, and commercial sense.


Brand: Nike/Jordan Brand

Back when Eazy was still with us, Jordan Brand was still under the Nike wing, which is why we listed both companies on this post. Even though Eazy-E and the rest of the NWA guys would’ve been a “risky” or “edgy” endorsement, Nike (and Jordan Brand, for that matter) has never been one to shy away from risk. It’s clear from old pictures and videos that Eazy loved the Jumpman.

Jay Z

Brand: Jordan Brand

Though this one may be a little out of reach, even for the Jumpman, signing his mentor to Jordan Brand would’ve been the ultimate one-upping to offset the loss of Kanye leaving Nike for adidas. Though Hova clearly doesn’t need any help to pickup the latest and greatest from JB, he’s obviously got a vault of classics. Spanning from way back in his Reasonable Doubt days, it’s clear Hov loves Js, and a collab or sponsorship deal between the two would’ve instantly had the Jumpman jumping back over the Yeezy.


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  • Stonecold A.

    The whole list kinda makes sense except for Wale. Signing that little dwarf would be ridiculous.

    • Kicks Deals

      Thanks for checking it out!

  • MikeCelf

    Why is Curren$y always excluded from these lists? Listenening to his music its clear that he is an avid sneaker collector with major heat in the vaults. Plus, he’s never rocked any fakes like JBs newest signee…Just sayin.

    • Kicks Deals

      That’s a solid call. Thanks for taking a look!

  • Shamik Gonzalez

    Troy ave should get a deal from adidas

  • John Douglas

    I work in a music venue and have dealt with some of these artists .T.London and Wale who were both gentleman . Sorry to see you include that slob Branson . Not only is a gross no talent , he also found the need to to use ethnic slurs about the owner of the club who was paying him quite well . He was rude , gross and had NO talent .


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