The 15 Best ‘Bred’ Jordans Of All Time


On the cusp of the retro release of the black/red Jordan I High in less than a week, we highlight the 15 best ‘Bred’ Jordans of all time. The black/red colorway will forever be an iconic makeup for Nike and Jordan Brand and it truly is a classic as it all started with the very first Jordan. And the legend only grew when the NBA declared the kicks violated league dress code, but Nike payed the fines and MJ kept lacing ’em up on court. The kicks highlighted in this feature are some of the most beloved of all time and let us know in the comments section below which would take the number one spot on your personal list!

Air Jordan 2011 Black/Comet Red "Jordan Brand Classic - West"

Made for the 2011 Jordan Brand Classic ‘West’ squad, this pair featured a ‘burned’ red look on the black upper and along with the blue translucent outsole was one of the nicest colorways of the Air Jordan 2011 released.

Air Jordan 18 Retro Collezione Black/Varsity Red "CDP"

A ‘what if?’ colorway for many years. It was brought to life in 2008 as a part of the Jordan 18/5 Collezione Pack and came out exactly how we all expected it to look had it been released in 2003.

Air Jordan XIX Black/Chrome-Varsity Red

After MJ retired for the third and final time in 2003, the Air Jordan XIX ushered in a new era. This pair brought the black and red colorway back to the Air Jordan line and it did not disappoint.

Air Jordan XVI Black/Varsity Red

These Jordans were originally released on MJ’s birthday back in 2001. Whether you prefer these with the shroud on or off, this pair looks nice either way. With the patent leather toe, red midsole and clear outsole, these clearly brought the elegance back to the Air Jordan line.

Air Jordan 5 Retro 'DMP' Black/Varsity Red-White "Raging Bulls"

While the original Air Jordan V never came in black and red, 2009 brought that colorway to life. This pair, as part of the “Raging Bulls” pack, features a full 3M reflective upper with a white and red flame on the sides. One of the best Air Jordan 5 Retro colorways to date if you ask us.

Air Jordan VII Black/True Red 'Charcoal'

Often referred to as the ‘Charcoals’ (or that other nickname), this was another well executed colorway. Coming in all black with hits of red and purple, its no surprise these are still a fan favorite.

Air Jordan XIII Black/True Red

Sometimes overlooked by the “Playoffs,” this black/red Air Jordan XIII was made exactly how it should’ve been. An all black upper with a strip of red finished off by a black sole. A great pair you can throw on with different options. The 3M on the sides (minus the 2013 retro) was a great touch to add more pop to this clean colorway.

Air Jordan XX3 Premier Black/Varsity Red "Finale"

What was to be the final numbered Air Jordan, this was the last colorway of the Air Jordan XX3 to drop. Hence their nickname “Finale.” Featuring premium materials in a classic all black with red accents, even though they were very limited they are easily one of the best black/red AJs of all time.

Air Jordan XIV Black/Varsity Red "Last Shot"

Made famous by MJ during the 1998 NBA Finals, the “Last Shot” Air Jordan XIV was the final shoe his Airness laced up during his time with the Bulls. It is not only historic, but iconic. A great pair to go out on top (until 2001).

Air Jordan VIII Black/True Red "Playoffs"

The final Air Jordan MJ laced up before retiring for the first time after the 1992-93 season. He led his Chicago Bulls to their third straight championship in this OG Air Jordan VIII. After a few retro’s, the “Playoffs” still hold it down as one of the best..

Air Jordan XII Black/Varsity Red

MJ made them famous as he wore them during the infamous “Flu Game.” Since that day this colorway is not only one of the best, but also one of the most historic Air Jordans of all time.

Air Jordan VI Black/Infrared

Switching from ‘Fire Red’ to ‘Infrared,’ this OG colorway remains one of (if not) the most popular colorway of the Air Jordan VI ever released.

Air Jordan I Black/Red

The shoe that started it all was originally ‘banned’ from the NBA due to its color restrictions at the time. Even though we’ve seen a few re-releases (with another on the way real soon!), this Air Jordan I will always be one of the greatest.

Air Jordan XI Black/True Red-White "Playoffs"

The final Air Jordan XI originally released definitely didn’t disappoint. With the all black upper and red bottom, these became an instant classic and these certainly rank as the favorite Jordan for many individuals.

Air Jordan IV Black/Fire Red 'Cement'

Arguably one of the most iconic Air Jordans ever released, the black/cement grey-fire red Jordan IV is just one of those pairs you have to have in the collection if you’re a Jordan fiend. It’s no surprise to see these take the number one spot.


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  • MJ

    Why are 2011’s on the list? I’d switch Bred XI and Bred IV.

    • Kicks Deals

      Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to check out the feature!

    • Egrizzel9

      Agreed no damn 2011’s on the list jordan shoes fell off after the 17’s in my opinion no one cares about those after that

  • Damon Harper

    the fact that yall have the 16’s so low is disrespectful…. seriously the hype has to stop, those are top 5 in my opinion

    • Kicks Deals

      Thanks for taking a look!

      • Damon Harper

        i wasnt happy with this list though… seriously who is doing these list? it should be someone with alittle more knowlegde on shoes yall left out the blk and red 9’s which were crazy, the black and red 10’s the stealth 20’s and how the hell did yall leave out the cement 3’s those are considered black and red too? 2 much bs on this list for it to be an all time list, this shit looks like its from the past 5 years smh very shitty list

  • Damon Harper

    and yall have the 23’s top 10 smh yall shot out

  • DthAngel

    No black red 12s?! Wow! No Blk/infrared 6 either???

    • Kicks Deals

      Hmm, you may need to refresh the page because both of those releases are on the list. Thanks for taking a look!

  • Damon Harper

    yall focus too much on hype and not history

  • Brandon

    like the way this is set up and the ranks but i personally dont conside raptor 7s a bred

  • Ryan Lee Brasher

    XVI’s are a beautiful shoe. Even worse, if you’re going to label everything with black and red on it “bred” (I mean come on, raptor 7’s??) how in the world are BC3’s not here? Even though they aren’t exactly “classics” how about motor boat Jones’ and the red raging bulls? I wouldn’t even think this could qualify as “The First Fifteen Jordans We Cod Think of That Have Some Shade of Black and Red.”

  • swaggie p

    no black cement 3s??????? but you have INFRARED 6s C’monnnnnn man

  • Dik Dangler

    Raptors 7 isn’t a “Bred” colorway. Get rid of those and put the black cement 3’s

  • rel

    DIS A GREE!!!


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