18 Things Spending Money On Sneakers Is Better Than


Let’s face it, spending money on sneakers is a lot of fun. But out in the real world, unfortunately there are a few things you have to take care of that you’d rather not. But then again, we spend our money on things we don’t necessarily need and also of course for entertainment purposes. For the diehard sneakerhead, they’d pretty much be content with spending all of their loot on kicks. And that’s the case because that is what makes them happy and brings them enjoyment. We know there are more than a few things in this list you hate having to fork over money on, but let us know in the comments section below what pains you the most or something we forgot to include!


Come on now, moms taught you better than that! We all know how bad cigs are for you, so spend that loot on your kicks instead…it’s much more satisfying.

Booze and Other...Vices

Look, we enjoy a nice whiskey as much as the next guy, but after a while, it adds up quickly. That’s not to say that blowing that paper on your kicks isn’t pricey too. But when you do, at least you’ve got something to show for it.

The Club

We know, sometimes you (or your girl) have just gotta get your club on…but come on. Standing in line, paying a cover charge (for most of us anyway) only to stand in line again at the bar and shell out for overpriced, watered-down drinks and listen to bad music. We’d rather use that bread to bolster our sneaker closet…wouldn’t you?


Gas prices are outrageous and fluctuate wildly. On top of that, it’s an expense that, for most of us, is largely unavoidable…and that’s a bad combo. Come to think of it, the same could be said for sneakers. But, isn’t it much more satisfying to buy kicks?


Insurance, electricity, cable…yeah, they’re all expensive and come monthly. Sneakers, on the other hand, are only sometimes expensive. And if they come monthly, that’s always a positive thing.


Everyone likes to look fresh, but let’s be honest, for most of us, it all starts with the kicks.


No, not huddled around the campfire, singing Kumbaya; camping outside (often in horrible weather) for a pair of sneakers. While you may not actually be spending money to camp, you’re losing money to sit there though. Sometimes, paying that extra $25-$50 on the resale market is better than sacrifcing a toe to frostbite.

Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary’s, Tuesdays…with some couples, the gift-giving never ends. Now, we’re never against someone getting a gift. But, we’d much rather be spending that cash on kicks. Now, if you can get your significant other to cop some kicks you’d actually want or wear? You might be on to something.


Unless you’re blessed enough to own your own house/apartment/cardboard box, rent and/or mortgage is that monthly drain on your funds that everyone wishes they could stop. It’d be much nicer to pick up some grails once a month, wouldn’t it?

Parking/Speeding Tickets

Tickets can be awesome (concerts, sporting events, etc), but think about it; parking, speeding, jaywalking, most of the time, they’re usually just a financial burden. Your money is much better spent on that next big sneaker drop.

Fast Food

While we’re certainly not above some late-night grub-down, you always end up regretting it (for one reason or another). One thing that usually doesn’t come with that same buyer’s remorse? You guessed, a new sneaker pick-up.

Buying Books

Ooooh baby are text books expensive nowadays! Even if you’re crafty and get ’em used, they’ll still set you back sometimes four figures for the whole bundle. You know how many dope kicks you could buy instead?

Car Repairs

Most of the time, auto repairs are an unavoidable expense that all car owners will incur at some point. But, damn, sometimes that noise is expensive. And it always seems to come at the wrong time!


Death and Taxes…and sneakers, right? We wish. Whether it’s income, sales or property taxes, it seems Uncle Sam has always got his hand in your pocket. But, look at the bright side. If you work the income taxes right, you might even be able to get a nice little refund to help subsidize the cost of that next trip to Flight Club. Glass is half full?


They says it’s better to give than receive. Well, if you’re talking about sneakers, we beg to differ.

Student Loans

Yeah, you got your learn on. But in most cases, years, sometimes even decades down the line, you’re still attempting to pay that noise off. Sure, you were responsible, BUT AT WHAT COST?

Baby Supplies

If you hadn’t heard, babies are expensive. Diapers, food, doctors bills, it all adds up. Birth control is cheap, leaving you more paper for kicks. Therefore, proper birth control = more sneakers. It’s science.


You know what’s awesome? Getting tons of awesome new kicks. You know what’s not? Spending money to store them. Whether it’s organizing that closet by upgrading those cardboard shoe boxes, or going big and renting a separate storage unit. You know what we’d rather be dropping loot on.


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  • Atmos

    So, everything?

  • Realist

    Whoever made this list is a fucking loser..spend money on sneakers instead of eating, paying bills, education, fun, clothes and women??? Wow

    • lildwell

      Who said instead??? He said buying sneakers are better than paying bills. he’s right. It does feel better to spend your money on things you like than you need. Not stop spending money on bills completely. And women arent worth spending money on.

      • realist

        Ur just as lame as the article dood

        • lildwell

          I know. Comprehending what I read is lame….. -_-

  • Chef Salaam

    Gotta be the dumbest list ever posted, had to be written by a hype beast. Kicks before bills & gas? FOH!

  • everyone loves Mary.


  • whotheowl

    the enjoyment is paying those things, managing your $$ and having to select a few pairs that mean more to you, then enjoying the weeks/months you waiting, building up that wad of cash to drop on shoes.

  • lol.

    This is satirical…for the people that didn’t get it. Whoosh.

  • Don Vito SOLEeone

    I don’t think the average person gets it…way over their heads…lol. It is obviously more fun to spend money on sonething you love than paying bills. But the whole idea of this is to say we have more responsibilities than just buying sneakers.

    • Kicks Deals

      Exactly…salute! Thanks for taking a look. Thanks to anyone who took the time to take a look.

  • Slankdatank

    Hey bae I can’t take you out beacuse I got these new kicks. I’m also short on gas and my rent is due. Can you spare me some change?

  • a

    What a dumbass

  • ReddHarlemX

    /people who didn’t get the satire in this list…

  • chuck

    Its satire dumbasses…. if your really entertained the statement of ignoring gas, food, etc .. then you PROBABLY have done that before… and your stupidity is making you feel some kinda way…lmao.

  • Mitch_tha_Bull

    booze, rent, gas should have been left off. everything else can ride.


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