30 Best Sneaker Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now


We already know you can’t enough sneakers in your world but if you spend a good amount of time on IG, we highlight 30 accounts you most likely want to follow…like, now!

Dependable Jay

Account: http://instagram.com/dependablejay

Back in October, Complex.com named Jay the #1 collector on Instagram, and we are firmly in agreement. We’ve simply never seen someone with as many amazing PEs as this dude. He gets all the internet points.

John Geiger

Account: http://instagram.com/johngeiger_

Darrelle Revis’ marketing & business manager has some serious heat. From high-end to 1-of-1 and unreleased kicks, Geiger’s got em all. Dude rocks your grails to run on the beach. ‘Nuff said.

Mache Custom Kicks

Account: http://instagram.com/mache275

The top customizer (arguably) in the game doesn’t just rock his own customs. After following Mache for sometime, you’ll realize, as we have, just how deep his vault really is. On top of some of the coolest customs around, his IG is full of gems.


Account: http://instagram.com/croatianstyle

Founder of Project Blitz, and the author of one of the most famous collection pics in recent memory (seriously, look at how many Paris SBs he’s got), to say Croatian Style has heat qualifies for understatement of the year. Just take a peek at this guy’s IG and see how serious it is. Step your game up.

Jon Allon

Account: http://instagram.com/jonallon80

Jon Allon runs SEVEN, a “Private/VIP” service and shop-front out of Florida that caters to athletes and other celebs. Their storefront is also open to the public, if you’re really trying to stunt. But, if you’re like us, just looking at all those crazy PEs and luxury sneakers makes for an entertaining follow.

Pound For Pound

Account: http://instagram.com/poundforpoundshoes

If you don’t know, now you know. Pound for Pound is a dope shop out of Phoenix that specializes in PEs/Samples and, perhaps most importantly, “decent” prices. Decent is a relative term in the PE game, but these boys are legit.

Corgi Shoe

Account: http://instagram.com/corgishoe

Whether you’re looking to spend $700+ on a pair of Supreme SBs, or bargain hunting and picking up some low-key kicks, Corgi Shoe is one of the most “economical” follows in the game. Seriously, this dude’s catalog is beyond crazy.

The Perfect Pair

Account: http://instagram.com/the_perfect_pair

“WEAR your kicks” is the mantra that most “sneakerheads” spout, but don’t actually follow themselves. The Perfect Pair abides. Seriously, peep those blackout XIs.

Nice Kicks

Account: http://instagram.com/nicekicks/

One of the most influential blogs (and shops) in today’s sneaker game is an absolute must-follow. ‘Nuff said.

What The Kicks

Account: http://instagram.com/whatthekicks

With some of the most noticeable leg tats out there, Jeremy has got some serious heat. If you’re a fan of shoe photography at all, Whatthekicks is more than worth your time.


Account: http://instagram.com/jdollasign84

Justin, or JDollasign, is the co-owner of JB Custom Kickz, and just a cursory glance at his IG feed reveals he’s definitely a part of #teamearly.


Account: http://instagram.com/arg420

Arg420 has some serious #brongang heat, but that ain’t all. Poking through his page, you’ll see some serious funk, like those crazy Kid Robot Air Max 1s.

Randy Fernandez

Account: http://instagram.com/ballintwn

Scrolling through Randy’s IG feed, you start to realize why he’s got the handle name he does…#ballintwn.

Bout That Jae Life

Account: http://instagram.com/boutthatjaelife

As his IG handle indicates, with tons of dopeness from the Jumpman, Jaelin is about that J life. But it isn’t always MJ Monday on his feed. He’s got a pretty nice vault of heat outside of JB too.

Jake Ferrato

Account: http://instagram.com/jbfcustoms

Jake’s customization business is absolutely on fire right now. The barrier to entry ain’t cheap. But then again, luxury and quality usually aren’t either. Seriously, even if you can’t afford to send him a pair of your kicks, just follow JBF…it’s nice to dream sometimes.

Sole Supreme

Account: http://instagram.com/solesupreme23

Puneet a.k.a. Sole Supreme has the kind of sneaker vault we all dream of. Giving Dependable Jay a run for his money, Sole Supreme brings that fire. So even if you can’t get your hands on crazy PEs like him, at least you can check ’em out.


Account: http://instagram.com/theinfader

The Infader’s IG timeline reads like a hit list of our grails. So following him makes us pretty salty at times. However, if you’re into some dope sneaker heat, he’s got it in bundles.


Account: http://instagram.com/phase2

Jermaine’s bio says “I’m the guy from Alaska” and, even though that may be how you remember him after reading this list, after actually following him for a bit, and peeping his ridiculous collection, his location will be the last thing on your mind.


Account: http://instagram.com/kicks0l0gy

Hailing from LA, Alisse Marie a.k.a. kicks0l0gy, proves that it ain’t just the fellas stuntin’ out there. She’s the subject of countless #WCWs and, with a collection of heat like that, we can’t hate.

DJ Clark Kent

Account: http://instagram.com/djclarkkent

If you don’t know who DJ Clark Kent is by now, you’ve got some catching up to do. Just follow and learn.

Sneaker News

Account: http://instagram.com/sneakernews

The official IG account for Sneaker News is another must-follow account co-authored by Yu-Ming Wu. Let’s be real, you’re probably already following them…but it’s worth putting out there if that’s not already the case.

Bun B

Account: http://instagram.com/trillog

You already know who it is, the Trill OG himself. Aside from being one of the legends of the south, Bun B’s kick game is insane…#tootrill.

Ronnie Fieg

Account: http://instagram.com/ronniefieg

Come on…you’re not following Ronnie yet? Aside from dropping teasers and release info for some of the most highly-coveted kicks around, Fieg’s got a pretty crazy sneaker game himself. Just scroll through that IG page and see for yourself.

Jon Wexler

Account: http://instagram.com/wex1200

If you’re into adidas, their Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing, Jon Wexler is your man. Complex ranked him in the top 20 of most influential people in sneakers…but just wait til those new Kanye’s drop.

Frank the Butcher

Account: http://instagram.com/frankthebutcher

One of the busiest men in the business, Frank the Butcher is a legit tastemaker. Whether it be hosting for KarmaloopTV and the Butcher’s Block, or designing his latest collab with your next favorite sneaker brand, following Frank is a no-brainer. Business as Usual indeed.

Yu-Ming Wu

Account: http://instagram.com/mryumingwu

Yu-Ming Wu had his hands in the creation of Sneaker News, Freshness Mag, Jordans Daily and Sneakercon, so you know his sneaker game is right. Can you say gems for days?!


Account: http://instagram.com/gtfan712

Simply put, GTFan712 is one of the best product photographers in the business. In a world where everyone thinks they’re a sneaker afficianado, GTFan’s YouTube vids are some of the most thorough and well put together run-downs out there.

Gary Warnett

Account: http://instagram.com/gwarizm

Always putting it down and holding it down for Crooked Tongues, Gary Warnett is an OG. Nice Kicks, appropriately, deemed him a “living encyclopedia of all things sneakers”. While everyone else is out fawning over the latest JB release (hey, we’re not immune either), Gary is busy rocking (and probably writing about) some heat you’ve never even heard of.

Nick DePaula

Account: http://instagram.com/_ndp

Nick DePaula, the Editor-in-Chief of Portland-based Sole Collector, also cracked Complex’s top 50 most influential people in sneakers. And, when you look at what he and the rest of the boys over at SC have accomplished this year (handily recapped in his IG feed), you’ll see why.

Danny Nunez

Account: http://instagram.com/nicekicksnunez

As a “friend of the program” repping for Jordan Brand Digital, ‘nicekicksnunez’ can always be found rocking the latest Jumpman releases. It certainly doesn’t end there though as you’ll see heat from Nike to Timberland and be sure to scroll through and peep the shoe wall you wish you had.


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    These guys might have a good collection, but the pics they take are terrible! The only users I follow on this list are @dependablejay , @the_perfect_pair , @whatthekicks , @jdollasign84 , @arg420 , @boutthatjaelife , and @kicks0l0gy . What about guys like @boo_gotti , @travis_andersen , @eric_rane , @dimensionz , @arist0_ , @_shoezilla , @robertmle , @sneakaninjaz , and @kcbruins , just to name a few? At least they don’t take on-foot pics with a potato

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