20 Signature Sneakers We Want To Retro This Year


Brands bringing models back to the marketplace nowadays has become quite commonplace and we highlight 20 signature sneakers we’d like to see retro this year! Now, these 20 highlighted are by no means a definitive list and just like you, we could easily list another 20 as everybody has their personal favorites from back in the day. From cross-trainers to basketball sneakers to even a couple skate kicks, we’re sure this varying mix of styles will bring back some fond memories, or maybe even heartbreak from some of the more recent entries. Take a look and let us know in the comments section below what would be your top pick(s) for a retro this year. And if you’re not familiar with the Nike Zoom Vick II, definitely peep the black/white-red colorway listed. Those for sure should come back!

New Balance P740

Release Year: 1986
Athlete: James Worthy

That’s right, New Balance basketball shoes…worn by somebody other than Matt Bonner! See, back in 1986, Lakers legend James Worthy signed a crazy deal with Boston-based New Balance (interesting, particularly back in the late-80s). With Big Game James becoming NB’s first major signature basketball player, his first silo, the P740, was understandably a big deal. We did get a retro of the later-model P790 back in 2010, but only in the Celtics/Lakers colorways. We’d like to see his earlier sneaks, particularly the 740 in white/black. Simplicity personified.

Nike Air Tech Challenge Low

Release Year: 1989
Athlete: Andre Agassi

With all the success of the recent Air Tech Challenge II retros lately, we’ve had our finger crossed that Nike brings back some of our other favorites from the line; particularly the ATC Lows. Back in 1989, when the lows first came out, there were some really dope (and currently on-trend) colorways. Pick your poison, but we love both of ’em.

Nike Air Tech Challenge III

Release Year: 1990
Athlete: Andre Agassi

Yep, more Air Tech Challenges…the Agassi line goes deep. Which is why we were so stoked when Nike brought Agassi back into the sponsorship fold. We’re holding out hope we’ll see the lesser-known Air Tech Challenge III, from 1990. The neon hits and loud style are the perfect representation of Agassi’s rep on the court. And also perfect to rock when the sun is shining bright.

Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Release Year: 1992
Athlete: David Robinson

Yes, we have recently seen the return of some dope colorways of the Nike Air Force 180. But, lets be real…the Pump version of the silhouette is what really made these kicks out of this world back in the day. Also, the fact that “The Admiral” David Robinson wore them, didn’t hurt either. Fingers crossed for a proper retro.

Converse Run N' Slam

Release Year: 1993
Athlete: Kevin Johnson

Oh, this one brings back the memories. Before he was the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson was killing it with the Phoenix Suns and reppin’ Converse. Dropping alongside the infamous Larry Johnson “Grandmama” kicks (which, we’ve seen a very recent retro of), KJ’s killer Converse Run-N-Slam were awesome.

Nike Air Command Force 180 'Emerald'

Release Year: 1993
Athlete: David Robinson

The Air Force 180 Pumps weren’t the only dope David Robinson sky-high tops from back in the day. These Air Command Force 180s are absolute fire. These have been rumored for a Fall 2014 retro. So please, readers; pray to the sneaker gods for this one. We’d love another crack at The Admiral’s most famous signature.

Nike Air Lambaste

Release Year: 1995
Athlete: Penny Hardaway

Oh, you thought the Penny well was dried up did you? Well don’t forget about the dope Nike Air Lambaste, from 1995. We’re obviously big Penny fans, but what we really like about the Air Lambaste is it’s simple color blocking and unorthodox shape. There were a few nice, clean OG colorways, but we particularly like the white/black ones.

adidas Equipment Key Trainer

Release Year: 1996
Athlete: Keyshawn Johnson

Adidas has really kicked it into high gear recently. But, with Nike retroing so many Deion signatures, both old colorways and new, football retros aren’t something adidas has responded too (American football, anyway). But, we think most are forgetting about Keyshawn Johnson’s dope signature trainers from ’96. The folks at the three stripes really should dip into the old vault and bring back the infamous Key Trainer. Maybe they will come along sooner than we think?!

Nike Air Hawk Flight

Release Year: 1996
Athlete: Gary Payton

So, the Nike Air Hawk wasn’t exactly a signature shoe, officially at least. But, with the frequency Gary Payton wore it, and Nike promoted it back in the day, it’s close enough. And even if it was rocked by other stars like Ray Allen and Jason Kidd, the Nike Air Hawk Flight was most closely associated with GP himself. Before his Glove days, these Air Hawks were huge, and we’d love the chance to rock these again.

Nike Air Ubiquitous Max

Release Year: 1997
Athlete: Jerry Rice

Truthfully, we’re a bit surprised we haven’t seen these yet. But with all the hype around late-90s trainers (like the Deions and Griffeys), we think Nike should bring back the Air Ubiquitous Max, made for Jerry Rice back in 1997. With that full-length Air Max unit, a nice premium upper and a surprisingly modern OG colorway, these were the hotness back in the day.

Reebok The Answer White/Red

Release Year: 1997
Athlete: Allen Iverson

We’ve been lucky enough to see a bunch of Reebok/AI releases lately (and, with his recent official retirement, we’d expect some more). But one of the most puzzling, is why one of our favorite OG colorways was left out of all the retro fun. Back in 1997, The Answer (AI’s second signature silhouette) was way ahead of it’s time, and we absolutely love the OG white/red colorway. With AI’s recent, official retirement, perhaps Reebok will heed the call and bring back this piece of our childhood.

Nike Zoom Turf OG "Barry Sanders"

Release Year: 1997
Athlete: Barry Sanders

Sure, we’ve seen a plethora of colorways return on this dope 90’s silhouette, with the various Air Zoom Turf Jet 97s. But, the one we want to see most still hasn’t been brought back…yet anyway. Those OG Barry Sanders joints, also from 1997, are excellent. We’d love to see a proper retro of these gems. And by proper, we mean almost exact!

es SLB '98

Release Year: 1998
Athlete: Sal Barbier

Most mid-to-late-90s skate shoes stick out in our memory for all the wrong reasons: they were crazy over-stuffed, making them heavy and bulky. Which is why skating legend Sal Barbier’s 1998 silo, the SLB ’98 was so dope. Not only was it slimmer and lighter than most of the skate shoes around, but they were also on the feet of one of the most important skaters in the game. Also, the dope colorways, like the above white/gum didn’t hurt either.

Reebok The Answer V

Release Year: 2001
Athlete: Allen Iverson

The OG white/red Answers aren’t the only AI Reeboks missing out on all the retro action. Though we have seen the Answer IV retro, we’re still waiting on the fifth entry in the Answer signature line. Frankly, we’ll take any colorway. But we really like the white/red or black/grey colorways.

eS Koston 3

Release Year: 2002
Athlete: Eric Koston

It’s not just basketball and trainer retros we’re looking for! We know he’s with Nike now, but bringing back some of the gems from eS’s sweet Eric Koston signature line – perhaps re-branded a la the adidas Crazy 1 – would be awesome. We love the Koston 3, and we’d take any of the OG colorways, but we really like the navy/gum soles from 2002. What can we say, we’re suckers for that gum sole.

Nike Shox VC IV "All Star"

Release Year: 2004
Athlete: Vince Carter

Sure, we may have gotten a limited, Olympic-celebration retro of the VC’s BB4 Shox back in 2012. And, even though those are likely the most popular of Carter’s signatures, there are plenty of gems in that vault. Like these awesome Nike Shox VC IV. We’re particularly fond of the All-Star colorway.

Nike Zoom Vick II

Release Year: 2004
Athlete: Michael Vick

We know that, when Vick was on his comeback tour in 2012, Nike welcomed him back into the sponsorship fold. But frankly, we’re a bit surprised we haven’t seen any of his dope signature line retro’ed yet. We love the Nike Zoom Vick II. He may not be the most commercially viable signature athlete nowadays, but there were some dope kicks in that line, and Nike should bring some of ’em back for us.

Nike Zoom Lebron IV "All Star Gold"

Release Year: 2007
Athlete: LeBron James

Let’s be real. With the popularity of the line, and LeBron racking up as many accolades as he has so far, it’s frankly a little surprising we haven’t seen retros of his signature line yet…at least in a very limited drop maybe. He’s even behind schedule compared to MJ in that department too (boom, roasted). But, in all seriousness, the LeBron IV is a dope shoe, and it saw some crazy colorways (both PE and GR). We love the white/gold “Vegas” All-Star colorway best.

Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid Black/Mint Sample

Release Year: 2009
Athlete: Andre Agassi

Obviously, we did see the most important ATC II release recently. And while we’re grateful to have a fresh pair of those classics back in the rotation, the Air Tech Challenge II also had some interesting samples floating around. These beauties up above were just that and rumored to release back in 2009, but unfortunately, they never saw retail. Well, with the head of steam Nike’s seen behind both the ATC II and “Tiffany” releases, this one just seems like a no-brainer.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "FC Barcelona" Pack

Release Year: 2011
Athlete: Kobe Bryant

One of the most sought-after sneakers in Kobe Bryant’s legendary signature series, is one we’d love to get another chance to cop. This 2011 duo was a highly-limited, Europe-only release that left stateside sneakerheads exploring all possible channels for that alley-oop. With resale prices, for EACH pair, well into the four-figures, we’re praying for a retro. Hey, why not later this year!


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  • Atmos

    Y’all want shoes to retro that dropped in 2007 and 2011? Come on now

    • Momodou7

      2007? Yes. 2011? It’s way too soon.

    • Ccr Mag


  • smithjoshua1108

    He’s behind MJ in that department too. Boom! Roasted! lol

    • Kicks Deals

      Ha ha…thanks so much for taking the time to take a look!

      • Laced Heat

        the adidas key trainer is releasing this year. it was confirmed by adidas a little while ago

  • Nelson Oliveira

    I wish they would retro some Lebron 7’s and Kobe 5’s

  • DUB 76

    Besides the Lebron IV “all-star” & the Vick II looks like a bunch B.S to me

    • steve

      Absolutely. I don’t wanna see none of that other shit.

  • Momodou7

    Yes! I would LOVE for Nike AF180 Pumps to retro! One of my favorite sneakers of all time. Nike needs to revisit this model. I know that Steve McDonald designed Nike Air Force 180 Lows but does anyone know who designed the Pumps?

  • BabyGerald

    The Air Command Force and the adidas Key Trainer have already been talked about for a retro release this year, the Nike Air Techs were retro’d about two years ago but sure, give em another go. The Air Force 180 pumps might be great, but the mids wear like an uncomfortable pair of boots- those soles are really stiff and the forefoot is pretty narrow. Shox? Really??

    Personally, if Nike could get around to retro-ing the Mac Attack, I would camp in front of 21 Mercer for a week for them to drop.

  • Gotstogoe562

    People complaining about a 2-4 year re-release?!? WTF??? Jordan’s retro every other year sometimes, even year to year with 1 little change of the shoe for people to be crying about. But overall I would love some of these releases, who cares about Kobe’s shoe, they all looked the same with low cut! 9s about to release they low. Nike pump of admiral and KJ. Can we get a real cons grandmama shoe with react juice though???

  • guy

    o man those koston 3s were sooooo sick

  • stevothepro

    BRING BACK THE NIKE AIR MAX DELUXE!! That Shoe was well AhEAD OF ITS TIME With its bright colors and Artful designs would have been a SMASH HIT the past few years, has to be the greatest Sneaker nike has never retroed or revamped.. I have owned hundreds of pairs in my life, I’ve never had as much compliments as i got with those footaction exclusive Sky Blue/Silver/black “flame-On” Air max deluxe 2000. Such an amazing shoe.

  • Ccr Mag

    OOOHHHHHHH WEEEE , yall brought some heat in here, Favs have to be the BARRY SANDERS, one of most underated turf sneakers ever.

    Kevin johnson was the truth also, bring back memories, TRAPPER KEEPER grade school era

  • The Lewd Ood

    Run & Slams!!! Heellll yeeeessss!!! These were some of my favs in middle school and the Grandmama retros hve me hopeful these will drop soon, too.

  • The Lewd Ood

    And I know retro Adidas Edbergs would make my brother the happiest man on the planet, too, so add them to the retro tennis mix


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