20 Jordans We’d Like To Release On Black Friday For The Next 20 Years


With recent news of the black/infrared Jordan VI Retro slated for this year’s Black Friday drop, it got us thinking which Jordans we’d like to see release in the future. It will be interesting to see if Jordan Brand sticks with both the black/dark colorway theme and the numbered succession release of the models on Black Friday after this year. Only time will tell, but we did our best to keep those trends in mind with our picks and we especially paid attention to significant release anniversary milestones. If any of these fun predictions were to come true, we don’t think we’d be the only ones excited. Take a look and let us know in the comments section below which potential Black Friday drop you would be most excited about in the future!

Nov. 27, 2015: Air Jordan I High "North Carolina"

Significance: 30 Years Since OG Release

Okay, so we know that Jordan Brand, at least in the last few years, fittingly prefers to release a dark or black colorway on Black Friday, but this one would certainly drive the hype machine. With all the releases of the Air Jordan I, both old colors and new, one we’ve not seen return in it’s OG form, is the fan favorite “North Carolina” colorway. Now, JB may have to massage that name a little bit, but with the silhouette turning 30 in 2015, this would be a fantastic way to celebrate.

Nov. 25, 2016: Air Jordan III "Mocha"

Significance: 15 Years Since CW Release

Another colorway that falls outside of the Black Friday colorway tradition that should be considered is the Air Jordan III ‘Mocha.’ Perhaps the best un-retro’ed III left, a pristine ‘Mocha’ remains a grail for many sneakerheads who love the non-Bulls colorways…us included. The year 2016 would mark 15 years since the release of Mocha III.

Nov. 24, 2017: Air Jordan III "Retro 88" Black/Cement

Significance: 30 Years Since OG Release

If Jordan Brand wanted to release these, unannounced, tomorrow, we wouldn’t be mad at it. But, you just know they have a sample of the Black’Cement Air Jordan III Retro ’88 floating around, ready for production. But, if JB wants to wait until 2017, 30 years since it’s original release…we could get with that. What we’re saying is…we REALLY want these.

Nov. 23, 2018: Air Jordan X "City Series"

Significance: 23 Years Since OG Release

Okay, so the Air Jordan X “City Pack” is one of the most anticipated retros in the Air Jordan canon, and 2018 would be 23 years since the OGs hit retail. Now, we know a release of the whole pack on Black Friday is a bit of a stretch. But we’d love to see them release the City Pack retros in succession…and they could even follow the Black Friday color scheme by releasing the fantastic Sacramento Kings colorway that day. Come on JB…make Mitch Richmond happy again.

Nov. 29, 2019: Air Jordan XI "Space Jam"

Significance: 23 Years Since OG Release & Movie Release

This one is easy money. In fact, you might even be able to take this one to Vegas. Twenty-three years would be a perfect amount of time to celebrate both the Space Jam movie hitting theaters, and arguably everyone’s favorite Air Jordan XI colorway coming to retail. We’d never be mad at some more Space Jams.

Nov. 27, 2020: Air Jordan VII Premio "Bin 23"

Significance: 10 Years Since Release (Also Previous Black Friday Release)

On Black Friday in 2010, Jordan Brand made waves and set an absurdly high watermark, by releasing what is likely the most coveted of the luxurious Bin23 Collection, the crazy Air Jordan VII. We know a retro of the Bin23, just ten years out from it’s original release, would likely drive the internet crazy…but isn’t that what Jordan Brand does best?

Nov. 26, 2021: Air Jordan XIII Black/White-Red (Unreleased Sample)

Significance: Unreleased

Sure, we could put a lot of sample colorways in this spot, but we absolutely love this black/white-red Air Jordan XIII colorway. Taking the best of the white/red and “Playoffs” colorways, this sample would be perfect to release on Black Friday. If it dropped in 2021, it’d also celebrate 23 years since the original silhouette debuted. Perrrfect.

Nov. 25, 2022: Air Jordan IV "Oreo"

Significance: 23 Years Since CW Release

Following the theme of 23 years being a significant anniversary, this one would be perfect for Black Friday 2022. The Air Jordan IV “Oreo” from 1999 is a beautiful thing, and we (along with everyone else) would love another shot at adding these babies to our closet. These are one of our favorites and, especially by 2022, overdue for a retro.

Nov. 24, 2023: Air Jordan I High 'Metallic' Pack

Significance: 38 Years Since OG Drop

The Air Jordan I High ‘Metallic’ Pack is a little bit of Jordan Brand legend in that, back in 1985, sneaker releases weren’t as well tracked and accounted for as they are today. Which meant that certain limited colorways, like the gorgeous ‘Metallic Black’ Air Jordan I, fell into a kind of limbo where people don’t really know if it was an official (albeit extremely limited) release, or if it was a sample. The ‘Metallic’ pack is fantastic, and we have seen some retros come close to the OG releases, but for 2023, Jordan Brand needs to come correct and retro these beauties properly, especially the mysterious ‘Metallic Black’ colorway. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate 2023.

Nov. 29, 2024: Air Jordan IV "Cool Grey"

Significance: 20 Years Since CW Release

With all the Air Jordan IV colorways that have released over the last few years, we’re frankly amazed that we haven’t seen a retro of one of the best colorways, the “Cool Grey” IV. We’d hate to have to wait until 2024 (20 years since the colorway debuted) to pick up a pair, but if we have to, it’d be worth it. These are amazing.

Nov. 28, 2025: Air Jordan IV "Black Laser"

Significance: 20 Years Since CW Release

Ok, sue us, we love the Air Jordan IV. But, one of our favorite un-retro’ed J’s would be 20 years old in 2025, which would make it a prime candidate for a retro. The “Black Laser” Air Jordan IV from 2005 is not only known for it’s awesome design and attention to detail, but those plush premium materials they used back in 2005 haven’t been seen on Jordans much since then. We’d love to see a proper retro of these, even if we have to wait until 2025 to get them.

Nov. 27, 2026: Air Jordan I High "Banned"

Significance: 15 Years Since CW Release

We’ve detailed the peculiar ‘random-factory-outlet-only’ release of 2011’s Air Jordan I “Banned” on this site before, but we’d like to see JB make this one right by bringing these Is back properly. The year 2026 is a long time to wait for some sneakers to retro, but it’d mark 15 years since their debut…so we’ll take it.

Nov. 26, 2027: Air Jordan XIII "Wheat"

Significance: 23 Years Since CW Release

If you’ve read our features in the past, you know how fond we are of non-Bulls colorways, and in particular, the beautiful Air Jordan XIII “Wheat”. Even if they don’t adhere to the popular black/dark colorway Black Friday protocol, 2027 would be 23 years since the “Wheats” dropped, which would be prime time for a return to glory.

Nov. 24, 2028: Air Jordan VIII "Sugar Ray" PE

Significance: 20 Years Since Release

Alright, so maybe a super-limited release like 2008s Air Jordan VIII “Sugar Ray” PEs isn’t the most likely candidate for a retro, but come on, we can hold out hope! Maybe in 2028, 20 years from their original release date, those folks who picked up one of the TWENTY FOUR pairs released, could accept that the rest of us want a crack at these bangers. And, you never know, maybe Ray the ironman will have retired by then!

Nov. 23, 2029: Air Jordan IV "Black & Yellow" (Three Sneakers: Thunder, Lightning & Tour Yellow)

Significance: 23 Years Since CWs Released

Again, these aren’t straight-up black/dark colorways, but back in 2006, Jordan Brand gave us three fantastic colorways of the Air Jordan IV with a similar theme…black and yellow (Wiz would be proud). “Thunder”, “Lightning” and ‘Tour Yellow’…it’d be awesome to see JB get their Khalifa on, and make some heads spin in the process, by dropping all three at retail again. And the year 2029 would mark 23 years since these colorways originally dropped.

Nov. 29, 2030: Air Jordan I OG Colors Retro

Significance: 45 Years Since OG Release

Okay, so they’re not ALL black/dark colorways, but we’d forgive JB if they wanted to celebrate 45 years of excellence with the Air Jordan I by bringing them all back to retail. We’re talking Black Toe, Black/Red, White/Red, Black/Royals and “Shadows.” All. At. Once. That would be a hell of a way to celebrate.

Nov. 28, 2031: Air Jordan VII "Miro"

Significance: 23 Years Since CW Dropped

Ohh, we’ve been waiting for a retro of this banger from 2008. Back when the Olympic Celebration Air Jordan VII “Miro” dropped, it was a Barcelona-exclusive only, which meant a lot of stateside sneakerheads were either salty about that, or broke from paying resale on them. Dropping a retro 23 years later, in 2031, would be a nice make-good for those of us who missed out one way or another.

Nov. 26, 2032: Air Jordan V "Raging Bull" Pack

Significance: 23 Years Since Pack Released

One of the best packs JB has ever released, the Air Jordan V “Raging Bull” pack would be prime for a Black Friday retro. After seeing JB apply the “Toro” colorway to several popular silos, not only would hype be through the roof on a Raging Bull retro, 2032 would mark 23 years since the original release…we’re doing your job for you over here JB!

Nov. 25, 2033: Air Jordan I "Just Don BHM"

Significance: 20 Years Since CW Release

One of the rarest JB releases in recent memory (only 37 pairs sold via ebay charity auction) would make a perfect future Black Friday retro. Not only does it adhere to JB’s apparent Black Friday criteria (dark colorway + hype-driving), but this would be a nice way to appease those of us who couldn’t swing the ridiculous original auction/resale prices. And dropping them 20 years from the original release would give us plenty of time to get our funds up.

Nov. 24, 2034: Air Jordan V "Tokyo23" & "Quai 54" Black

Significance: 23 Years Since CWs Dropped

The Air Jordan V “Tokyo23″ and black “Quai 54″ sit atop quite a few grail lists, ours included. The original 2011 releases were international only or Friends & Family respectively, which made these beauties but a pipe dream for most of us. It’d be a bummer to wait so long to cop ’em. But, dropping a stateside retro 23 years from their international debut would be awesome. What we’re saying is, we don’t care how long we have to wait…just bring ’em back!


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  • Bruce

    “Black Friday” releases usually are “black” color-ways…so this list really doesn’t make sense

    • Kicks Deals

      We understand that has been the trend lately and acknowledged it. The fun thing is, you never know what JB could have in store in the future for Black Friday. Either way, thanks for taking a look!

      • Hott Nikkelz

        They explained it with each shoe. There were words under the pictures guy!

  • ink

    some shoes just came out like the tokyos n bins .. its too early for a re-lease

    • anon

      are you retarded?

  • jake

    release the j2k pack on black friday

  • Kanye west

    Blackcat 4s and stealth foams

    • Hott Nikkelz

      Dude said stealth foams, these are about Jordans you hypebeast.

  • Mct88

    Bs article…. The sneaker hype will die out in a couple years

    • Hott Nikkelz

      So then you’ll stop buying them? Spoken like a true bandwagon

      • Mct88

        Born in 88 been into shoe since the 90’s child waiting for yall so called sneakerheads to move to another trend

  • gangstablng3

    theres are what we wanna see you get shot over for the next 20 years

  • sneakerkilla

    all heat!!!! but give me those space jams & the ragging bulls pack and i’m good.

  • Pretty Nigga Tyler from Pre-K

    Not one pair of 17’s? The fuck. Can we please get something above 14. Like this for 15-23 releases.


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