20 Things That Will Never Get Old In The Sneaker Game


It seems like you always hear negative things when it comes to the world of sneakers, but there are plenty of positives in this crazy game that will never get old! Like what exactly you say? How about knowing a dope Jordan 11 will drop around Christmas time every year. How about meeting a stranger who is into kicks just like you are and then you become lifelong friends. Or how about the feeling you get when you finally track down a grail you’ve been after for the right price for five years. Sounds like all positives to us and we can all thank being obsessed with sneakers as the common theme. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below what one thing will never get old to you in the sneaker game.

Holiday Jordan Drops

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, Jordan Brand has been making the holidays exceptionally hard on our wallets in recent years. Not to mention our loved ones who were expecting presents! But we’ll never get tired of seeing dope colorways, both old and new, around the holidays.

The Hype

Particularly in the last five years or so, the hype has worked as a double-edged sword as we love it on one hand and hate it on the other. But one thing that’s undeniable; from the first spy shots to release details and increasingly better looks leaking out, watching the build up for footwear’s biggest releases is awesome.

The Thrill Of The Hunt

It’s exhilarating hitting F5 or refresh over and over, racing to add to your cart, and getting through the checkout process. Your feelings aside about today’s state of sneakers nowadays, it’s all part of the game now.


Sneaker Politics, Ronnie Fieg, Concepts, UNDFTD…whoever you like, collabs keep it fresh and always have us looking forward to the next one.

Anniversary Drops

Often lumped in with the collabs, anniversary drops (like this year’s celebration of the Stan Smith, or Reebok Instapump Fury) serve as a fantastic way to bring new ideas (and new audiences) to some of our favorite silhouettes.


More than a few might say it’s getting out of control (we’re looking at you Nike/JB). But with how tough it is to cop hot sneakers nowadays, we can’t be that mad. Retros are becoming more and more welcome, particularly if you missed out the last go round or just want to relive some found childhood memories.

New Silhouettes

Sure, retros are tight, but on the flip side, new silos are always welcome. In the last five years alone, we’ve seen some crazy new sneaker models come to retail. And that’s not stopping any time soon. Just look at the head of steam adidas has with this year’s hot new ZX Flux model and Nike is always continuing to push the envelope with lighter, more durable, and increased breath-ability construction.

Breaking Necks

It’s always a great feeling to come up on some fresh new kicks. But it’s even better when you see the folks you wear them around do a double take. Remember, this can’t happen if you aren’t actually wearing your kicks!


Sure, call it vanity if you like, but don’t front like you aren’t a little pumped when you’re the only one of your buddies who came up on that new new. That’s part of the reason we do it…you ain’t got these!

The Connections/Friendships

Yeah, lately it’s a crazy (re)seller’s market. But, if you’ve been collecting kicks long enough, you start to forge some good bonds with your local sneakerheads (either physical or digital). Whether it be pinging your favorite designer on Twitter about sizing or release information, or throwing an alley oop to your boy who’s in class when Finish Line decides to restock those Air Jordan Is, don’t forget; sneaker karma is real, and you get what you give.

The Restocks & Surprise Drops

Sure, you’re salty if you miss out on ’em. Particularly if you’re on the west coast and get left out by that three hour time difference. But with things like #Kithstrikes and the increasingly popular trend of unannounced restocks, it keeps the game exciting.

The Next One

The thing about today’s sneaker game, and something that we’ve always been big proponents of, is if you cop or not, there will always be another one. Always. And, like never before, that never-ending sneaker lust is what keeps the well-oiled sneaker game going. On to the next one…

The Memories

This might make us sound like some old heads. But, whether you slept outside with your boys for a few nights to cop the latest heat, or you’re seeing retro’s from your childhood come back into fashion (Converse Grandmamas holla!), for many of us, the nostalgia will never get old.

Where'd You Get Those?

This goes along with exclusivity a bit, but this one goes both ways. Sure, it’s a good feeling to have someone come up and ask you about your kicks, but it’s also an awesome way to discover some new stuff yourself. Whether it be new brands, international releases or simply an old release you missed on, “Where’d you get those?” is such a loaded phrase.

Conversations With Strangers

Social media has made the sneaker world a little tighter, but it’s always cool to find a new person to talk kicks with. We’ll never get tired of spotting someone wearing some heat and talking shop.

Sneakers Are A Universal Language

For better or worse, another thing social media (and the internet in general) has changed about the sneaker game is how you show off. Sneaker photos are so much a part of the everyday reality of the modern sneaker head that you should almost have a separate profile for following sneakerheads. We’ll never get tired of seeing folks stunting all over the world no matter the location.

Meeting People That Collect Something Completely Different

It’s always fun to find someone who collects something completely different from you. Whether it’s PEs, samples or just a brand you never looked twice at, variety is the spice of life…and it adds flavor to the game. Wear what you like!

Seeing Heat On Someone's Feet Who Has No Idea

Sometimes, folks don’t even know what they’re sitting on. Whether they got blessed by a hand-me-down, or discount store come-up, it’s always awesome spotting some heat on someone who has no idea what they’re rocking. You know there is a grandma or homeless guy rocking something you don’t have!

Actually Playing In Air Jordans

It’s always awesome rocking some heat, but it’s even better when you’re using those Js for, well you know, actually playing basketball in. We’ll never get tired of showing the kids how to do it, and actually hooping in some kicks that they’ve got on ice because they were too afraid to ball in them.

Finding That Perfect Pair

Whether they’re for yourself, or if you’re lacing your girl, kid, mom whatever, when you find the perfect pair, you’ll know it in your heart. That’s one thing that we continue to love about this game, and it’ll never get old to us.


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    Their is no such thing called a sneakergame stop with these silly ass terms

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    Forgot lowballing, hypebeasts and rape prices.

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    “That’s part of the reason we do it…you ain’t got these!” – Maaann I got yeezy’s, you’re the ain’t one!

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    I agree with everything except “The Hype” haven’t been hyped for a release [that I had money in my pocket to buy] in so long

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