23 Jordans That You Should Never UN-DS


If you might be holding on to any one of these Jordans in your collection, you’re most likely to never take them out of deadstock condition. Whether they might be super limited or you’re one of the lucky few to be in possession of OG Jordans from nearly 30 years ago, not only are some of these worth thousands now, but many could be considered works of art. And in the case of 1985 or 1986 Jordans, you probably couldn’t wear them at this point anyway with fear of them crumbling around your foot. But seriously, we’re all for wearing your kicks here at KD, but let us know in the comments section below which pair of Jordans in your collection you just simply can not UN-DS!

UNDFTD x Air Jordan IV

Estimated Worth: $4k+

Limited to just 72 pairs, the Air Jordan IV from Cali retailer/brand Undefeated is one of the most coveted Jordans of all. So, if you’re one of the lucky 72 to posses this grail of grails, it’s understandable to want to leave these beauties as display-only.

Air Jordan I High OGs

Estimated Worth: $2k+

The Air Jordan I is the sneaker that started it all. And, while we’re big on you know, actually wearing your sneakers, you’d be better off leaving these on the shelf. The original pairs from 1985 are closing in on 30 years old now, so even if you have them and want to wear them, they might turn to dust as soon as the rubber meets the road. On top of that, the Air Jordan I gets retro’ed more than nearly any other Jordan (with the obvious omission of the “Carolina” I High).

Air Jordan VIII "Sugar Ray" & "QRich"

Estimated Worth: $2k-$5k

On top of being some of the dopest colorways the silo has ever seen, with only 24 pairs released in each colorway, the Air Jordan VIII “Sugar Ray” and “QRich” PEs may be the most limited Jordans to ever release to the public. If you were one of the chosen few to line up and cop a pair, don’t worry if you never actually ball in them…Jordan Brand doesn’t exactly release PEs everyday (especially ones this dope).

Air Jordan IV "Encore"

Estimated Worth: $5k+

Another pair of insanely rare IVs, the “Encore” Air Jordans are a thing of beauty. Unreleased to the public, only approximately 50 pairs exist, and were given only to friends and family of Eminem himself. So, if you happen to come up on a pair, don’t UN-DS ’em.

Air Jordan XI Silver Anniversary (with Jumpman)

Estimated Worth: $7,500

As most of us know, the all-white Air Jordan XI is special, but the Silver Anniversary is an exception. Not only was it one of the very rare Jordan releases to not feature a Jumpman logo as it celebrated Jordan Brand’s 25th anniversary, but JB played the Willy Wonka card on us for this release. Right before shipments went out, 25 pairs containing the white Jumpman were placed in shipments at random. Most of us would be content letting these XIs age gracefully on our sneaker shelves. But if you were one of the “golden ticket” holders, you better hold on to ’em in mint condition.

Dave White x Air Jordan I High "Wings for the Future"

Estimated Worth: $3k

Sure, a version of the Air Jordan I x Dave White “Wings for the Future” did release to the public, but you likely don’t have these gold-toed pairs. The wild colors might not appeal to everyone, but it’s one of the most limited Air Jordans of all time. Limited to just 23 pairs, and auctioned off to benefit LA-area schools, these Air Jordan Is are art, plain and simple.

Air Jordan V "Quai 54" Black

Estimated Worth: $2k

Most of us were content trying to setup those international oops, tracking down the Euro-only release of the Air Jordan V “Quai 54″ a few years back. But little did we know (at the time, anyway) that another, black pair existed. Allegedly limited to just 54 pairs, these beauties were passed out to Jordan Brand Friends and Family only…which was kind of a bummer. That being said, if you’ve stumbled on to a pair, hold on to them, because you’re in rare-ified air.

Air Jordan Pantone Series

Estimated Worth: $2,500+

Another unreleased sample series, the Air Jordan “Pantone” set is simply fantastic. Featuring that notorious ‘university blue’ hue, and laser etching, these J’s are crazy. Of course, because these never released, it’s tough to gauge just how rare they are. But if you’re in possession of one (or more) of the Pantones, you’d be better off keeping them on ice.

Air Jordan V "Motorsport"

Estimated Worth: $2k+

The Motorsport series Jordans have been atop many sneakerhead hit lists for years. Unfortunately for us, outside of 2010s Air Jordan VI, they’ve been restricted to friends-and-family only, and never released to the public. That said, if you happened to come up on one of these beautiful J’s – particularly our favorite, the Air Jordan V – you’re sitting on a goldmine…so don’t scuff ’em up!

OG Nike "Sky High" Air Jordans

Estimated Worth: $5k

Straight up; the Nike Jordan Sky High belongs in a museum. Being 30 years old, not only are they crazy rare, but if you’ve got a pair, you’re in possession of sneaker history. See, back in the early 1980s, Nike was experimenting with the idea of making Jordan it’s own brand, and the Sky High was the test case to see how well the Jumpman logo would be received. Obviously, we all know how that experiment went. That said, if you’ve got a pair of OG Sky Highs, not the bastardized retro we received back in 2011, you better put ’em under lock and key.

Air Jordan II K.O

Estimated Worth: $5k+

Sure, we all know the Air Jordan I KO featuring a dope canvas upper, but the I wasn’t the only one to get the KO treatment. That’s right, back in the day, Jordan released a KO version of the Air Jordan II as well. Released in 1986-87, the shoe is so rare, most people don’t even know it exists. So, if you’re still holding on to a pair of OGs, don’t break them out now…they’re just too rare. And, being nearly 30 years old, they’d probably crimble on you as soon as you stepped down too hard.

Air Jordan XI "45s"

Estimated Worth: $2k

Another unreleased Jordan, the Air Jordan XI 45 PEs are a collector’s dream (or nightmare, depending on whether or not you have them). Though never released to the public, Jordan Brand spun up a handful of PEs for His Airness upon his return from retirement in 95-96. For obvious reasons, these never actually made it to market, as MJ changed back to the number 23 before JB could get them to market. So, if you’re sitting on a pair of 45 J’s, first off; can we be friends? And secondly, don’t wear them! They could be worth a crazy amount of money some day.

Oregon Air Jordans

Estimated Worth: $2k-$4k

Look, we realize the Oregon Air Jordan PEs are unlike most of the sneakers on this list, a relatively recent phenomenon. But, unless you’ve got stacks on deck, or you’ve got some crazy hook up, these are absolute grails for both Ducks fans and Air Jordan heads alike. Wear ’em at your own risk.

Air Jordan II OG "Made in Italy"

Estimated Worth: $7k+

Yeah sure, we’re getting a retro of the white/red Air Jordan II, but they won’t be the same. The OGs, from 1986-87 were actually made in Italy, using high quality leather and accents. Sure, we love some of the stuff JB has released in recent years. But, as they say, “They don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

Georgetown Air Jordans

Estimated Worth: $1k+

Another recent, but similarly exclusive Air Jordan PE series, the “Georgetown” pack, is absolute fire. Frankly, we’re a bit surprised these haven’t released yet. But until they do (?), if you’ve got ’em, you’d be wise to let them sit on ice.

Air Jordan XI "Blackout"

Estimated Worth: $10k+

Sure, the Air Jordan XI “Blackout” was a sample that floated around eBay a few years back, and they went for a stupid amount of money. And sure, you could take a sharpie to your beloved pair of Gamma’s and create something similar. But be honest, you’d still know. You shouldn’t wear these amazing samples for a variety of reasons…but primarily because, if you’re in possession of them, you likely had to spend your college tuition on ’em.

Air Jordan XI DMP "Gold Eyelets"

Estimated Worth: $2k+

Similar to the Air Jordan XI 25th Anniversary release, with the super rare Jumpman logos, the DMP “Gold Eyelets” are another interesting Jordan Brand story. The AJ XI, from 2006’s DMP pack was originally supposed to have Jordan spelled out in gold, along the eyelets. However, after some wear testing, they decided to scrap the lettering due to color bleeding, but JB had already pushed them into production and began shipping pairs out to early accounts. That little production error has now led to the infamous “Gold Eyelets” Air Jordan XI. So, needless to say, if you’ve got em, DON’T rock em.

UNC Air Jordans

Estimated Worth: $1k+

Okay, so being Michael Jordan’s alma mater, it’s no wonder that the boys at Chapel Hill have some crazy PEs. Whether it’s their amazing Air Jordan IV, their Melo M10, or some other ridiculously awesome PEs, if they’re in your possession, you’ve got a collector’s item on your hands. Best not to un-DS.

Air Jordan IV "Marquette"

Estimated Worth: $5k+

No, the ridiculously exclusive Air Jordan IV PEs aren’t limited to Oregon, UNC and Georgetown. These “Marquette” (or “Cal Bears”) IVs are just as dope as any of them. Unfortunately for the general Jordan-buying population, these PEs were rumored to have been limited to around 30 pairs. Interestingly, unlike the UNC, Georgetown or Oregon PEs, these IVs don’t have any school-specific branding on them. So, whichever your allegiance, the rarity of these kicks means that, if you’ve lucked into a pair, you probably shouldn’t be actually wearing them.

Air Jordan 14 Mid White/Columbia Blue

Estimated Worth: $1k

Okay, so these may not be as limited as some of the other PEs on the list (and they may as well be a UNC PE too), but simply put, the Columbia Blue Air Jordan XIV, is our favorite colorway of the XIV. That’s unfortunate for us because of how limited and rare these were/are. Released in 2001, about two years after the low top version of the XIV, these Columbia joints were an Eastbay exclusive. So limited and popular, they sold out before Eastbay could even print that month’s issue. Un-retro’ed in the 13 years since then, this is now one of the rarest Air Jordans on the market today…so, if you have ’em, we’d advise keeping them in DS condition.

Air Jordan "History of Flight" Series

Estimated Worth: $2k+

Oooh boy, the Air Jordan “History of Flight” series is amazing. Clean and simple red/white colorways of Jordan silos I-2010, the HOFs never actually released to the public and were used primarily as a promotional display. If you lucked into one or more pairs of these beauties, we’d suggest you do the same.

Air Jordan 7 "Miro"

Estimated Worth: $900

Ah, the Air Jordan VII “Miro,” our favorite Air Jordan VII of all time. Unfortunately for us, it seems this extremely limited 2008 release is a favorite of deep-pocketed collectors as well. Limited to just 1,000 pairs, unless you’re Nate Robinson (or some other, well-funded sneakerhead), let’s be real, wearing these is just not in your best interest. Much better to be placed on a pedestal and admired as the artwork they are.

Air Jordan IX Black/White Baseball Spikes/Cleats

Estimated Worth: $300

Released to the public and available in 2002-03, these baseball spikes are likely not in everybody’s Jordan collection, but if you still have a pair on ice, it might be wise to just save ’em as a collector’s item at this point. For extreme Jordan fans, you don’t see these pop up often, and if so, they’re likely all beat up from ya know, actually playing baseball in them.


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