The 20 Best Team Jordans Of All Time


While he wasn’t the first player with one, Michael Jordan was and is definitely the most important athlete of all time when it comes to signature sneakers. MJ not only had a successful selling sneaker for over 20 straight years, but he also was able to fully capitalize off of his name and build a brand valued at close to a billion dollars today.

Even without Michael putting his feet in every pair, many Team Jordan sneakers have an on-court story and a player to associate with and link back to.

From a sales perspective, it is only in the last half-dozen years that Team Jordan sneakers haven’t been too popular, otherwise they have sold well throughout the lifespan of the Jordan Brand division. What we see Nike and LeBron James doing today with the Zoom Soldier series is another example of how Nike has followed the same formula it was so successful with in regards to the Jordan line.

Factoring in the basketball, football, baseball, and cross-training divisions, take a look at the 20 Best Team Jordans Of All Time.

Jumpman Team FBI White/Silver-Red

Release Year: 2003

One of the non-signature Jordan Brand sneakers that MJ wore in-game in his career, the Jordan Team FBI was laced up by His Airness during his days with the Wizards and resembles the Air Jordan XVIII in the heel which also came out in ’03. There were full-grain leather versions of this sneaker, but this came at a time when Jordan Brand was heavily experimenting with new materials for shoe construction.

Jumpman Vindicate Black/White

Release Year: 1999

In the 1999-00 NBA season when the Jumpman Vindicate released, these sneakers were not only worn by Team Jordan member Vin Baker but also got its namesake from the then Supersonics player. The two-piece upper construction allowed for great color blockings such as a navy toe or even Seattle-inspired white/green Player Exclusive colorways for Baker which pretty much trumped all others.

Jumpman Pro II OG White/Navy

Release Year: 1998

The Jumpman Pro II featured a sturdy midsole on top of a full-grain leather upper which made for an excellent shoe on-or-off the court. This silo was also one of the first in the Team Jordan line to feature the Ferrari-esque Jumpman shield logo.

Jumpman Team 2 White/Red-Black

Release Year: 1998

The dimpled leather upper shows the heavy Air Jordan XIII influence on the Jumpman Team 2. Suprisingly, this sneaker also featured the Ferrari Jumpman shield logo.

Jumpman Team Flow White/Navy

Release Year: 2003

With an outsole similar to the design used on current, premier Jordan performance basketball sneakers, the Jordan Team Flow is one of those sneakers that could be overlooked because of lack of hype and retro releases. The white/red colorway that Jason Kidd wore had several different versions with the same color just different logos for the then-New Jersey Nets point guard.

Jumpman Team Masterpiece

Release Year: 2000

Mike Bibby definitely wore the best Jumpman Team Masterpiece PE in his final season with the Vancouver Grizzlies; a pair that featured a turquoise gradient fade going down the back panels as well as fast forward & rewind buttons on the medial sides of the sneakers.

Jumpman Three Percent White/Red-Silver

Release Year: 1999

Many hoopers at the turn of the century wore the Jordan Three Percent on court despite the cross training design. Either way, these were very popular at both playgrounds basketball courts and in field football games.

Jumpman Super Freak OG White/Black-Purple

Release Year: 2000

A signature sneaker made for Randy Moss to wear a cleated version of in Minnesota, the Jumpman Super Freak saw a retro release being re-branded as the Jordan Cover 3 after Moss’ Jordan Brand endorsement contract was over. The “Eighty 4″ branding on the tongue was a nod to Moss’ jersey number and was replaced with “Twenty 3″ after becoming the new name.

Jumpman Team J White/Navy

Release Year: 1999

In one of the smallest displays of Jumpman branding you will ever see on a Jordan sneaker, the shrouded Jumpman J featured premium enough materials that there are a good amount of wearable pairs still around today.

Jumpman Swift 6 White/Black

Release Year: 1999

Some may find this silo more popular than the Air Jordan XV since they are similar sneakers in both look and design. The angular look of the Jumpman Swift 6 does look a tad more foot appropriate than the rounded Jordan XV.

Jumpman Quick 6 White/Navy-Maize

Release Year: 1998

Seen on the feet of such NBA players like Eddie Jones and Vin Baker in 1998, the Jumpman Quick 6 is made up of several pieces of leather and lush padding on the upper walls of the sneaker. Shaped sort of like the fabled Air Monarch, a retro release of this shoe would be very welcome.

Jumpman Jeter Vital Black/White-Red

Release Year: 2007

Despite having more of a training sneaker design, the Jumpman Jeter Vital not only saw action on the diamond as intended, but was often seen on basketball courts as well. Images of President Barack Obama hooping in a pair during his first term as POTUS means he trumps Derek Jeter. Just sayin’!

Jumpman DJ OG White/Royal

Release Year: 2004

A Derek Jeter training sneaker, the Jumpman DJ released in 2004 and these have a bit of Jordan 12 feel to them as far as the stitching is concerned. This white/royal colorway it too clean and these would be especially great to have right now all things considered.

Jumpman Pro Black/White-Red

Release Year: 1997

Released in 1997, the Jumpman Pro was the first Team Jordan sneaker and started the trend of taking the current Air Jordan sneaker design of the time and fortifying it. Fun fact: The Jumpman Pro was one of the first Nike basketball sneakers to feature the “Engineered and built to the exact specifications of championship athletes around the world” moniker.

Jumpman Pro Quick White/Black-Red

Release Year: 1998

A great display of premium materials used on a low-top basketball sneaker with a nimble build, the craftsmanship on the Jumpman Pro Quick is excellent and lines of this classic shoe can still be seen in the Jordan CP3 line.

Jumpman Pro OG Black/White-Gold

Release Year: 1997

When the Jumpman Pro saw a Retro release in 2008, it was available for customization thru NIKEiD and was seen on the feet of not only Team Jordan players like Joe Johnson and Ray Allen, but also other NBA stars like Kevin Garnett.

Jumpman Team I Black/White

Release Year: 1997

Easily one of the most beloved Team Jordan sneakers, the Jumpman Team 1 model is acceptable anywhere in the strong black and white colorway. This shoe really lived up to its name in the 1995-56 NBA season being worn by MJ’s teammate Scottie Pippen.

Jumpman Pro Quick OG White/Black-Royal

Release Year: 1998

Featuring the Optimal Motion traction pattern, the Pro Quick bears a striking resemblance to the CP3.IV thanks largely to the silhouette height and the Jumpman branding seen in a circle with similar placement by the heel.

Jordan Pro Strong White/Pine Green-Black

Release Year: 1998

An original colorway worn by prominent Team Jordan member Vin Baker, this pair of the Pro Strong linked up with the Seattle Supersonics uniform colors. There might be a stigma attached to any non-numbered Jordans, but there aren’t many who could legitimately call themselves a sneakerhead that do not accept this sneaker as a classic.

Jumpman Team I "UNC"

Release Year: 1997

The Jumpman Team 1 retro, which just came back this year, is said to now feature two Zoom Air cushioning units seamlessly infused into this early Team Jordan design. But modern updates aside, the clean “UNC” colorway reigns supreme in our eyes as the top Jumpman Team 1 colorway and you could find Tar Heels players wearing these on court back in the late ’90s.


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    People today would call those shoes fake…smh

    • realtalk

      Or Hypebeasts be like “Team Jordans?! Yuck.” These were the days when Teams were dope. Now everything is a hybrid shoe from various different Retros.

  • Christopher Marshall

    The Cal colorways for both the Jumpman team 1 & 2 are dope


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