23 Best WMNS Air Jordan Retro Releases

With Air Jordans being produced in women’s sizes through 2007, we take a look back and highlight the 23 best retro releases through the years. For those not new to collecting Jordans, we’re sure you will recognize more than a few of these women’s-only Jordan releases dating back to the early 2000s. And furthermore, a lot of these colorways also appealed to the fellas which had guys scrambling for the biggest women’s sizes they could find.

While ‘womens’ Jordans are now technically produced in GS/youth sizes, take a look and let us know in the comments section below which is your favorite WMNS Jordan retro release over the years. Or better yet, which ones you still have in the collection!

PLEASE NOTE that we only chose releases that came out in women’s sizes specifically. This is why you do not see any of the recent girl’s colorways that dropped over the past few years on this list, as they only came out in kid’s (GS/youth) sizes.

Air Jordan XIV Low 'Cerise'

Release Year: 2006

This women’s colorway was very simple and clean, perfect for the summer. Coming in all white with small hits of green and cerise, they would’ve made a great shoe for guys to rock with shorts…had they dropped in men’s.

Air Jordan XII WMNS Low 'Real Pink'

Release Year: 2004

Along with two OG colorways releasing for men, the ladies had to get in on the action. This pair featured a clean all-white upper with a pink sole. In a time when pink was ‘in,’ Killa Cam-style, some guys were disappointed that they couldn’t wear these themselves.

Air Jordan 1 WMNS Low 'Denim'

Release Year: 2007

Boasting an entirely denim upper to go along with red cross-stitching, this low top Air Jordan I appealed to multiple footwear loyalist groups.

Air Jordan II WMNS Low 'Real Pink'

Release Year: 2005

It should be pointed out how well made this low top Jordan 2 was. The quality of the materials were surprisingly lux for a sneaker that came out and debuted nearly a decade ago.

Air Jordan XIV WMNS 'Pink Ice'

Release Year: 2006

Featuring an all-black textile upper with minimal ‘pink ice’ accents seen inside the Ferrari Jumpman logo and Jordan branding on the tongue, this colorway appealed to both ‘all-black everything’ and future Nicki Minaj aficionados alike.

Air Jordan X WMNS 'Ice Green'

Release Year: 2005

The tumbled white-leather upper on this Jordan X is complemented by an ‘ice green’ lining, lace dubret straps, and the spaces between on the bottom of the outsole of course highlight MJ’s accomplishment dates. Having the Jumpman logo in ‘varsity red’ was a great offset as well.

Air Jordan V WMNS 'Shy Pink'

Release Year: 2006

One of the few Jordan 5s that has a non-reflective tongue, this colorway was king with sweatpants back in 2006 since the only pink hits come from the inner lining, teeth design, and lace lock.

Air Jordan XI WMNS IE Black/Metallic Gold

Release Year: 2007

This black low top Jordan 11 IE edition features a black-and-gold elephant print panel that wraps the upper and was released for women alongside a white leather version for men. The smoky, black translucent outsole and gold inner lining are the best parts of this sneaker.

Air Jordan XIV WMNS 'Linen'

Release Year: 2005

Seeing a Jordan 14 in full height made with leather instead of the suede-based materials that gained popularity back in 2005 when these released was a good look. Having a linen-colored EVA foam midsole and ‘varsity red’ accents made this a good sneaker to compliment the men’s ‘Varsity Red’ pair that came out on the same day that these did.

Air Jordan V WMNS Low 'University Blue'

Release Year: 2006

Color blocked almost identical to the low top Jordan 6s that released five years prior, this Jordan 5 Low sat on shelves around the US surprisingly despite multiple sale tags.

Air Jordan V WMNS 'Sunset'

Release Year: 2006

The year 2006 was a strong one for Jordan 5 releases as a majority of the original colors saw a retro release. Also included in the mix was a slew of new colorways and this pair in women’s sizes stood out.

Air Jordan XIII WMNS Low 'University Blue'

Release Year: 2005

This low top Jordan 13 doesn’t immediately come off as a woman’s sneaker but a closer look will show pink accents on the Jumpman tongue branding as well as the hologram on the bottom.

Air Jordan XI WMNS Low 'Pink Snakeskin'

Release Year: 2001

Even though these recently saw a re-release, a downgrade in materials alongside the shift from a full women’s run to GS sizes helped leave a lot of those who had the original without a chance to re-up.

Air Jordan VI WMNS Low 'Coral Rose'

Release Year: 2002

Women received this Jordan 6 and one other colorway when these dropped at the same time that the guys were laced with the Black/Metallic Silver & White/University Blue colorways. Not a bad trade off all things considered.

Air Jordan IV WMNS 'Sand'

Release Year: 2006

Back in the summer of ’06 when these came out, they were easily overlooked due to the simple colorway. However, we have seen these go up to size 15 which equates to a 13.5 for men and we know of a few heads who have these in the stash and couldn’t be happier.

Air Jordan V WMNS Low 'Metallic Silver'

Release Year: 2007

An interesting thing about this Jordan 5 Low is it is color-blocked the same way as the full-height Jordan V that released in 1999. The only difference between these and the full 5/8th height version, besides the cut, is this shoe doesn’t have the 23 stitched on the side.

Air Jordan III WMNS 'Boarder Blue'

Release Year: 2007

Featuring both the ‘Boarder Blue’ and ‘Harbor Blue’ colors to compliment the white, this Air Jordan III released in the same year as a ‘Boarder Blue’ Nike Dunk SB Low, so that specific color is what is used most often to reference this shoe.

Air Jordan XII WMNS 'University Blue'

Release Year: 2004

Probably the best example of a “unisex” sneaker if there ever was one, colorway and all, this Jordan 12 is evidence that a strong design and colorway is universal. Carmelo Anthony had this exact color blocking on a Player Exclusive pair that he wore in Denver a year before this pair released as a women’s only version. The fellas weren’t left out for long though on this release, as men’s sizes also came shortly thereafter.

Air Jordan VII WMNS 'Varsity Maize'

Release Year: 2006

This colorway had a lot of big-footed guys jealous about never having a chance to have these on their feet. Jordan 7s are hit-or-miss with a lot of people, but this colorway is undeniable.

Air Jordan VIII WMNS 'Aqua'

Release Year: 2007

Released the same day that the original ‘Aqua’ Air Jordan 8 returned in 2007, this WMNS colorway features both the Aquatone Blue and Dark Concord colors as the pair Mike wore except these have a white-based upper. The reflective 3M used on the eyelet panel helped these pop in direct light.

Air Jordan XI WMNS Low 'Metallic Silver'

Release Year: 2001

As far as Jordan retro release years go, 2001 was a strong one and this is a prime example of how the women’s division even benefited. You can’t go wrong with a silver patent leather Jordan 11 Low.

Air Jordan XI WMNS Low 'Citrus'

Release Year: 2001

There is no doubting that 2001 was clearly a strong year for low top Jordan 11s as with not only the previously-shown pair, but also this summer-ready patent leather pair with the ‘Citrus Orange’ outsoles. Coming out over a decade ago, most pairs seen these days have a tinted upper with the shade depending on how the shoe was maintained.

Air Jordan X WMNS 'Violet'

Release Year: 2005

When Mike Bibby laced up a purple-based PE colorway of the Air Jordan 10 Retro in 2005, they instantly became something everyone wanted to release. While this women’s edition features a lighter shade of purple, guys everywhere were trying to squeeze their feet into a women’s size when they released as they wanted this colorway.


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