15 Most Underrated Ray Allen Jordan PEs


You already know Ray Allen has exclusive Jordan Player Exclusives for days, but we look back and highlight 15 of his most underrated Jordan PEs. The two ‘Championship’ Jordan 11 PEs made for Ray Allen are obviously well known and super popular, but Sugar Ray has played on enough teams throughout his illustrious career to rack up enough Jordan PEs that a lot get forgotten about. With that being said, if you’re a big Jordan head, definitely check out the slept-on gems made for Ray Ray inside this feature and let us know your favorite in the comments section below!

Air Jordan 16 Retro "Miami Heat" White/Gold-Red

These 16s are one of the few retros Jordan Brand made for Ray Allen during his time in Miami. Known as the ‘Gold’ edition, this pair comes in white and gold with patent leather details and hits of red. While they may be relatively new, people don’t think of them first when it comes to Ray Allen “Miami Heat” PEs.

Air Jordan 18 Retro "Christmas"

For the Christmas Day game in 2012, Jordan Brand created this Air Jordan 18 Retro PE for Ray Allen to wear on-court. He wore them for half of the game before switching to a different PE. Since the XVIII isn’t one of the more popular models, people tend to forget about these.

Air Jordan 10 Retro "Christmas" Red

For Christmas 2013, Sugar Ray had two options to choose from and this Air Jordan 10 Retro was one of them. While the theme is on point, the color scheme, icy outsole and lack of popularity for the model left them in the shadows of other Ray Allen PEs.

Air Jordan 16 Retro "Christmas"

The pair to go along with the Air Jordan 10 Retro for Christmas 2013 was this iteration. Even though people can’t wait for an Air Jordan 16 Retro, the love for this PE edition didn’t seem to peak that much interest.

Air Jordan XX8 "Miami Heat" Black/Red

Ray Allen wore a few different colorways of the Air Jordan XX8. Some with printed uppers while others were simple and clean, like this pair. Nothing wrong with the XX8 or this black/red colorway, however, due to that nature it was sub par at best in the eyes of sneakerheads.

Jumpman Team 1 "Miami Heat" White/Gold

While originally wearing them when he played for the Bucks, it was only fitting that Ray laced up the Jumpman Team 1 during its recent retro. Again, another clean colorway, they’re just not flashy enough for people to pay much attention to.

Jordan 16.5 "Boston Celtics" White/Clover

Ray has worn his fair share of Team Jordans throughout his career, that’s for sure. While they don’t get any love compared to signature Js, the Jordan 16.5 was done correct and for the younger generation, was well received. This “Celtics” colorway was done perfectly, but since they’re a Team Jordan, not many cared.

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Christmas"

The Air Jordan I received a makeover in the form of the Alpha 1 in 2009-2010. For the Christmas Day game in 2009, Ray hit the court in this PE colorway of the Alpha 1. They later saw a very limited HOH release and were gone in minutes. Since they’re an Alpha 1, not a Jordan I, and they did release, people don’t seem too phased by them.

Air Jordan XIX SE "Seattle Supersonics" White/Green-Gold

The Air Jordan XIX is another late model that doesn’t seem to get as much love as maybe it should deserve at times. Back when PEs were simple, this colorway was done to match Ray’s Sonics team colors and, it works. However, since its the Jordan XIX, people tend to look them over.

Jordan True Flight "Boston Celtics" Black/Clover-White

While most of us would’ve prefered these as an actual Air Jordan VII PE, fans of the True Flight enjoyed this clean “Celtcs” PE colorway. Once again, since they’re a Team Jordan, most people don’t look twice at them.

Jordan 2.5 Team "Boston Celtics" Clover/White

This is another Ray Allen PE that was actually released to the public in limited quantities as a HOH exclusive. That, along with the shoe being a Team Jordan, leaves people to push these to the side in favor of signature Ray Allen PEs. Nothing wrong with this pair though, the color placement definitely works.

Air Jordan 18.5 "Seattle Supersonics" White/Green-Gold

Like the Air Jordan XIX, the XVIII also isn’t much of a fan favorite, and the 18.5 falls in that category too. While they look nice and match the Sonics colors well, the lack of ‘pop’ leaves these a bit by the wayside.

Air Jordan XX2 "Seattle Supersonics" Black/Yellow

While most people will agree that this pair is better than the released colorways of the XX2, the similarity to the black-based pair puts these in the slept-on category. The black/yellow colorway along with 3M accents and Ray Allen personalization make these great. But since they’re the XX2, one can overlook them easy.

Air Jordan XX "Seattle Supersonics" Green/White-Black

The Air Jordan XX has a love/hate relationship with most people, especially when it comes to colorways. The pairs featuring a colored laser-print upper seem to get the most criticism. That’s why this PE colorway often is slept on, even if you didn’t see many green-based Jordan’s at the time.

Air Jordan XVII "Milwaukee Bucks" White/Black-Purple

The most underrated shoe on this list, hands down. The white, black and purple color combination along with ‘Ray 34′ stitched on the ankle collars makes this pair quite unique. Their lack of flair, and heads actually remembering them from 2002 (not an easy pair to come by anyways), leave these hidden in the land of forgotten Ray Allen PEs from days past.


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    lol..way to go guys…way to do your research.. all of about 7 years of it,talk about lazy journalism..Ray Ray did play on the Bucks also Guys..oh yeah, and the 2000 Olympic Gold winning team, not to mention his 13’s in film.

    • Kicks Deals

      What are some specific underrated Ray Allen Jordan PEs you think we should have included?

      • justyn

        He got game 13s

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    THose XVIIs are too cold

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    18’s & 22s!!

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    Ray Allen has THE best PE’s


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