20 Things That Will Always Be Annoying About Sneakers


Sneakers are awesome. You probably won’t hear us ever say anything different. But as wonderful as they are, we can’t sit here and say we absolutely love everything about ’em. From creasing to spending all of our money to stunt in them, store them and keep them clean, there are just certain things that can get annoying about sneakers and the world of sneakers in general. Take a look at what we have listed and please let us know in the comments section below what you find most annoying about sneakers on the daily.

The Crease

We’ve all experienced the same angst over creasing up the toe box of your latest and greatest sneaker grab. Sure, you hate those dudes that horde all their kicks and never actually wear them. But on the other hand, you know that once you un-DS them, the countdown to beater-status begins.

Camping Out

In 2014, most of us camp out for the latest drops digitally these days. But as long as sneaker releases are still done at brick-and-mortar shops, there will be campers braving the elements for days on end to secure their pair. Sure, you might get to cop the shoe, and you might form a bond with your fellow sneakerheads, but come on now, nobody really likes to camp for kicks.

The Singularity!

Bots. We’ve all heard about them and their supposed ability to destroy (or ensure) your chances of copping that new new. But entering The Dark Side of the sneaker market, for a chance to buy the sneaker of your choice, can be fraught with shadiness and stories of swindling. Battling the bots every Saturday is how the singularity begins folks!

Limited Edition

Sure, we get keeping the circle small with limited runs and exclusive colorways. But with the hype of today’s sneaker market, no matter how small the production run is, tantalizing pics of them will always pop up on whichever sneaker blogs you frequent. Which makes missing out on a dope new collab an even more painful experience.

In-Store Only Releases

We know that brands have to do what they can to battle the bots, and occasionally provide the people with some special limited-run kicks. But these exclusive in-store only releases (especially if they’re limited to overseas only) really stoke the hater fire. When they’re Euro or Asia-exclusive, and we don’t have that Trans-Atlantic oop, it burnnssss. Ooh, it burns. We’re still heated about them HTM Kobes. That isn’t even fair.

The Resellers

A blessing and a curse, the reseller is certainly one of the most annoying things about sneakers. Not only do you get stuck on the price, if you happen to miss out on that latest drop, but you support the system that makes it more difficult to flourish on release day. But hey, at least there is an option, right? Right?! Hello?

Stocking Your Own Stash

There’s no debating it’s nice to have your kicks lined up proper. But damn, those Container Store bills can add up quick!

Yellow Belly

We understand some sneakers just look better with age. But just take a look at most pairs of OG “Columbia” XIs and you’ll get what we mean. They can’t all age with grace.

Manufacturing Defects

You know how it is. You get all hyped for the latest drop. You wake up early and get that F5 workin’ proper. And then you actually succeed at purchasing. But, when you get that shipping notification and run home to pick up that new hotness…glue stains. Or bad stitching, or some other factory defect. Such a burn. But, the pain is exponential with today’s limited or premium sneaker releases. You know you can’t return that one.

An Overstacked Relelase Calendar

Our friends over at Complex recently ran a piece stating boldly that, with the crazy amount of releases of-late, we are currently (yes, right now) in the sneaker game’s golden era. And while we mostly agree, our credit card bills don’t. Just look at all the dope releases from this past month alone, and you’ll begin to understand just how crazy release calendars have gotten. Look, freedom of choice is a beautiful thing. But some of us need a little breathing room between drops to get that money up!

Clean Up Time

Everybody loves a pair of clean and cripsy kicks, but making them so, isn’t always too fun. Sure, it’s all part of being a good sneakerhead. But you definitely have to set aside a block of time at night or on a weekend to get a good cleaning session in…especially if you’re wearing a new pair of kicks everyday all the time.

Getting Outbid

Okay, so you missed out on the release, and couldn’t find someone to oop you for reasonably close to retail. No worries: theirs always eBay right? Well, it doesn’t always work out. It’s always a killer when you set a strict budget, only to see one dude outbid you right at the last second. That one hurts.

Deadstock: Only tried On

Speaking of the after-market, this is one we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately. Folks listing their “New” or “DS” kicks, but mentioning in the description that they’ve been tried on. Come on mannnnnn. We’ve already admitted defeat, and are going to pay over retail. We all lose out sometimes. But that’s just kicking us when we’re down. Those ain’t deadstock!

The Hype

Of course, we’re all guilty of getting hyped on the latest releases, clicking on all kinds of preview and spy shot blog posts, while complaining about the hypebeasts ruining the release for everyone. And, even though the Matt Powells of the world can’t quantify the hype with direct numbers (yet), we all know the hype is real. Remember when Kanye wore those Flyknit Trainers? Try finding those for a reasonable price now.

Buying Too Early

This is one that we at Kicks Deals are all too familiar with. You see a dope new pair dropping soon, and you snag them as soon as you can, just knowing they’ll sell out. But, maybe the production run and release was wider than anticipated, maybe there are restocks, or maybe the kicks don’t immediately sell out like you though. Okay, no big deal. But then some amazing, fantastic, life-changing blog like Kicks Deals comes along and tweets out a link with a killer discount. Trust: we’ve all been there….even us.

Counter Intelligence

Look, we know that the eCommerce folks have to try their best to stay one step ahead of the bots (seriously, that sounds like a line from the new Terminator). But oftentimes, those changes don’t work, and actually hinder those of us attempting to cop to, ya know, actually wear. It’s hard out there for a sneakerhead with no hook-ups nowadays.

The Fake Out

As we all know, sneakers are big business. Which means, of course, that forging sneakers is also a quite profitable venture. And don’t think it can’t happen to you either. Fakes have gotten really good these days and sometimes, even the best of us get burned. STAY WOKE, FRIENDS.

The Price of Admission

Yeah, yeah, we know. Times are changing, production and shipping costs are rising. Yaadda yadda yadda. Look, we’re all for paying for quality and exclusivity, but with standard collab prices approaching $200 and Jordan Brand looking to “Remaster” its retro catalog (and probably prices), it’s starting to get ridiculous out here. Sure, sneakers have always been an expensive habit, but damn.

That's The Way The Sneaker Crumbles

You know you’ve been holding a sneaker on ice too long when the barometer starts to effect your kicks. Sometimes, when improperly stored too long, tragedy strikes and the soles crumble along with your hopes and dreams of stunting in them OG IVs. It’s just like those exotic car wreck websites…it’s just painful to look at…even if they’re not your kicks.

Going Postal

This one gets us all the time, and it never hesitates to grind our gears. Shipping delays, re-routes, lost packages, damaged boxes or the dreaded “Held at Customs” notifications, we’re always fighting delivery companies. Yeah, some are worse than others…but the differences are marginal. Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet? Yeah, right.


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  • tarheelsupreme

    Great read.

  • nigelPOW

    “there’s always eBay”

  • Eric

    Agreed, the “buying too early” has added up for some money throughout time.

  • eyeseeyou

    At least for me, on an iPhone I can’t see the main part of this article. Only the introduction

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    You guys have a typo under the slide “Buying Too early” you guys said “or maybe the kicks don’t immediately sell out like you though…” should be “thought”

  • Biga173rd

    Great Article KD always on point. I think resellers especially those young white suburban teenage white boys annoys the shit out of me not because they hustle me but because they hustle the average consumer who miss out on release day ask for ridiculous prices on a GR or limited shoes. And of course Mommy and Daddy funds there hustling.

  • Ice

    I passed a woolite lint roller on my penny cloaks (only wore like 10 times ) n the nubbuck ripped right off smmfh.from jimmy jazz by the way they were cond.81/2out of ten easy if not 9. Fuck u nike ,fuck u

    • Jason

      I think Jimmy Jazz sells b grades. I collect kamikaze only one pair from them and they fell apart as well


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