The 25 Hardest Sneakers To Pull Off


There are always certain sneakers out there that break the conventional mold of design and we highlight 25 of the hardest to pull off from a casual wear standpoint. Please don’t get us wrong though, having differently designed sneakers and different choices out there is always a plus. And just because we feel these selections may be hard to pull off for most, by no means is that an endorsement that the shoes are wack. At the end of the day, it’s always about buying and wearing what YOU like most, especially when it comes to kicks! After taking a look at the list, please let us know in the comments section below some pairs that you think are really difficult to pull off that we failed to list.

adidas x Jeremy Scott "Wings"

On the one hand, we actually really like some of the colorways the adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings have come in. But on the other hand, it’s seen some other, super un-wearable colorways as well (like a full clear upper…really?). And, on top of the hit-or-miss colorways we’ve seen, the wings of the sneaker’s namesake make it a tricky sneaker to pull off, particularly in a casual setting.

Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 High

We know, we know; the Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 collections are super dope. But boy are those high tops HIGH! Of course we love the legendary Air Force 1, but truth be told, it’s a bit bulky, and too high for many. And the extra height added to these Tisci’s joints doubles down on that. And don’t even get us started on those boots!

Maison Martin Margiela High Top

We put these crazy Maison Martin Margiela High Tops on this list because we REALLY like them. They’re a dope shoe. But, even if we could afford them, unfortunately they’d be crazy hard to pull off. Super high silos and super loud colorways (including this neck-breaking metallic gold colorway) make these MMM joints more of a pipe dream for us.

Rick Owens x adidas Originals Tech Runner

Look, all Rick Owens x adidas kicks are “out there,” but the recent Tech Runners are wild. Looking like a Roshe from the future, the blocky outsole makes these bangers really tough to pull off without looking like you’re from 2152.

Supreme x Nike Foamposite One

Naturally, if you’re a regular on the sneaker blog circuit, you saw all the hype surrounding the Supreme x Nike Foamposite drop. And, if you’re anything like us, you pondered getting in on trying to cop, all while trying to figure out how to rock a pattern like that. Eventually, we figured we’d never be able to pull them off, so we backed out…better to let someone else (who, maybe, would wear them) have a shot.

adidas x Jeremy Scott "Bear"

Sure, it could be said that many of Jeremy Scott’s adidas collabs belong on this list. But, unless you’re a wild-styled rapper, perhaps no other sneaker on his resume thus far is more difficult to rock than the infamous “Bear” high tops.

Reebok Instapump Fury

Truth be told, we really love the Reebok Instapump Fury. Particularly the slew of fantastic colorways we’ve seen as the #BokBoys celebrate the silo’s 20th anniversary. With that said, the unorthodox shape, absence of a lacing system, and the super wild (re: ugly) colorways we’ve seen in the past, make the Instapump Fury a really tricky shoe to get down in.

Puma Disc Blaze

Sure, we’ve seen Ronnie Fieg truly murk a few colorways of the iconic Puma Disc Blaze. But even those excellent collabs have the same wearability problems as the rest: that huge plastic disc cage. We get it, it’s a tech runner, and it’s supposed to be “different”; we love the choice. But it’s tough to get the rest of your fit right, when these got your feet looking like Transformers!

Y3 Qasa High

Adidas’ premium Y3 label has some seriously killer silhouette designs, and we do really like some of the Qasa styles. Particularly the Shell and the Racer silos. But the High Top Qasa is a tricky one to work into that rotation. Especially the new murdered out version. Unless of course you’re a ninja getting ready for a raid…then these are perfect.

Nike Air Footscape Woven "Year of the Horse"

The Nike Footscape Woven is certainly an unorthodox sneaker, and it’s seen it’s share of “out-there” colorways. But, if rocked properly, it can be a really fly look. However, the recent “Year of the Horse” colorway? Yeahhh, no thanks. Not even sure Yeezy himself could pull those off.

Nike Air Raid

The Nike Air Raid is actually a pretty dope shoe. But sporting it anywhere besides the streetball court is a tricky endeavor. The straps, super thick lateral bumpers and crazy colorways mean these ’90s babies are tough to pull off, particularly off the court.

adidas Micropacer

The ’80s were a weird time for style. And, dropping back in 1984, the adidas Micropacer is evidence of that (the originals were actually made with kangaroo leather). Some loved ’em, some hated ’em. That’s expected. But, hiding that clock/step-counter behind a huge chunk of leather, means that your pants break really strangely when they’re rocked casually. On top of that, many of the colorways are super loud. While there have been some clean colorways recently, the Micropacer remains a sneaker that’s really tough to pull off.

Nike LeBron 11 "2K14"

Do we even need to say anything about this entry? One of the most talked about sneakers of the year in 2014, the LeBron 11 “2k14″ is a bit of an oddity. Look, we get that some folks are REALLY into animal print. But the loud, garish style of the cheetah print on the 2k14 make these quite difficult to rock.

CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 NL Premium

Oh yeah, these CLOT x Nike Air Max 1s are one of the most coveted AM1s of all time. But that doesn’t mean that they’re for everyone. Let’s start by saying that the colorway itself is fantastic. From the use of super-premium materials like snake and ostrich skin, to the unique insoles and outsoles, we love all the attention to detail that was paid to these bangers. But what really makes CLOT’s first Air Max 1 collab stand out (and, subsequently makes it tough to pull off), is the clear toebox. Hope you got fly socks!

Air Jordan XV

We’ll admit, we’re actually quite fond of about 85% of the Air Jordan XV silohuette. But the unorthodox collar of the shoe makes it super awkward, and really tricky to pull off, particularly if you’re not hooping.

Nike Kobe IX Elite

We love the Kobe IX Elite…on the court. Off the court, we really WANT to love it, but we’ve yet to see it rocked in a way that doesn’t give you that #NTDenim. Again, the performance on the Kobe IX is amazing…they’re one of the best basketball shoes of the past few years. But, casually, it’s a really awkward shoe.

Supra Chimera

The Yeezy it was not. When Lil’ Wayne teamed up with Supra, we had decently high hopes that some cool kicks could result. Unfortunately, the first take was a huge swing and miss. Not only does the shape of the silhouette make it really tough to pull off, the super wild colorways ratchet that difficulty up a lot.

Nike Zoom Hyperflight

We know the Nike Zoom Hyperflight has a rabid fanbase, and we don’t outright dislike the shoe itself. But the crazy slew of high-gloss colorways it’s come in to-date make the shoe nearly impossible to pull off, off the courts. Perhaps we’d be feeling this one a bit more if we didn’t have to choose between Orange Tiger, Galaxy and Lightning print colorways.

Nike Command Force

We’ve actually been patiently awaiting the return of the much beloved Nike Command Force for some time now. And, fortunately for us, it appears we’ll be getting our wish, with the OGs (or, very close to OG) slated to drop sometime in Fall 2014. Problem is, we have no idea what to wear when we actually get a hold of these mega-high tops!

Ato Matsumoto

Yeah, we know Yeezus rocked these for a while a few years back. But that doesn’t mean you can. The Ato Matsumoto is just one more thing that Kanye West can do that not everyone else can. The wild colorways, high-gloss patent leather and the straps…ohhh the straps! Man, these are tough to pull off.

Raf Simons x adidas Response Trail

The adidas Response Trail is actually a great, dynamic trail running shoe. But the collaborative effort of Raf Simons turned a functional running shoe into a really difficult to rock lifestyle shoe. Not only are the colors something you’re more likely see from Playskool, but the pink plastic strap make these stand out…and not in the good way.

Nike Free Orbit II SP

We really love the IDEA of the Nike Free Orbit II SP. It’s a really cool looking shoe. However, the problem is we can’t figure out what to rock them with! Everytime we actually get to try a pair on, they just look really strange on foot. Perhaps they work for some of you. But for us, they’re just really tough to pull off.

Rick Owens x adidas Springblade

Sure, WE know that the adidas Springblade isn’t meant as a lifestyle shoe. But, apparently, Rick Owens didn’t get that message. Because his collection of Springblade kicks are…unique, to say the least. We could actually make our peace with the sneaker version, aside from the teched-out Springblade being tough to rock casually. But the boot version? Ouch.

Nike KD 6 Lifestyle

Overall opinion aside, there is actually a lot to like about the Nike KD 6 Lifestyle. The colorway is solid; that 3M camo could work, if applied correctly. The white/black outsole is clean. And we actually really dig the mountain-style lacing system. However, that awkward double-tongue, extreme height and narrowness of the collar, all combine to make the KD 6 Lifestyle really difficult to pull off correctly.

Nike Air Mag

We think this one is pretty self-explanatory. No doubt, the Nike Air Mag is a legendary and iconic sneaker. But it’s level of wearablilty is debatable. Honestly, we feel like the Air Mag is more suited as a collector’s item, than a daily rotation sneaker.


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    Majority of these shoes not hard to pull off. You just don’t know how to dress.

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      alot of people don’t know how to dress though, that’s why.

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    free orbit II hard to pull off? really? it’s just a blk/white free run..

  • Chino

    Some of these are hard to pull off because they are so fucking ugly.

  • Biga173rd

    adidas x Jeremy Scott “Wings” Got to be the gayest and ugliest shoe I have ever seen. If I see a grown ass man wear these i’m laughing in your face.

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    This article is terrible.

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