A History Of Jordans Sharing The Same Nickname


There are more than a few Jordan releases which have shared the same nickname over the years and we give you a brief rundown of the “also known as” editions.

For this list, please note that we tried to focus on actual nicknames for the Jordans instead of ‘nicknames’ which include a color in the official colorway of the shoe. Additionally, we also didn’t factor in specific packs which included different models in which a particular nickname was applied to the pack.


Air Jordans: Jordan 8 & Jordan 12

The “Playoff” nickname is a straight forward one, actually. Both the Air Jordan VIII and XII shared this nickname because MJ wore both colorways during the NBA Playoffs in 1993 and 1997, respectively.

"Black Toe"

Air Jordans: Jordan I, Jordan 13 & Jordan 14

The “Black Toe” nickname was used for the Air Jordan I to differentiate between the two white, black and red colorways originally released. Then in 1997, the nickname came back in reference to the first original colorway of the Air Jordan XIII. Since the AJ13 has been retroed, it now also goes by the “He Got Game” edition, however, its original nickname will always be the “Black Toes.” And the same goes for the Jordan 14, which just came back this year in its original form for the first time since 1998.


Air Jordans: Jordan 5 & Jordan 14

Originally the Air Jordan XIV Low was not considered a “Laney” edition. This is because the colorway was not inspired by MJ’s high school alma mater. However, due to the similarity in colorway, after the “Laney” edition of the Air Jordan 5 Retro was released, it was quickly added to the AJ14 Low because in today’s world, almost every sneaker has a nickname.


Air Jordans: Jordan 4, Jordan 5 & Jordan 6

The “Oreo” nickname is pretty self explanatory. While the Air Jordan 4 Retro looks more like cookies and cream than a traditional oreo, mostly due to the paint splatter, the black/white theme is clearly evident on the Air Jordan 5 and 6 Retros.


Air Jordans: Jordan I, Jordan 6, Jordan 11, Jordan 12 & Jordan 13

Simplicity is key these days, so when people got tired of typing black/red for every Air Jordan release in that colorway, they shortened it. They will forever be abbreviated as the “Bred” edition, not to be confused with actual bread, the “b-red” nickname is a shortened combination of the black/red colorway, put together.


Air Jordans: Jordan I, Jordan 9 & Jordan 13

Inspired by MJs time with the Birmingham Barons Triple A baseball team, Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan 1 and 9 Retros in the teams white, black and grey colors. The Air Jordan 13 Retro going by this nickname actually has nothing to do with the team. However, since its color scheme is similar, people were quick to slap the nickname on them.


Air Jordans: Jordan 4 & Jordan 14

Inspired by a themed pack, the “Thunder” Air Jordan 4 Retro got its nickname from its black and yellow colorway. When the Air Jordan 14 Retro was released in a similar color scheme, the “Thunder” nickname came along with it.


Air Jordans: Jordan 4, Jordan 5 & Jordan 15

This nickname is quite simple as laser print was featured on each of these pairs. The theme was featured on two colorways of the Air Jordan 4 Retro, one Air Jordan 5 Retro and the often forgotten about, Air Jordan 15 Retro.


Air Jordans: Jordan 4 & Jordan 5

Inspired by “Raging Bulls” and its red theme, the “Toro Bravo” nickname debuted with the Air Jordan 5 Retro. Since then, it has made its way to the red-based Air Jordan 4 Retro which features similar colors and materials as the AJ5.


Air Jordans: Jordan 6 & Jordan 23

Inspired by Jordan Motorsports, the Air Jordan XX3, also known as the “New Love” or “Wizards” edition was inspired by the MJ racing squad colors in 2008. After a few exclusives, Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Motorsports” edition to the public. Complete with Motorsports detailing on the back heels in place of the Jumpman.


Air Jordans: Jordan I, Jordan 10 & Jordan 23

Another easy nickname, any Jordan sneaker containing the using of a combination of white, black or red that ties into the Bulls colors can be dubbed a “Chicago” edition. However, inspiration for the “Chicago” Air Jordan X and Air Jordan XX3 came directly from the city and the team, which gave these two colorways the specific Windy City nickname. In later years, the OG white/black-red Jordan I High has gone by the “Chicago” nickname as well.

"Old Love"

Air Jordans: Jordan I & Jordan 23

The “Old Love” nickname made its debut in 2007. Made to pay homage to MJ’s “Old Love” of original Chicago Bulls colors, the “Black Toe” Air Jordan 1 Retro took on this nickname as a part of the Old Love, New Love Pack. When the white/red Air Jordan XX3 was released one year later, it was dubbed the “Old Love” edition as well, because it was made as a tribute to MJs time with the Bulls.


Air Jordans: Jordan 2 & Jordan 12

The “Melo” nickname debuted in 2004 with the Air Jordan 2 Retro and the Air Jordan 12 Retro. Each pair was nicknamed this because they resembled Carmelo Anthony’s PEs that he wore while he played for the Denver Nuggets.

"Black Cat"

Air Jordans: Jordan 3 & Jordan 4

Inspired by MJ’s personal nickname of the “Black Cat” due to his playing style, Jordan Brand released an Air Jordan 3 Retro and an Air Jordan 4 Retro to pay tribute to that. Both pairs came in all black, with the phrase “Black Cat” stitched behind the back flaps of each shoe.

"Pure $"

Air Jordans: Jordan 3 & Jordan 4

Similar to the “Black Cat” editions, the “Pure $” Air Jordan 3 and 4 Retros featured the “Pure $” phrase stitched behind the back flaps as well. They are the yin to the “Black Cats” yang as they come in all white.


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