The Complete Colorway Ranking Of The Air Jordan 3


In looking at all of the men’s releases and one specific women’s drop, we rank the colorway makeups for the storied Air Jordan III silhouette. You likely already know which two iterations reign supreme at the top, but since the Jordan III first debuted in 1988, there are plenty of other colorways which have made waves at retail. Obviously this list is subjective and everyone will have their own personal favorite, but feel free to let us know in the comments section below which colorway ranks number 1 to you!

PLEASE NOTE that GS/youth specific colorways were not considered

24: Women's White/Harbor Blue

These 3s were made exclusively for women and were released alongside the first ‘Fire Red’ and ‘Flip’ Air Jordan 3 Retro drops. If you had to choose what to cop on that day in March of 2007, you weren’t thinking about these. The main reason they’re on the bottom of this list is because they were made in women’s sizes and, most guys couldn’t cop a pair to rock. Still, they’re not bad on the eyes.

23: 'Crimson'

Perhaps this pair would’ve done/looked better if it had a white upper. The crimson on this pair stands out, but still gets lost in the black abyss that covers the majority of the shoe. Another colorway that if done slightly different could’ve been a lot fresher.

22: 'Stealth'

There’s nothing really wrong with the ‘Stealth’ AJ3. However, if done just a bit differently, they would’ve been a classic. Instead, they were the most forgotten about release of 2012. We get why there’s a white outsole to break up the color, but did it really have to be there JB?

21: LS "Do The Right Thing"

Another love/hate Air Jordan 3 Retro. This pair was inspired by the Spike Lee joint, Do The Right Thing, featuring a blue-based upper with green, gold and grey accents. The color combination tended to detract the more hardcore fans at the time, but has become a little more popular these days. A little.

20: "Joker"

Inspired by ‘Night Vision,’ this Air Jordan 3 Retro was one of three pairs released in February of 2013. With the ’88s aside, this pair stands tall over the ‘Crimson’ pair. The green on these just makes the shoe pop more.

19: 'Mocha'

Originally hated and now very sought after. There’s some who say the ‘Mocha’ 3s are one of the best Air Jordan 3s of all time. While we don’t HATE them, per say, we weren’t that big of a fan of them in 2001, and, still aren’t now. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either.

18: 5Lab3 'Silver'

The first AJ 5Lab3 release, and it had to come in silver. When thinking about 3M, you automatically see reflective silver. If you want to highlight an element, sometimes its best to keep it original.

17: 'Powder Blue'

One of the newer colorways of the AJ3. If you like Carolina blue kicks, these were for you. Featuring a powder blue upper with white, black and grey accents, these were a new take on the classic ‘Powder Blue’ theme.

16: 5Lab3 'Black'

When going reflective, there’s only so many colorways you can really do to keep the element prominent. When JB released the second 5Lab3, they kept it simple with the all black upper, but added the full translucent outsole to make the shoe stand out more.

15: 'Wolf Grey'

The ‘Cool Grey’ LS colorway was well received, so it was no surprise that this ‘Wolf Grey’ pair was as well. Keeping it simple with its grey-based upper, the pops of metallic silver and translucent outsole were a nice touch.

14: White/Infrared 23

A new take on a classic colorway, the white/infrared 23 AJ3 retro added more black accents along with new hits of infrared 23. Perfect for those who wanted something different, or rather their white/cement pair needed a break.

13: 'Sport Blue'

The final Air Jordan 3 Retro (for now) comes in a colorway no one can complain about. These ‘Sport Blue’s’ basically took the black/cement and ‘True Blue’ colorways and mashed them together. If you prefer blue over red, these were for you.

12: "Pure $"

You can never go wrong with an all-white sneaker, especially when its one of the most classic models of all time. Originally released in 2007 and then again in 2010, they were an easy choice to cop both times.

11: "Fear"

While most will say that this is the weakest release from the “Fear” Pack, to call this AJ3 weak is still a big understatement. The colorway and details are great, and if they were released standalone, people would judge them differently.

10: "BHM"

In celebration of Black History Month in 2011, Jordan Brand released these AJ3s for their first “BHM” Collection. Keeping it simple, this pair comes in all black, while gold detailing along with the “BHM” insignia replacing the elephant was a really nice touch.

9: "Flip" Black

Only the second “Flip” AJ3 released to date. Coming in all-black, there’s nothing you can’t like about this shoe. All black upper with a grey outsole…nice.

8: LS 'Silver'

The first ‘Lifestyle’ edition to hit the Air Jordan 3. Unlike some other ‘LS’ editions, this pair kept it simple with an all ‘Cool Grey’ look, finished off by small hits of red and orange.

7: "Flip" White

When Jordan Brand ‘flipped’ the design of the AJ3 in 2007, people either loved it or hated it. We happened to love it and the fact that the colorway is simple with the silver detailing adding some extra flare, this design was executed perfectly.

6: "Black Cat"

Simple and clean, that pretty much sums up the “Black Cat” Air Jordan 3. Much like the debate on whether the white or black/cement colorway is better, the same goes for this AJ3 when comparing to the “Pure $” edition.

5: "Doernbecher"

Designed for charity, Cole Johanson did a great job in telling his story on this Air Jordan 3 Retro. An all-around terrific colorway with hits of 3M for some flair and a full translucent sole are both nice touches. So dope, Nike released them twice!

4: 'Fire Red'

The only Air Jordan 3 to feature red as more of a main color, they also were the only pair to feature a darker colored elephant print than cement grey.

3: 'True Blue'

When talking about all-time best colorways, OG’s are always high on the list. This non-Bulls edition is no exception.

2: White/Cement

It’s hard to choose one over the other when it comes to either white/cement or black/cement, however, it’s really a matter of opinion. If you like black kicks, that pair is your #1 AJ3. If you prefer white ones, this pair is your all-time favorite.

1: Black/Cement

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The black/cement Air Jordan 3 is the greatest shoe of all time.


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  • Bryant Watkins

    I’ll take concord 11s over black cement 3s all day

  • SneakerHead

    Where’s the Katrina 3s. Also that was truly the first red based AJ3

    • smokedog

      Na, The Katrina’s didn’t debut in 88, along with the original 4 colorways.

  • enhancedakuma

    The stealth 3’s are so underrated, they could easily be 10-15 spots higher. Unless someone just doesn’t like non-og colorways, I don’t know why someone would dislike them.

  • Jim Reuss

    I got the harbor blues in a woman’s 13 men’s 11.5 for like $50 from an outlet. Very nice come up.

  • Jim Reuss

    Also I did a red lace swap on my stealths….made em so much doper.


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