15 Sneakers That Deserved A Follow-Up


You already know that a LOT of sneakers are produced each and every year, but we look at 15 models that we think deserve a follow-up in their respective lines. Some are more obvious than others, such as an Air Tech Challenge V or Pippen VI, as both respective athletes are officially, or rumored to be in Pippen’s case, working with Nike. But how dope would a follow-up be for either the Jasper and Don models Kanye cooked up for Louis Vuitton? No doubt they would be expensive, but that news would surely make waves. With so many options out there, let us know in the comments section below which sneaker you think deserves a new follow-up release.

Nike Flyknit Trainer/Racer

If you’ve tried to cop a pair of them on the resale market, you already know: the Flyknit Trainer & Racers have taken the sneaker world by storm. But, as we see the Lunar1 and Lunar2 move on sequentially, the Racers and Trainers have been in neutral. What’s up with that? We actually really like some of the wild colorways that have dropped in recent months. But what we’d love to see even more, is how Nike improves such an iconic set of kicks.

Nike Air Zoom Huarache

Nike is no stranger to an old-fashioned anniversary celebration, so we’re actually a bit surprised we haven’t heard more about an addition to the excellent Air Zoom Huarache line. Of course we got that long-awaited Flight Huarache retro this past August, but we’d like to see the line continue to grow with this generation’s hoops-tech. Could you imagine some Flight Weave or Lunar Huaraches? Get on that, Nike!

Louis Vuitton Don/Jasper

Okay, so most of us probably aren’t ballin’ enough to be copping these Louie’s. But, even if we might not be able to afford them, we still want to see Yeezus return to Louis Vuitton for a sequel to either the Don or Jasper silos. The aesthetics (and prices) might not be for everyone, but the Don and Jasper were both fantastic, and it’s always great to see high-end brands get into sneakers without just ripping off a classic silo and adding high-end materials.

Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka

Candidly, the Lunar Flyknit Chukka is one of our favorite Nikes ever. Not only are they versatile, looking clean with either pants or shorts, but they might be the most comfortable shoe in our closet. But, the primary reason for that remarkable comfort is the super-plush Lunarlon. And, while we’ve seen some really dope Flyknit Chukkas hit shelves throughout the year, nearly all of them have sported Free soles. Now look, we’re not gonna knock the Free sole. It’s got it’s place. But we need that Lunar back Nike. Hopefully, they’re in the lab redesigning the outsole of the silo, similar to what they’ve done with other Lunar-based silhouettes. Fingers crossed.

Nike Air Foamposite

We’ve seen Foamposite technology make it’s way on to countless sneakers both old and new. But why has there been no true successor to the Foamposite line? We get it that the Foamposite One/Pro is an iconic design, and one that Nike should be careful about changing. But, in a world where Foams get every color treatment under the sun, why not shake things up? Heck, it would certainly be more interesting than putting some Hello Kitty print or whatever comes next on a bunch of Foamposite Ones.

Nike Air Go LWP

The Nike Air Go LWP was an NBA staple that understandably gets lost in all the retro nostalgia of today’s sneaker game. But don’t sleep on that Air Go LWP. It was a dope shoe back in the day that graced the feet of everyone from Reggie Miller to Penny Hardaway and, perhaps most memorably, Tim Hardaway. We did get some LWP retros back in 2010, but what we’d like to see is Nike return to the line and modernize this fantastic team silo.

Reebok Shaq Attaq

With all the retros we’ve seen from Reebok’s Shaq line, frankly we’re surprised we haven’t seen anything “new.” Sure, we’ve gotten new, modern colorways on some of those great old Shaq silhouettes. But, what we’d like to see is a proper redesign within the line. Sure, Reebok is out-matched in terms of “new” technology when stacked up against the Nikes, adidas and even UA’s of the world. But some new Shaq might pique the interests within this over-saturated sneaker market.

Nike Air Mariah

We love all the retros we’ve seen lately with the Nike Air Mariah. From both new and OG colorways, to updated versions using the uber-plush Lunarlon tech, the Air Mariah is definitely back. But, what we’d really like to see is some progression in the line. Yes, the addition of Lunarlon is a great start. But the Mariah has been known for some legendary colorways that we’d like to see make their way onto some successors. And we’re just gonna put it out there: Flyknit.

Nike Air Tech Challenge

With the huge success of the recent Air Tech Challenge II retros, and Agassi officially (contractually) returning to the brand, we have a feeling that an Air Tech Challenge V might actually materialize sooner, rather than later. But, for those that don’t already know, the Air Tech Challenge line is actually far more than one or two nice silhouettes. With tons of crazy-dope colorways, hybrids, mids and lows, the ATC line is back and we’re loving it. And, while we’re amped to be getting a shot at all these retros we loved back in the ’90s, we’d like to see the ATC line advance it’s flagship shoe, rather than just rehash a bunch of old silos with new colorways. Again, we’re loving some of them, but the Agassi line was known for loud, brash and different from what the rest of the tennis world was producing at the time. We’d like to see a shake up here.

Nike Zoom Talaria

We’re not sure why the Nike Zoom Talaria hasn’t been retro’ed yet. Name-checked by just about every big name designer, the Talaria is the sneaker equivalent of a cult movie. We know that there are a few Talaria retros coming down the pipe, but no word of the neon OG bangers that everyone really wants. So, with that said, if we can’t get the OGs, can we at least see a sequel? Heck, these might look nice with a Free sole.

Reebok Question

If you’re as big a fans of Allen Iverson as we are, you likely already know that Reebok moved AI on to the Answer silo the year after the Question debuted in his rookie season. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that Reebok did actually release a second and third entry in the Question series in 2004 and ’07, respectively. The reason that you probably don’t remember this is because they were both pretty ugly, and looked nothing like you’d expect a Question sequel would look like. With a legend like AI falling on reported hard times as he has recently, we feel like it’d be a nice move by Reebok (and to Iverson’s legacy) to bring back the Question line with a proper sequel to the OGs.

adidas EQT BBall

With everyone capitalizing on that 90s nostalgia with countless retros of less-than-memorable sneakers, adidas was recently digging in those vaults and came back with the very under-appreciated EQT BBall. And while the original might be “too ’90s” for some of us, there is some dope tech in the shoe that could lay the base for a dope sneaker sequel here. In the right designer’s hands, those inter-changeable sock liners could be a dope asset.

Nike Air Diamond Turf

The Nike Diamond Turf is another classic silhouette that could use some reinvigorating. The last two entries in the series, the IV and V, debuted in 1997 and ’98, respectively. And, while we’re sure they were a solid performance shoe, let’s be real; they’re pretty fugly. We’ve got a feeling that Nike even thinks so, because they’re the only two from Primetime’s signature line that haven’t been retro’ed yet. So, we’d like to see the Swoosh boys revive the old Diamond Turf line with a 6th edition, like they did with the Pennys.

Nike Air Pippen

If you’re a big fan of the line like we are, you probably try to forget that the Air Pippen IV and V ever happened. The late ’90s-early 00’s were a weird time for sneaker design. But fear not. Because due to some of Pip’s wife’s recent social media posts, we already know that Scottie has been working with designers from Nike. The only trouble with that is, that is all we know at this point. We have no idea what’s actually cooking, and when it’ll be ready for show time. So while we wait for a possible Air Pippen VI, we hope Nike will bless us with a retro of those fire Pippen IIs!

Nike Air Span II

If you’ve been peeping our features for long, you might have caught a post we ran a while back about retro runners we’d like to see make a comeback. Well, if we could ask Nike to bring one retro runner back, it’d probably be the criminally underrated Nike Air Span II. So, even if we can’t get a retro of those amazing Infrared joints, can we at least see the Air Span line comeback with some new tech? Maybe some Lunar, Hex-Zoom or heck, even Flyknit? To be honest, we’ll take whatever we can get if it results in an Air Span III.

Nike Zoom Revis

We were bummed when Nike killed the Zoom Revis, announcing that they wouldn’t be making a Revis II. Not only was it a dope shoe, but it came in some crazy awesome colorways, could be worn in the gym or casually, and they were attached to one of the more dominant athletes in the game. What more to love? Perhaps it was colorway over-saturation, as we’ve seen with some others, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t want to see what Nike had cooked up for a second trip to Revis Island.


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