15 Youth Retro Jordans We Wish Released In Men’s Sizes


Not all Jordan colorways are produced in men’s sizes and we rank 15 youth-only retro Jordan releases we wish were available for the adult crowd.

While technically the first GS/youth Jordan released back in 2001, it wasn’t until 2007 that they were available in a more widespread manner. This list encompasses a nice mix of popular models from the Air Jordan catalog, but now that we picked our favorites, what youth exclusive Jordan colorway would you most like to see come in men’s sizes? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

15: Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS 'Pink Snakeskin'

Year Released: 2013

Not everyone likes pink, but when you feel the need to throw on pair of pink sneakers, these AJ11s fit the bill. While most would’ve preferred patent to snakeskin, the reptile-look helps to detract some of the femininity from this pair.

14: Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Grape'

Year Released: 2014

Grape made its way from the AJ5 to the AJ6 in 2014, in a slightly different way. While the shade is darker, the Carmine-like color blocking and added translucent blue outsole made for a nice new colorway.

13: Air Jordan 10 Retro GS 'Fusion Red'

Year Released: 2013

Before the upcoming “Bulls Over Broadway” edition was conceived, this ‘Fusion Red’ AJ10 was released. You usually cannot go wrong with red and black sneakers and in this case, that is the truth. Too bad they only came out for kids.

12: Air Jordan 12 Retro GS Black/Purple

Year Released: 2009

A colorway many people had clamored for ever since we saw Gary Payton’s PE in 2004. While they may not be 100% the same as GP’s pair, this black/purple AJ12 was one we all wished came out for everyone.

11: Air Jordan 9 Retro GS 'Lemon'

Year Released: 2010

Not the best new colorway of the AJ9, but certainly not the worst either. A bright colorway, these are perfect for the summertime months. The white-based upper with lemon yellow, teal and silver accents would have made for a nice release, had they dropped for men.

10: Air Jordan 3 Retro GS White/Crimson-Wolf Grey

Year Released: 2011

Another clean colorway of the Air Jordan 3 Retro. The white-based upper along with subtle hits of grey and crimson would’ve made for a great everyday pair. Too bad this pair only dropped in youth sizes in 2011.

9: Air Jordan 7 Retro GS 'Mineral Blue'

Year Released: 2011

Resembling an unreleased sample from 1992, this AJ7 came out exclusively for kids in 2011. The Hare-like white leather and grey nubuck upper along with the purple and mineral blue accents made this pair one that most hope to see release in larger sizes…one day.

8: Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS 'Turbo Green'

Year Released: 2014

While some people don’t like the ‘Safari’ print here, the colorway was at least well-liked. Had it been patent, we’re sure everyone would’ve been all over ’em. Either way, they never came out for men and if they did, they would’ve made a great summer shoe.

7: Air Jordan 13 Retro GS 'Ultraviolet'

Year Released: 2013

Definitely one of the very the best kids Air Jordan exclusives of all-time. This ‘Black Grape’ style AJ13 would’ve been an instant sell out, had it released for men. The black-based upper with purple and aqua accents made for a perfect new colorway.

6: Air Jordan 4 Retro GS 'Ultraviolet'

Year Released: 2012

When you put white, black and purple together, you usually have a win. That was definitely the case with this AJ4. A clean, white-based upper with purple and black accents along with speckled detailing had us all wishing these would’ve released in men’s size options.

5: Air Jordan 9 Retro GS 'Imperial Purple'

Year Released: 2012

When the Air Jordan 9 Retro was released in 2012, many people were hoping 2002s ‘Flint’ pair would return. Unfortunately, that did not happen and to make matters worse, this ‘Imperial Purple’ edition released, but only in kids sizes. Damn!

4: Air Jordan 6 Retro GS 'Fierce Green'

Year Released: 2014

Very Seattle Seahawks-like, the ‘Fierce Green’ Air Jordan 6 Retro was done well. The colorway is nice and the placement of those colors made for a clean look.

3: Air Jordan 5 Retro GS Black/Bright Citrus-Fusion Pink

Year Released: 2013

Resembling the ‘Floridians’ themed LeBron’s, this Air Jordan 5 Retro came in a perfect neutral colorway. The black upper with orange and fireberry accents would’ve made for another nice AJ5 release.

2: Air Jordan 3 Retro GS 'Bleached Turquoise'

Year Released: 2014

Giving off a ‘Tiffany’ feel is this kids exclusive AJ3. One of the final 3s released (for now), their clean black-based upper, traditional elephant print detailing and turquoise accents made for a great new colorway.

1: Air Jordan 3 Retro Flip GS 'Cool Grey'

Year Released: 2011

All-grey Air Jordan 3s are an instant win in our book. And just like the men’s makeups, this ‘Flip’ edition was well-received by fans. Too bad they only came out in kids sizes though. We know we aren’t alone in wishing they came out in larger sizes.


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  • Brandon

    honestly all of the youth colorways should be released in men’s sizes because they should be made for everyone the wear not just the youth

  • Rutledge Hall

    The 11 lows aqua and pink I mean I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t release both in.men sizes thats easy money!


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