15 Sneakers The Yeezy 750 Boost Looks Like


With the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost being the talk of the sneaker world right now, we take a look at 15 silos that share some of the same design elements of the model.

When you first saw a full reveal of the Yeezy 750 Boost, what particular shoe did you think it resembled? Take a look at our picks and let is know in the comments section below your thoughts. And for those in the NYC area going after a pair this weekend, we wish you the best of luck and stay safe!

Common Projects Training Boot

Main common design element(s): Structure-less upper, lateral zipper

When you see Common Projects mentioned on this site, we’re usually half-heartedly ripping on them for co-opting the designs of any number of iconic sneakers. Don’t get us wrong, they make some absolutely gorgeous footwear. But, being known for their original designs is not a compliment one would typically attribute to Common Projects. That said, it’s interesting to see such a high profile sneaker like the Yeezy Boost draw design cues from the likes of these CP Training Boots. Similarities include a seemingly structure-less upper, premium construction and very minimal branding, all held together with a vertical zipper on the lateral side of the shoe.

Creative Recreation Geno

Main common design element(s): Mid-foot strap, silo cut, top lace loops

When the Yeezy Boost began leaking, many folks quickly threw out dismissive comparisons to a handful of Creative Recreation shoes. And while the comparison, in terms of materials and construction (likely) is likely perceived as a slight, those early haterz might have had a point. Peep the similarities between the Yeezy 3 and the Creative Rec’s Geno silhouette. Not only are there several muted grey or tan colorways floating around, but that high cut and wide mid-foot strap are looking quite familiar.

Creative Recreation The W Cesario XVI

Main common design element(s): Structure-less upper, silo cut, lateral zipper

Perhaps no shoe on this list bears more individual similarities to the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost than the women’s version of the Creative Recreation Cesario. As we mentioned, the thought that Kanye would take his inspiration for such a highly-anticipated debut, from the likes of Creative Rec are almost laughable. But…just look! Throw out the funky purple coloring and look at the silhouette. Wide straps (though, on the forefoot), vertical zips and a seemingly thin, structure-less upper have us doing double takes to compare the two. Look, there’s no doubt that with the premium price tag being attributed to Ye’s first adidas drop that comfort and quality of materials on the Yeezy Boost will far surpass those of the Creative Rec’s Cesario. But, we can’t help but laugh at those die-hard Kanye sympathizers who so vehemently deny any of the fundamental similarities between the two.

Air Jordan XI 'Cool Grey'

Main common design element(s): Lacing system

In another light bulb moment of clarity for us, there was something all too familiar about the Yeezy Boost’s lacing system that we just couldn’t put our finger on. But a day or so after the first leaks, it dawned on us: the Yeezy Boost uses a lacing system very similar to that implemented by the legendary Air Jordan XI. Look, we’re not trying to compare these two shoes aesthetically, other than to point out that the vertical eyelets, coupled with the round laces we’ve seen on many shots, has us thinking AJ XI. Pretty interesting inspiration there.

Balmain Combo Side Zip High Top

Main common design element(s): High cut, side zipper, suede upper

Another ultra high-end comparison to the first iteration of the adidas Yeezy Boost is the Balmain Combo High Top. Sure, the Balmains sport some flashy metallic leather hits. But the super high cut, side zippers and luxurious-though-subtle-colored uppers all highlight the influence high fashion sneakers like these Balmains has had on Kanye’s design style.

Lanvin Hi-Top Hiking Sneaker Boots

Main common design element(s): High cut, side zipper, top zipper enclosure

Kind of a wild comparison, we know. But these crazy Lanvin Hi-Top Sneaker Boots, from a few years back, sport several similar features to the new Yeezys. Premium construction, a tan/natural raw suede upper material, coupled with that vertical lacing system and zippers are just a few of the reasons Ye’s latest forray into sneaker design have us drawing these comparisons. Not to mention that higher-than-hi-top silhouette just invites them. Oh you thought Nike had the lock on those sneakerboots?

Louis Vuitton Jasper 'White'

Main common design element(s): Mid-foot strap, silo cut

Of course, there are a lot of features to separate the Kanye-designed Louis Vuitton Jasper from the new Yeezys, but just check out that strap. Look, Ye has used the sneaker strap so often, and so infamously, that we should almost give him the trademark for it now. But, the placement and width of the mid-foot strap on the Yeezy Boost look very similar to one of our favorite Kanye designs. It’s just like Kanye to be inspired by Kanye, right?

Nike Air Yeezy 1

Main common design element(s): High cut silo, mid-foot strap, perf toe box

Well, this one is a no brainer. As Ye and his music have matured over the years (lolz), so too has his taste in fashion and footwear. And in looking over his past sneaker hits, one thing remains certain: dude loves a sneaker with a strap. Specifically, for his first get-down with adidas, Kanye has clearly taken inspiration for that mid-foot strap from the original Nike Air Yeezy. Not only does the Yeezy 750 Boost utilize that mid-foot strap in nearly the same width and placement as the first Yeezy, but the similar height of the Boost’s silhouette makes that comparison all the more obvious.

PF Flyer Center Hi

Main common design element(s): Midsole

After seeing the Yeezy Boosts for the first time, the love-it-or-leave-it feature is almost assuredly that eye-catching sole. And the first thing that sole reminded us of? The legendary PF Flyer Center Hi. In fact now, when we look at the new Yeezy, we have a hard time seeing anything else!

Puma for Yves Saint Laurent High Top

Main common design element(s): High-cut silo, structure-less upper

It’s been a while, so we actually forgot about this dope collab that Puma did with Yves Saint Laurent back in 2009. But, in checking out some of the features of the Yeezy Boosts, we couldn’t help but recall the similarities they share with these YSLs. Not only do they both feature a similar colorway, a comparable high-top cut and lux suede uppers, but they both seem to blur the lines between sneakers and high-end moccasins or boots.

Rick Owens Faun

Main common design element(s): Lateral zipper, high-cut silo

When we saw that Ye was headed over to adidas, we were certain his kicks would end up looking super high-fashion and futuristic, like some of the designs Y3 has made famous. And, looking at these Rick Owens joints, we weren’t that far off. While the toe box and heel profile on these Rick Owens Fauns don’t exactly scream Yeezy Boost, we can’t say the same for the zippered, structure-less upper, high-end materials and color palette.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi LX 'Honey'

Main common design element(s): Silo cut, lacing system

When we first saw profile shots of the Yeezy 750 Boost, one of the first comparisons that sprung to mind was this gorgeous take on the iconic Sk8 Hi that designer Taka Hayashi put his spin on for the Vans Vault lineup a few years back. Sure, there are major differences too. But take away the leather side panels and look at the profile of the sneaker itself. In addition to having a similar color-scheme and that raw suede material on the tongue, the profile of the Yeezy Boost looks very similar along the heel as well.

Rick Owens Geobasket Hi Top Trainers

Main common design element(s): High-cut profile, premium construction

Another Rick Owens comparison, the Geobasket draws much of the same comparisons to the Yeezy Boost as the Faun silhouette: a similar color scheme, higer-than-hi-top silohuette construction, and a vertical zipper that might actually look better unzipped. And while the Rick Owens Geobasket has a crazy-huge tongue, and it’s zippers on the medial side of the shoe, it’s the premium construction and high cut profile that really highlight the resemblance.

Visvim FBT Shaman Folk

Main common design element(s): Upper materials, muted colors

We should have seen this one coming. As Ye’s grown up (again, ha!) his penchant for rocking higher-end labels has followed suit. So it stands to reason that we’d see some of this high-fashion inspiration in his sneaker designs too. We already know Yeezy has been a fan of Visvim for a minute…in fact, he probably put a whole wave of hypebeasts on to the brand to begin with. And while the Yeezy Boost may not directly resemble any single Visvim silhouette, as you can see with these fire FBT Shamans, he’s certainly taken inspiration from their use of raw suede and color palettes.

Vans OTW Tenent

Main common design element(s): Mid-foot strap, perf toe box

Another one of our favorite “under-the-radar” strapped sneakers, in retrospect, draws a strong similarity to that of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost: the ‘Suede’ Vans OTW Tenet. Not only does it have a very similarly shaped mid-foot strap, but it’s color palette and suede leather upper could make a nice, cheap alternative for when we inevitably strike out trying to cop them Yeezys at the end of the month!


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