15 Forgotten NBA All-Star Sneakers That Were Awesome


With so many standout sneakers worn in the NBA All-Star Game each year, we spotlight 15 pairs that were awesome in their own right that may have slipped your mind.

Nike Air Maestro "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 1994

While Kanye West is currently considered the arbiter of the all-red sneaker movement, us older heads out there know that wave has been around for a minute, as evidenced by these very dope Nike Air Maestros debuted by Mr. Scottie Pippen himself back in the 1994 All-Star Game. While His Airness was off doing his thing on the diamond, Pip was elected to his 4th ASG and proceeded to dominate. He eventually nabbed MVP honors that year and finally had folks ask him “Was it the shoes?”

Nike Zoom Flight 95 "Dallas"

All-Star Game Year: 1996

Jason Kidd may very well go down as having one of the strongest kick games in the history of the NBA. And while he may be known more for rocking fire Jordan PEs, one of our favorites JKidd ever laced up was the excellent Nike Zoom Flight 95. In what nearly amounted to his own signature sneaker, JKidd flexed this “Dallas” colorway back in the sneaker-famous 1996 All-Star Game. You may have slept on these while MJ broke necks in those “Columbia” Air Jordan XIs.

adidas THE KOBE "Sunshine"

All-Star Game Year: 2001

It’s hard to believe that a shoe this loud could be considered “forgotten.” But, when you’re Kobe Bryant, and you’ve had ten-hundred dope signature sneakers, it’s no surprise that a few get lost to the sands of time. But back before he was the Black Mamba, Kobe was tearing it up for adidas, and “THE KOBE” was his first true signature sneaker. Named to the 2001 All-Star Game, KB brought out the sunshine and had everyone reaching for their shades.

Nike Air Force 1 High "Sheed" Patent Leather

All-Star Game Year: 2001

Yeah, we know. Yeezy recently taught us that “we’re not doin’ red no more.” But the on-court Air Force 1 king, Rasheed Wallace, had that fire way back in ’01. In fact, Sheed has rocked so many dope AF1s over his career that it’s hard to pick our favorites. But his ASG colorways are a decent place to start, because they’re some of the greatest. As we said, he originally wore these patent leather high tops in the 2001 All Star Game. But even Nike slept on these, because it took them until 2004 to actually release them.

DaDa Chrome CDubbz

All-Star Game Year: 2002

Come on now. We know they’re DaDas. But who could forget when Chris Webber stepped out in these chrome CDubbz? With all these “Liquid Metal” colorways releasing as of late, we definitely take the chrome colorway for granted. But when CWebb debuted these, people snapped. Heck, we’ve even seen a retro of these back in 2013! What, you guys aren’t on that DaDa wave?

AND1 KG 2 "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2003

While we all kind of joke about AND1 nowadays, most people forget that they did actually put out some dope stuff back in the day. Case in point, these excellent “All-Star” KG2s. Garnett laced these babies up in the 2003 All-Star Game, dropped 37 and 9, and subsequently took home MVP honors that year, out-performing the likes of AI, Kobe and MJ. FLEX.

adidas T-MAC III "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2003

While newer sneakerheads all ‘beast over the latest Nike and Jordan retros, it’s no shock that they tend to overlook some vintage sneaker moments like this. But, back in the day, these adidas T-MAC IIIs were the buisiness. Red, white and blue are always a played-up colorway during the ASG, so it was crazy to see adidas and T-Mac go so big for the 2003 festivities with this crazy mismatched colorway. While the kicks might not have been for everyone, it’s certainly an NBA sneaker moment we’ll never forget.

Air Jordan 18 White/Metallic Silver-Sport Royal

All-Star Game Year: 2003

You know, 1996 rightly gets all the shine for being “the best” sneaker year for the NBA All-Star Game. But, just looking through this list, 2003 makes a pretty strong case for consideration at the very least. As MJ’s last ASG, you know Jordan Brand was gonna do the send-off right. And they did so with this crispy pair of ‘Sport Royal’ Air Jordan 18s. Interesting sneaker note, this was also the year where Kobe Bryant laced up the ‘True Blue’ Air Jordan IIIs, as a tribute to his Airness’ final All-Star appearance.

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4

All-Star Game Year: 2004

In the years before Kobe was one of the Big Three at Nike, and had his own well-established signature line for Nike Hoops, he was something of a sneaker free agent. The Black Mamba rocked a handful of crazy Jordan PEs and retros, in addition to some other Swoosh hits. But, the Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2k4 was the one that really turned some heads. As the first Eric Avar designed sneaker for the Nike/Kobe line, the 2K4s got some serious spotlight, and were one of the best of 2004s NBA All Star Game. No need to overlook these gems!

Nike LeBron II "All Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2005

These were on one of our previous year’s All Star Game sneaker lists, but come on. As we said with Kobe; when you’ve got so many colorways under your belt, it’s easy to forget the more understated sneakers in the portfolio. As is the case with the excellent “All-Star” Nike LeBron IIs King James laced up for the 2005 game. With all the talk about LeBron’s sneaker line and it’s eventual retros, this is one of the models we’re most excited to revisit.

Nike Shox VC 4 "All-Star Edition"

All-Star Game Year: 2005

If you’ve been paying attention to All Star kicks for long enough, you already know that Vince Carter is one of the stalwarts of excellent ASG footwear. And while most of us remember him smashing on folks in And1 Tai Chis or humiliating folks in Shox BB4s, we’re big fans of the ever-so-slept-on Nike Shox VC4. Carter laced these gems up in the 2005 All-Star Game and we’ve been looking for a retro ever since.

Nike Air Force 1 High "Sheed All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2006

Another appearance by Rasheed Wallace in another fantastic Air Force 1 colorway. These AF1s Sheed sported in the ’06 ASG use a little bit of that dope red patent leather from his 2001 Hi’s, adds a bit of royal patent, and sets it all off with some clean white and grey ostrich leather on the forefoot. And, we can’t lie, we love that Sheed logo too.

Nike Zoom Kobe III "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2008

While Kobe might not have played much in the 2008 All-Star Game, he certainly had a lot of folks talking about his kicks. Sporting the polarizing Nike Zoom Kobe III, in an eye-catching red and gold colorway, people may have forgotten about these because Kobe only played 3 minutes due to that torn ligament in his finger.

Nike KD II "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2010

Another victim of the success of later signature sneakers in the portfolio is the Nike KD II. It’s funny because, with all the wild colorways in the KD line, some of our favorites are some of the most simple. Case in point; these gorgeous “All-Star” KD IIs. Sporting that wild “Daring Red,” these are our favorite KD II by a country mile.

Nike Zoom Kobe V "All-Star"

All-Star Game Year: 2010

Man…2010 was a dope year for All-Star Game kicks too! With LeBron and KD putting up some of our all-time favorites from their respective lines, it’s no surprise the Swoosh boys also threw down for Mamba. These ASG Zoom Kobe Vs are crack. Unfortunately, another injury kept Kobe out of the game itself, which is why some of us may have slept on these bangers.


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