Ranking The Best Dual High-Top/Low-Top Releases


On the heels of the low top black/red Air Jordan 11 Low releasing this weekend, we rank the best high-top/low-top combos of the same colorway-themed releases.

19: Air Jordan II White/Varsity Red-Black

Perhaps one of the more curious low top releases in the Jordan Brand catalog was the Air Jordan II drop. In our humble opinion, it’s just a bit of an awkward silo to convert into a low top. That said, the strength of it’s higher-cut counterpart bump the white/varsity red-black colorway onto the first spot of our list.

18: LeBron 9 "Summit Lake Hornets"

Let us just get this out here; the LeBron 9 “Summit Lake Hornets” colorway is awesome. But it’s low-top counterpart? Less so. That’s not to say the low top isn’t nice enough on it’s own. But, with the strength of the original, we just expected more out of the low top version.

17: Air Jordan VIII "Playoffs"

Another one of those unexpected Jordan low tops was the Air Jordan XIII. What works so well in it’s high top variety, translates a little oddly as a low top. However, the shoe’s strong colorways give it enough prowess to get it onto our list at number 17.

16: Air Jordan II White/Varsity Red

While we did say we weren’t crazy about the Air Jordan IIs low-top profile, our favorite II colorway, the OG white/varsity red, makes them much more palatable. These are actually pretty fresh and, combined with their OG counterpart; an excellent overall combo.

15: Air Jordan I White/Natural Grey

For Jordan Brand’s first attempt at a low-top silhouette, they actually gave us multiple colorways. But the one we like the most, went about as clean and simple as possible. Using the OG white/natural grey colorway as a base, JB dropped the top and gave us something perfect for the summer. If Uptowns were a little too clunky for you, these were like Goldilocks: jussst riiggght.

14: LeBron 8 "Blackout"

The Nike LeBron 8 has proven to be one of our favorite silos in the entirety of King James’ signature line. Not only was it a beast on the court, but the off-court style it brought to the table really pushed it over the top. And what better way to shed some layers than giving us the “Blackout” colorway? Honestly though, if it weren’t such a simple makeup, it might have ranked a bit higher on this list. Though, we feel that’s less an indictment of the 8, and more so a comment on the strength of the sneakers here.

13: Nike Air Max2 CB '94 Black/White-Purple

If you told us in 1994, or perhaps even in 2006, that Nike was going to make a low top out of the iconic Air Max2 CB ’94, we’d have called you crazy. It was one of our favorite non-Jordan hoops shoes ever. So hearing that Nike was going to alter it for the 2006 retro had us a bit heated. However, when we actually saw it? Not bad. Not bad at all!

12: Air Jordan XIII White/Black-Red

While it may have taken Jordan Brand seven years to give us a drop -op version of the Air Jordan XIII, when they finally did, it was worth the wait. Dropping a whopping six different colorways of the lows in 2005, there was a lot to love. But, one of our favorites was a conversion of our beloved white/black-red OG XIIIs. So nice.

11: Nike SB Dunk "Cali"

When Nike SB started this new era of retros – bringing back OG colorways in a different cut – we were a bit skeptical. But when we saw how true to the originals they’ve kept it thus far, we quickly got with it. Take for instance last year’s “Cali” Dunks. Virtually nothing changed aside from the obviously higher cut. That’s what we like to see right there! A great way to bring an OG colorway to a new generation of sneakerheads.

10: Air Jordan XII "Obsidian"

As you’ll see with the rest of our list, the Air Jordan XII is one of our favorite low-top Js ever. And kicking off our top ten, the “Obsidian” Air Jordan XII high/low combo is one of the best there is.

9: Nike SB Dunk "De La Soul"

Oh, these are straight fire. We were so pumped when the “De La Soul” Dunks were teased as the next Nike SB high/low conversion retro. And that excitement doubled when we discovered not one, but two retros were coming to market. THIS is the proper way to retro!

8: Reebok Question White/Pearlized Red

Allen Iverson’s famed debut signature, the Reebok Question Mid, has so many fire colorways it’s tricky to pick the best of the bunch. Especially now that we’ve seen so many new variations on the OG. That said, we’re going to stick with that traditional white/red palette we love so much. However, our favorite isn’t the nubuck version (though those are crazy-awesome). We actually like the ‘Pearlized Red’ – which were also an OG colorway – even more than the also popular nubuck version. That pearlized toe just pops.

7: Air Jordan XIV "UNC"

A lot of times, researching these posts takes us on a trip down memory lane. And sometimes those memories are painful. Like the time we tried to cop these “UNC” Air Jordan XIVs, but struck out. See, in today’s game, without a bot or an oop, striking out is a near inevitability for a sought-after release. But back when the XIVs originally dropped in 1999/2000, it was far less common, so when it happened, it burned that much more. You see, the low top XIV originally dropped in ’99 and came in a fantastic “Columbia” colorway. But the next year, in 2000, a rare UNC PE colorway made it to market as an Eastbay exclusive. Unfortunately for us in the pre-social media era, the only ‘oops’ that day were the folks with the quick mailman. Personally, the Mid version of this colorway are one of our most-desired retros right now.

6: Air Jordan XII "Taxi"

The “Taxi” Air Jordan XII is one of our favorite Js of all time. Not only is it a super clean, simple colorway, but the silo works equally well in both high top or low-top form. And what’s crazy is we might actually like the low top XIIs better than the OGs! We know, we know. Get at us in the comments.

5: Air Jordan I Black/Varsity Red

Yeah, it’s tough to have the legendary black/red Air Jordan I sitting at number 5. But perhaps it’s the love we have for the OG Is that we just don’t love the lows anywhere near as much. That said, that love we have for the black/red OG high tops? That’s enough to get this high/low combo all the way to this position.

4: Air Jordan XI Black/Red

If you’ve been following the release trends Jordan Brand has been establishing lately with regard to their low tops, you knew it was only a matter of time before these “Playoffs” hit the market. And of course, with as much prestige as the OG has, that automatically puts this duo in the top 5! Let’s all do a prayer to the sneaker gods that we can get our hands on a pair of the low tops this weekend.

3: Nike SB Dunk "Tiffany"

Ahh the “Tiffany” Dunks. One of the most coveted Nike SBs of all time finally made it’s return, albeit with a slightly higher profile, in 2014. And while we’ll always like the original low-top SB Dunks better in comparison, we were stoked to even get a chance to purchase them again. A lot of people have done the turquoise/teal/tiffany blue colorway before. But not many, if any at all, have done them better than Diamond Supply Co.

2: Air Jordan XI White/White

When we think of low tops, we think of the warmer months. And what colorway works best as the temperature starts to peak? Oh yeah, that white-on-white. Any good Jordan head will tell you that 2001 was the year of the XI low top. We got blessed with the Snakeskin, Cherry, Citrus, Columbia and a handful of other fire colorways. But, the one we like best was the super clean ‘Zen Grey’ colorway. And while we got close to it with the ’96 OG Columbias, it wasn’t until 2006s “Silver Anniversary” that we got a true, all-white Air Jordan XI.

1: Air Jordan XI "Concord"

You already know we love the “Concord” Air Jordan XI. Seriously though, who doesn’t? And so, when JB decided to bless us with the low-cut “Concords”, oh man did we jump. The XI just makes such a fantastic low top, and the silo’s best colorway is no exception. Add these two together and you have what we think is the best high/low top combo in sneaker history.


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