25 Subtle, But Awesome, Sneaker Moments In Movies


You already know the AJ6s in Do The Right Thing and Air Mags in Back to the Future II, but plenty of films featured some lit sneakers that you probably didn’t catch. We went through the archives and pulled out some kicks you may have missed. Hit the “Start” button below to check out 25 Subtle, But Awesome, Sneaker Moments In Movies.

Feature Credit: Brandon Edler (@MrBrando3)

Nike Cortez

Movie: Wolf of Wall Street

We have a feeling Leo wasn’t the first person to be tripping on something while rocking these classic West Coast kicks.

Nike Air Woven

Movie: Lost in Translation

Bill Murray’s been rocking the lifestyle Nike heat with suits before you, bruh. The Air Wovens are fire and seeing Murray rock them while playing an actor in Japan made all the style sense. Sophia Coppola keeping it G like her father.

Nike Internationalist

Movie: The Breakfast Club

J. Crew’s current top seller was a staple in “the geek’s” closet even back in the ’80s.

Nike Bruin

Movie: Back To The Future

Everyone knows about the Nike Air Mags but before Marty McFly auto-laced in the future kicks, he still was killing it with the vest and Nike Bruins.

Nike Sky Force High

Movie: The Goonies

Goonies never die and neither does a classic such as the Sky Force High. Your pair probably wasn’t as pimped out as Data’s though.

adidas Phantom High

Movie: New Jack City

Kinda like the (adidas) crack did to Pookie. In certain areas, rocking what the drug dealers have on is just as major as trying to be like the city’s best baller.

Nike Air More Uptempo

Movie: George of the Jungle

Honestly, the kicks are dope but never seen the film. Good for Brendan Frazier doing something right in a movie.

adidas Tourney

Movie: Teen Wolf

Such an underrated film and underrated sneaker. Both were a staple when the film dropped, but nowadays you could probably pick up the DVD in the $5 sales bin and the kicks for the same price at Goodwill.

Nike Vandal

Movie: Back to the Future

Even Doc Brown was bringing the heat prior to the Nike Air Mags cameo. Back to the Future might not have the rotation of He Got Game or Above The Rim, but you can’t debate that the film was just as trendsetting.

Nike Air Force II

Movie: Big

When you’re 12 all you dream about it having the funds to pick up any sneaker you want. Young Josh Baskin was wise choppin’ it up in the wildly underrated AFIIs.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Movie: Back to the Future

Back to the Future was littered with awesome Nike’s of the era, but the tried-and-true classic that is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star also made an appearance when Marty ventured back in time.

Nike Cortez

Movie: Karate Kid

The Cortez model did have somewhat of an early ninja-slipper feel before Y-3 and adidas went all in. Daniel-san was perfecting the craft, waxing on and off in the classic kicks with Mr. Miyagi.

Nike Air Trainer III

Movie: Batman

You might have known Bruce Wayne rocked Jordan VIs but the Trainer IIIs seem more appropriate for the high intensity work he is putting in outside the gym. Unless you’re a memorabilia stan, you probably won’t ever see these in person.

Nike Air Mission

Movie: Bad Boys

Will Smith has always come correct with footwear choices and during his period owning the box office sales, he also pulled out some ill ’90s football turf trainers while fighting crime in Bad Boys alongside Martin Lawrence. If you’re as nostalgic as most ’90s sneakerheads, you were able to cop these for next to nothing last year.

adidas Country

Movie: Beverly Hills Cop

Even the 5-0 can have a little street cred, especially if you’re Axel Foley and have zero F’s given about what the man thinks.

Asics Gel-Saga II

Movie: Clerks

In between his hysterical vulgar rants and dealing a little green, Jay kept his sneaker game on point as well. 37??? If you don’t know, watch the film youngblood.

Reebok Pump Twilight Zone

Movie: Juice

Hood classics always have a few things in common and making sure the sneaker game is always on point is certainly one of them. Q breaks out the Boks in this particular scene before swapping out to a pair of fresh Nikes.

Nike Air Max 90

Movie: King Ralph

You probably remember the “Grape” Jordan Vs from the original movie poster, but the ‘Infrared’ runners were a little more “across the pond” for John Goodman.

Nike Air Revolution

Movie: Do The Right Thing

Take a close look at Radio Raheem’s kicks and you will see the biological father to the Air Jordan III. The sole, Air unit, and plastic lace loops influenced one of the greatest sneakers of all time – the Air Jordan III was initially even called the Air Jordan Revolution. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but his Nike Air Revs three inches off the ground are the last of his role. Love KO’ed by hate.

adidas Zissou

Movie: The Life Aquatic

Bill Murray’s sneaker game is better than you think – in films at least. For this particular Wes Andersen film he gets his own special makeup of an adidas that would later influence a CLAE model to be named after the film.

Nike Vandal

Movie: The Terminator

When you’re running from Armageddon butt-ass naked, any clothes and kicks will work but a department store full of Nike Vandals isn’t a bad hook-up.

Vans Slip-On

Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

One of the greatest fictional characters of all time (Jeff Spicoli) kept it 100 with his laid back surfer kicks to match his apathetic outlook on homework and class.

Reebok Alien Stompers

Movie: Alien

Yeah, the sneaker is named after the kicks but who really caught that or is even old enough to have seen the film?! Pretty dope how much impact sneaker culture had on films in the ’80s.

Nike Air Max Triax

Movie: Space Jam

You know the Js that were inspired by the film, but do you remember MJ lacing up in these Nike trainers? If you follow his collection close enough, he had quite the affinity for runners off the court.

Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi

Movie: Game of Death

Now you know where those Bruce Lee Kobes came from. Bruce Lee was a G, more than karate kickin’ his way to fame, he was a pretty cool cat with a matching sneaker game – even on the big screen.


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