15 Unexpected Jordan Heads

Sneakers are certainly more popular than ever right now and there are a few celebrities on that Jordan wave that you likely wouldn't suspect. Obviously when you're rich and famous, you have better access to get the things you want. While these individuals can likely buy almost anything they want, or wear whatever they want, a lot of times they're rocking Jordans when they choose to wear sneakers. From up-and-coming golfer Keegan Bradley to movie starlet Jessica Biel, how many on this list did you know were into Jordans?

Chi McBride

Depending on your age or, more specifically, what kind of TV shows and movies you watch, you may not know exactly who Chi McBride actually is. But trust, unless your Insta handle is Dependable Jay, his collection is better than yours (and maybe not even then!). A longtime friend of His Airness himself, McBride may be one of the most overlooked Jordan Heads out there. Whether it be crazy 1-of-1s, or PE-only Oregon Ducks releases…or even the coveted Air Jordan IV “Encore”, McBride’s already got his.

Mark Walhberg

Mark Walhberg isn’t exactly the first name you’d associate with an elite athletics brand like Jordan, but the pictures don’t lie: Marky Mark got that heat! Recently spotted taking MJ out to lunch in LA, Walhberg joked that he picked up the check because of all the alley oops MJ stays throwing him. Must be nice!

Jonathan Cheban

You might be asking yourself, “Who is this guy?” Jonathan Cheban is a successful public relations consultant, most recognizable for his high-profile friendship with Mrs. Yeezy herself, Kim Kardashian. And, while he might be a PR whiz, as it turns out, he’s got quite the eye for some clean Jordans too.

Hulk Hogan

Everyone’s on that Jordan wave nowadays, even the Hulkster. Well let me tell you something brother, if you ain’t got those dope Jays like the Hulkamaniac, you’re sleeping my friend! At the end of the day, just remember to “Say Your Prayers and Take Your Vitamins.”

Lily Allen

British songstress Lily Allen is one of the more unexpected entries on our list, but her Jordan heat is proper. More than just the latest and greatest from JB, she’s got some pretty solid older stuff as well. We’re particularly fond of the Air Jordan IV Linens…that’s a good look Ms. Allen.

Jerry Seinfeld

We’re all likely familiar with the ridiculous amount of low-key Nike heat Jerry Seinfeld rocked on set of his hit television show. But whomever did the costumes for the show definitely had an eye for Air Jordans as well. Partial to the Air Jordan V and VI, Seinfeld had some awesome OG Jays.

Larry David

Speaking of Seinfeld…we must admit, prior to our research we had no idea Larry David had that heat! Okay, so he may only have that one pair of Infrared VIs, but looking through old on-set photos, he rocked them often. Prettayy, pretaayyy, prettayyyy nice Mr. David.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran may be a relatively new face to US music fans, but his Jordan game is on point. Apparently quite fond of the Air Jordan III and V silhouettes, Sheeran’s got some dope kicks.

John Mayer

Regardless of what you may think of John Mayer or his music, you must admit…the man’s sneaker game is on point. Most recently he’s been seen on that rare trainers or high-end Visvim-type wave. But looking through the archives, dude has some pretty sweet Jordans too.


Who? Austin “Chumlee” Russell is one of the stars of History Channel’s Pawn Stars. And apparently, in addition to copping all kinds of rare antiquities, he’s quite a sneakerhead as well. While most of his Jordan heat appears to be IIIs and IVs, he’s also got some dope Vs, like the rare Quai 54s…dope.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Another one that truly surprised us during the course of research, Jake Gyllenhaal’s got some awesome Jordans. Perhaps most famously, Donnie Darko was caught in what might be the sneaker photo of the year, sitting courtside with Jay and Bey in those fantastic 5Lab3s with Hov lookin mad as hell. Awesome Hov-face aside, he’s also shown an affinity for the classic Air Jordan I, and we ain’t mad at that.

Jessica Biel

The sexiest addition to our list is also one of our most unexpected. We know her husband, Justin Timberlake has got that Jordan plug on deck, and it looks like Mrs. Timberlake is reaping those benefits as well. We’re loving those Wolf Grey Spizikes.

Scott Disick

Scott Disick may not be everyone’s favorite celebrity, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians ‘star’ has been spotted rocking some heat in recent years. Perhaps hanging around with Kanye has rubbed off a bit, but Lord Disick’s sneaker game has been on point lately. Yeezy taught him!

Jason Sudeikis

Okay, so if you frequent Celebrity Sneaker Stalker, or any number of similar posts, you’ve likely seen Jason Sudeikis on numerous lists. But we’ve added him here for two reasons. First off, in our eyes, he’s the definition of an unexpected Jordan head. And secondly, the range and quality of the Jordans he’s spotted in shows he’s a true fan, not just someone looking for the hottest new drops. Not to mention we have an excuse to post a photo of his fiance Olivia Wilde…okay, THREE reasons.

Keegan Bradley

According to Jordan Brand’s website, Keegan Bradley isn’t an official JB athlete. But according to Keegan Bradley’s Instagram feed, and if you’ve been watching him in tourneys this year, you might think otherwise. Likely a “friend” of the brand, Bradley is actually one of MJ’s neighbors and golf buddies. Which might explain why he’s got the most banging golf shoes ever. We need those Pantone XIs for real!

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