College Players Who Had The Best Jordans

Your favorite NBA stars aren't the only individuals on the hardwood rocking Jordan heat and we take a look at 20 college players who always brought their 'A' sneaker game. This list features a nice mix of players from as recent as this past season, as well as college stars such as Kenyon Martin and Caron Butler from not so long ago. One thing you will see, and have probably noticed in the past, the boys at San Diego State are definitely not playing around when it comes to wearing popular Jordans on the court over the last few years. And you know Marcus Jordan was always bringing the heat during his recent playing days at UCF. Take a look and let us know in the comments section below which has been your favorite college player rocking J's on court in recent memory!

Ryan Boatright

College: UConn

While many expected Boatright to go pro, he’s recently stated his intentions to return to Storrs and try to bring UConn back to the promise land again. This year, like Shabazz, he often rocked some sweet Kobe PEs. But throughout his years at UConn, Boatright has also sported some pretty nice J’s. Should be fun to watch again this year.

Cleanthony Early

College: Wichita State

Okay, so playing at Wichita State may have had people sleepin’ on him, but Cleanthony Early is an awesome basketball player. And his kick game ain’t bad either. Just check out a little sampling of his Jordan heat.

Kenyon Martin

College: Cincinnati

Sure, he may have the unfortunate nickname of “K-Mart,” but his kicks certainly weren’t from the department store racks. Back in his days at the University of Cincinnati, Martin tore up the court in various Jordans.

Xavier Thames

College: San Diego State

Sure, SDSU Aztecs guard Xavier Thames may not be a household name yet, but the kid can ball. If he gets a shot at the next level, keep an eye on his kicks, cause he’s rocked some bangers at State the past few years.

Caron Butler

College: UConn

You might call Caron Butler a bit of a journeyman in the NBA. But back in the early 2000s, when he balled at UConn, the man was nice…and he looked nice while leading the Huskies in scoring and rebounding, sporting dope J’s early and often.

Dwayne Polee II

College: San Diego State

Another SDSU Aztec that we’ll be seeing more heat from in the coming year, is Dwayne Polee II. Playoff XIs, “True Blue” IIIs, “Pure Money” IVs…the kid has game.

James Young

College: Kentucky

Late in UK’s past season, freshman phemon James Young tended to lace up the amazing Kobe IXs. But prior to the Kobe’s dropping, Young rocked some dope J’s. And, after playing in the Jordan Brand Classic, McDonalds All-American game, declaring his intentions to go pro, and signing with Hova’s Roc-Nation Sports, all in about a year and a half, you can bet we’ll see a lot more of Young’s sneaker game in the future.

Julius Peppers

College: North Carolina

Yeah, he may be one of the most feared defenders in the NFL, but don’t forget that Julius Peppers is simply a freak athlete. A two-sport stud at UNC, in 2000, he helped their BASKETBALL team make it to the Final Four. Crazy. And oh yeah, he rocked some pretty dope Jordans while doing it too.

Travis McKie

College: Wake Forest

Okay, so Wake Forest senior forward Travis Mckie may not be the most recognizable name on this list, but his on-court footwear resume is on par with the best of ’em. Wake’s clean color schemes also play nicely with his Jordan game. Nice choices Travis.

Winston Shepard

College: San Diego State

San Diego State sophmore Winston Shepard may not be ready for the big leagues yet, but his sneaker game is world class. Just check out the heat he rocked the last two seasons at SDSU.

Marcus Jordan

College: UCF

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. Sure, his pops is MJ himself, but Marcus Jordan’s sneaker game is ridiculous. Not only has he rocked many folk’s grails on-court (those Premios!), he actually wore so much Jordan Brand heat while refusing to wear anything but JB, he caused adidas to pull the plug on their $3M sponsorship deal with UCF! Depending on your preference, that may have actually been a blessing. Because one year later, UCF was announced as an official Nike school. We see you Marcus.

Kemba Walker

College: UConn

He may be an Under Armour guy now, but back in his three years at UConn, Walker laced up some fresh Jays. He seemed to favor the XII, rocking multiple colorways. But he did break out the classic Cool Grey XIs from time-to-time as well.

Austin Rivers

College: Duke

A lottery pick in 2012, Austin Rivers may not have always rocked J’s when he played at Duke, but when he did, they were super clean. Check him out here in the Air Jordan XIII “Flint” and “Cool Grey” XI.

Jamaal Franklin

College: San Diego State

Another in the long line of SDSU athletes that rocked crazy heat on-court, Jamaal Franklin was a beast in his college days. Not only did he carry SDSU after the departure of star Kawhi Leonard, he seemed to inherit Leonard’s shoe closet too.

Sean May

College: North Carolina

Playing for the Tar Heels, you already know Sean May was in line to get his hands on any number of dope Jordans. While a lot of UNC players wear signature J’s from all across the line, May laced up his fair share of Jordans during his career in Chapel Hill and those 12s are oh so clean.

Nick Johnson

College: Arizona

Arizona has a pretty cushy Nike deal, so it’s a common occurrence to see Wildcats’ players rocking heat. The latest in that long line of NBA prospects out of Tuscon is Nick Johnson. Though he did tend to lace up some team PEs more often lately, he’s rocked Jordans throughout his career at Arizona.

Shabazz Napier

College: UConn

Sure, in their 2013-14 run to the NCAA Championship, Shabazz usually rocked some fantastic looking Kobe PEs…but don’t sleep on his Jordan game. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Anthony Davis

College: Kentucky

We know 2012s number one pick is now an official Nike athlete. But in his one year at Kentucky, he seemed to favor the Jumpman pairing that UK blue with the “Old Royal” Air Jordan X quite often.

Isaiah Thomas

College: Washington

A second-round pick back in 2011, Isaiah Thomas may not wind up being as good a player as his legendary namesake. But back in his days with the UW Huskies, ooh baby did he rock some heat. Seen here in the ‘Linen’ Xs, Black Cats and BHM IIIs, the Huskies dynamic team colors allowed Thomas to switch it up often. Cleannnn.

Kawhi Leonard

College: San Diego State

Watching him emerge as an NBA superstar, it’s obvious that Kawhi Leonard has got shoe game. But that isn’t just a result of his big league contracts. Back in his days at SDSU the boy got his shine, rocking tons of clean Jays. Keep an eye on Leonard.

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