Ranking The Sneakerheads of ’90s Sitcoms

When you were younger, you probably didn't notice you're favorite TV character(s) wearing awesome sneakers, but best believe there were plenty rocking heat! While some stars are well known for their footwear selections on camera such as Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and more recently Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld, others such as D.J. Conner (Michael Fishman) on Roseanne and Marlon Williams (Marlon Wayans) on The Wayans Bros. may have gone unnoticed, but they certainly shouldn't have. Think back, take a look and let us know in the comments section below if you remember these characters wearing awesome sneaker selections back in the day while you watched.

Ned Flanders

Show: The Simpsons
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Assassins (Fictional)

Okay, we know we’re stretching this one a little bit. But, we can’t help but include stupid sexy Flanders and his Air Assassins. Not only were they the focal point of a classic Simpsons episode, but we love Homer’s hypebeasting over them and their sky-high $125 price tag. Unfortunately for Homer, after making a splash and getting his own pair, their dog, Santa’s Little Helper has his way with ’em. We all know how that goes.

Kevin Arnold

Show: The Wonder Years
Sneaker(s) Worn: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Ya boy Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years sure loved the classics. While there is a photo out there of him sporting some dope Fire Red IIIs, that’s actually from the 1989 movie “Little Monsters” (ah, the throwbacks). No, Kevin Arnold kept it OG, sporting Converse Chuck Taylors, in both high and low top form, throughout most of The Wonder Years run. Winnie appreciated the classics.

Shawn Williams

Show: The Wayans Bros.
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Max CB 34

The Wayans Bros. may not be the most popular sitcom on this list, but we loved it growing up, and the footwear from the show was definitely a memorable part of that love. Now, anyone who watched remembers that Shawn played the straight-man to Marlon’s goofy brother. But Marlon wasn’t the only one that was stunting. While his kick game might not have touched his brother’s, Shawn did his thing every now and then wearing ’90s greats such as the Air Max CB 34.

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Tony Micelli

Show: Who’s The Boss?
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver

Who’s The Boss? was, of course, a show that ran predominantly in the ’80s, and didn’t feature many hot sneakers (though, it did feature a young Alyssa Milano, but we digress). That said, the reason that Tony Micelli makes it on our list was to highlight just how popular Jordans were, even back in 1991, when this episode aired. Just look at Tony Danza getting down in those OG black/silver Vs. Nice!

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Zack Morris

Show: Saved By The Bell
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Trainer TW II, Converse ERX 150, adidas Pro Conference

You already knew ’90s style icon Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, would earn a place on our list. But, when we looked back, we were surprised to find that, on second consideration, his sneaker game may not have been as nice as some of his Bayside High counterparts. Sure, Zack’s Converse and tennis shoe game was strong (seriously, those ERX 150s and Nike Air Trainer TW IIs are hot), but perhaps we all remember Zack Morris more for his fly clothes, rather than his kicks.

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A.C. Slater

Show: Saved By The Bell
Sneaker(s) Worn: Reebok BB4600, Avia 850, Asics Tiger Dan Gable

The style in the legendary sitcom Saved By The Bell was the stuff dreams are made of. Well, if you occasionally have some super weird ’90s-inspired dreams like us anyway. Regardless, the kicks on this show – particularly the high tops – were amazing. Just look at the highlights of ’90s legend A.C. Slater’s footwear game. Asics Dan Gambles? Check. Reebok BB4600? Check. Oh, and don’t forget about the extra-dope Avia 850s. We’d love to see those 850s make their way back around.

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Cory Matthews

Show: Boy Meets World
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan 8 “Bugs”, Jordan 9 ‘Olive’

While Boy Meets World’s Cory Matthews may not have had the deepest sneaker closet, we loved his selection. And, just like us, he got a lot of mileage out of ’em, rocking them nearly as many times as he struck out with Topanga. Man, back in the ’90s, those “Bugs” Air Jordan VIIIs and Olive IXs were just so dope.

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Eddie Winslow

Show: Family Matters
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan 3 ‘Fire Red’, Nike SC Trainer, Jordan 6

Understandably, everyone always remembers Family Matters for Steve Urkel. But, throughout the run of the show, while Urkel was trying to put the mack down on Laura, the eldest Winslow kid, Eddie, was rocking some hotness. Eddie and his boy Waldo (Geraldo Faldo) were always staying laced in those early-90s Nike hoops classics, like the Fire Red IIIs, Jordan VIs and Trainer SCs. Those are some pretty solid choices.

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Martin Payne

Show: Martin
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Huarache Plus, Nike Air Penny 1, Jordan 12, Jordan 11

Another excellent ’90s sitcom that had some considerable sneaker heat was the infamous Martin. The show’s titular character, played by none other than Martin Lawrence, is often left out of the convo of ’90s TV icons, but that’s a shame. Not only was the show crazy hilarious, but it had style (and some dope kicks). From Huarache Pluses, to Jordan and Air Maxes, all the way to the excellent adidas Mutumbos, Martin is a great throwback into what ’90s style was all about (it was a little weird).

[Image Source]

D.J. Conner

Show: Roseanne
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan 3, Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”, Nike Air Force Max, Jordan 8 “Playoffs”

Don’t sleep on D.J. Conner! Whenever we see a list like this compiled, talking about dope sneakers in the 90s, everyone always forgets about D.J. Conner from Roseanne. As a fellow kid growing up in the 90s, D.J. rocked all the Nike and Jordan heat we wished our moms would buy for us. From Olive IXs and Aqua VIIIs, to Bordeaux VIIs and Cement IIIs, the boy had game.

[Image Source]

Ron Johnson

Show: A Different World
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan V, Nike Air Tech Challenge IV, Jordan 3

Even though some of us may not be old enough to remember this Cosby spin-off show from the early ’90s, A Different World starred some pretty big actors, and some even bigger ’90s style. And, while sidekick Ron Johnson wasn’t always the center of attention, he put in work in the sneaker department. Dwayne Wayne’s sidekick must’ve been catching all of his left-overs cause Ron had that heat. Whether sporting the Tech Challenge IVs, or Jordan IIIs, or any number of other ’90s bangers, Ron was no slouch in the footwear department.

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Marlon Williams

Show: The Wayans Bros.
Sneaker(s) Worn: Air Max 95, Jordan 13, Nike Zoom Flight 95, Reebok Question Mid

A surprise entry in the top 5 here, we simply forgot how much heat Marlon Wayans rocked back in the day during The Wayans Bros. run. You name it, Marlon rocked it. From the legendary “Columbia” XIs and Air Max 95s, to lower-key heat like the Nike Air More Uptempo, Air Worm Ndestrukt and Zoom Flight 95s, Marlon’s kick game was THICK. Respect.

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Dwayne Wayne

Show: A Different World
Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan II Low, Jordan 3 Black/Cement, Nike Air Force III

You know you’re a style icon if Kanye West drops multiple references to your style. A Different World’s stand-out character, Dwayne Wayne was ’90s style in a nutshell. From the flip-up glasses to the fire kicks, he was certainly the man on campus. But it was Dwayne’s variety that we love the most. Not only did he wear the bigger Jordan releases (seriously, they wore the black and white IIIs a lot) and dope trainers, but he also stuck out by wearing some bangers like the Nike Air Force III and the lowtop Jordan IIs. Man, Dwayne had that swag.

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Jerry Seinfeld

Show: Seinfeld
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Trainer SC High, Nike ACG Air Mowabb, Jordan 6, Nike Air Huarache, Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4

It’s no surprise to see Jerry Seinfeld so high on our list of best ’90s sitcom sneakerheads. If you’re a fan of his legendary show, you already know he’s been sporting awesome Nikes longer than many of us have been alive. But, it wasn’t until our friends over at Complex ran a complete list of his fire Nikes that we realized just how dope Jerry’s kick game was. Tech Challenges (including the lows!), Delta Forces, Lava Flows, ACGs, Huaraches and more, the list goes on and on. Oh, and don’t forget his Jordan game. Those Sport Blue VIs that just retroed? Ya boy Seinfeld rocked the OGs!

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Will Smith

Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Max 180, Jordan V “Grape”, Jordan 11 “Columbia”

And it’s The Fresh Prince on top! Yes, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Will Smith was the top sneakerhead of all ’90s sitcoms. Not only did Will rock every dope shoe we ever wanted as a kid, he did it with so much style that he had us trying to rock our Vs without the laces. The Grape Vs are so synonymous with Fresh Prince, that we’re surprised they weren’t renamed after him (a la the XIIIs and He Got Game). Not just Jordans and Nikes, Will’s game extended to some awesome Reeboks and Asics as well. But, perhaps nothing encompasses his sneaker game on the show better than what he wore during the 1996 series finale; the “Columbia” Air Jordan XI. Fresh Prince with the walk-off!

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