The 25 Best Dunking Photos Featuring Air Jordans

Ah, the slam dunk. Easily one of the most exciting plays in all of sports and we highlight 25 of the best dunking photos featuring Air Jordans! You already know this takes it all the way back to 1985 with His Airness, but stars such as Charles Barkley, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant have all had some picturesque slam dunk moments while rocking Jordans. Take a look and please let us know in the comments section below which ranks as your favorite. Because it's hard to take down MJ launching from the free-throw line in white/cement IIIs!

Michael Jordan

Year: 1991
Sneaker: Air Jordan VI Black/Infrared

Oooh, Jordan go SMASH! And while rocking some of our all time favorite Js? Ouch. Recently, MJ called this throw down on longtime rival Patrick Ewing, his most memorable dunk. And you can bet Ewing remembers it too, because Jordan won’t let him! Saying he reminds him of it every time they see each other! That’s cold-blooded.


Chris Paul

Year: 2006
Sneaker: Air Jordan V “Hornets” PE

You don’t see CP3 throw down very often. So when you do, it’s usually pretty memorable. But we love this dunk for many reasons. First, peep the kicks. Paul’s rocking some of the best PEs of all time, the Air Jordan V “Hornets” PE. Secondly, look at WHO he’s dunking on. That’s a point guard dunking on Dwight “3-time Defensive Player of the Year” Howard. Now that’s memorable.

Kobe Bryant

Year: 2003
Sneaker: Air Jordan III “True Blue”

Catching the Black Mamba in a moment of vicious assault-by-dunking isn’t too uncommon. But, what is rare is catching such a perfect photo while he’s throwing down in some Air Jordans! Here he is in the 2003 NBA All-Star Game showing kids how it’s done in the Air Jordan III “True Blue.” A true classic.

Michael Jordan

Year: 1997
Sneaker: Air Jordan XII “Playoffs”

Another instance that shows MJ’s formidable cold-bloodedness was the time he braved the high altitudes, and summmit’d Mt. Mutumbo. Funny back story here; there is actually video floating around the interwebs, of MJ and Dikembe talking trash to each other in pre-game. Mutumbo tells Jordan he could never dunk on him, and Jordan takes that challenge. Which is why MJ gave him that nasty facial with a taste of the finger wag.


Dwyane Wade

Year: 2011
Sneaker: Air Jordan 2011

This gem is from one of the battles between the Heat and Thunder in 2011. And though the focus in the shot isn’t on the dope Air Jordan 2011’s DWade is wearing, it gets extra credit for the viciousness of the dunk. Just look at the expression on K-Perk’s face..he knows he’s going to be hearing about this one later.

J.R. Smith

Year: 2010
Sneaker: Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’

J.R. Smith is one of those love em’ or hate em’ kind of players. But, we love his energy AND his footwear. Just peep this dunk from 2010, where he sported the always-excellent ‘Cool Grey’ Air Jordan XIs.

Ray Allen

Year: 2001
Sneaker: Air Jordan XVI

We love this one. Not only is RayRay one of our favorite players, but you almost never see him dunk…at least lately in his career. So when you do, you know it’s going to be nasty. Just take a look at this one, from back in 2001, when he smashed on none other than Tracy McGrady, while rocking some dope XVIs. A little extra credit for hanging on the rim there too!

Michael Jordan

Year: 1985
Sneaker: Air Jordan I Black/Red

One of our all-time favorite MJ dunks comes from the NBA Dunk Contest in 1985. Not only is His Airness rocking the awesome black/red 1s, but check the tube socks and the double gold chain! And even though MJ ended up losing to Dominique in this one, MJ definitely took home the win on style points.

Gerald Wallace

Year: 2009
Sneaker: Air Jordan XIII PE

Anyone who’s been watching Gerald Wallace’s career long enough knows two things: 1) He rocks dope Js, like these fantastic Charlotte Bobcats PE XIIIs from 2009, and 2) The boy can GET UP! Here is Crash showing Lamar Odom how high he can jump.

Russell Westbrook

Year: 2013
Sneaker: Air Jordan III PE

We all know Russell Westbrook as the lightning-quick Thunder Point Guard, and flagship Jordan Brand NBA player. So, we’re used to seeing him in the latest-and-greatest from JB. However, don’t forget, Westbrook got them PEs too! Just check out these ridiculous “Thunder” Air Jordan III PEs. Antawn Jamison certainly got a look at ’em while Russ smashed on him. Nasty!

Dwyane Wade

Year: 2009
Sneaker: Air Jordan 2010

Truthfully, we’re not huge fans of the overall aesthetic of the Air Jordan 2010. However, the PE version D-Wade laced up during the 2010 NBA All-Star game was dope. He also had a few pretty impressive dunks in that one.

Kobe Bryant

Year: 2003
Sneaker: Air Jordan III PE

Now, as you may know, in 2003, Kobe was between sneaker deals, and he spent much of his games rocking what have become some of the most highly-coveted Air Jordan PEs ever. Just look at these gorgeous Air Jordan IIIs he sported while SMASHING on the 7″7′ Yao Ming. Damn.

J.R. Smith

Year: 2012
Sneaker: Air Jordan XII ‘Cool Grey’

Like most of us, J.R. Smith really likes the ‘Cool Grey’ colorway, because whenever he’s had a pair on, he’s throwing down on somebody. Here he is in 2012, sporting ‘Cool Grey’ XIIs and wowing everyone in the building with the ridiculous reverse alley-oop. Yes. REVERSE ALLEY-OOP. This one was dirty!

Michael Jordan

Year: 1987
Sneaker: Air Jordan II

Another image that hits us right in the nostalgia bone is this beauty, from the 1987 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. MJ set the bar high in his first Dunk Contest victory with this killer cradle dunk, while rocking the gorgeous Air Jordan II. This one just conjures up memories of posters from our 3rd grade bedroom.

Carmelo Anthony

Year: 2004
Sneaker: Air Jordan XIX

The Air Jordan XIX is another one of those love-it or leave-it silhouettes, and for a long time, we were on the fence. It’s certainly not a look that everyone can pull off. But we think Carmelo does so quite nicely as he crams this one home with style, in 2004.

Eddie Jones

Year: 1997
Sneaker: Air Jordan XI Black/Red

Eddie Jones was such an awesome player. Mostly known for his Lakers days, and popularizing the Team Jordan line, EJ also rocked some Air Jordan funk too. Like here, in 1997, when he was rocking the black/red Air Jordan XI. This one brings us back.

Kawhi Leonard

Year: 2014
Sneaker: Jordan XX8 SE

In just this past year’s Western Conference Finals, budding star Kawhi Leonard threw down a thunderous dunk, with the left hand no less, against Serge Ibaka while wearing Jordan XX8 SEs. Just peep the awesome pic which captures the posterization from above.

Russell Westbrook

Year: 2013
Sneaker: Air Jordan X PE

As we’ve said previously, we love the Air Jordan X, and feel like it doesn’t get enough love in the grand scheme of things. Which is why we loved to see Russell Westbrook break out these dope PEs not once, but twice in the 2013 season. While these black OKC PEs are fantastic, he also broke out a clean white pair as well.

Chris Paul

Year: 2008
Sneaker: Air Jordan XX3 PE

Here’s CP3, yet again, killin’ the game with some amazing Air Jordan XX3 PEs. We love the Air Jordan XX3, and hope they start retro’ing them soon. Starting with this fantastic PE from around 2008.

Carmelo Anthony

Year: 2005
Sneaker: Air Jordan XX PE

While you may always think of Melo rocking his own Jordan Brand signatures, don’t forget; he also sported a bunch of really awesome PEs. Particularly in his early days as a Denver Nugget. We’re really feeling these fantastic “Nuggets” Air Jordan XXs. These are dope.

Michael Jordan

Year: 1996
Sneaker: Air Jordan XI “Columbia”

For those old enough, who could forget the 1996 NBA All-Star Game? Widely considered the “best” All-Star Game ever, and not just because of the laundry list of future hall-of-famers involved, but also because of the style. Oohhh the style! Just look at MJ killing ’em in the previously-unseen “Columbia” Air Jordan XI. Stunting on ’em!

Penny Hardaway

Year: 1993
Sneaker: Air Jordan IX PE

In his early days with the Magic, before he established his own fantastic Nike signatures, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway had that Jordan HEAT! Here he is circa 1993 sporting some excellent “Orlando Magic” Air Jordan IX PEs. Beautiful. You know, with Penny on Nike’s retro payroll, we’d be surprised if we didn’t see these beauties retro at some point in the future.

Michael Jordan

Year: 1992
Sneaker: Air Jordan VII “Olympic”

MJ has an absurd amount of Olympic highlights. But we’re particularly fond of these nasty dunks he busted out in the 1992 Olympics, in Barcelona. Rocking the Air Jordan VII “Olympic,” MJ made mince meat out of the competition, along with the rest of the ridiculous Dream Team. Even the opposition can’t help but look on in awe.

Charles Barkley

Year: 1999
Sneaker: Air Jordan XIV “Candy Cane”

We love this photo from 1999. And not just because Charles Barkley is one of our favorite NBA players ever. Knowing his heated rivalry with MJ, and knowing his excellent sneaker line(s), this one is special. Seeing Chuck throw it down with authority like this, while wearing Air Jordan XIVs makes us think he lost a bet or something!

Michael Jordan

Year: 1988
Sneaker: Air Jordan III White/Cement

If you’re of a certain age range, this image/poster conjures up the fondest memories of the NBA’s golden era. From the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Jordan set the world ablaze with his iconic dunk from the free throw line. And, while people had dunked from that far back before, nobody (NOBODY) ever did it with as much style and authority as Air Jordan. Especially while rocking those White/Cement IIIs. Quite simply, the most classic of classic dunking photos featuring Air Jordans.

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