The 25 Best Jordans To Release In August

Fresh off a big weekend for Jordan drops, we take a look back over the last couple decades and highlight the best Jordans to release in the month of August. For those who thoroughly enjoy summer, which we hope is everybody(!), August begins to signal the beginning of the end. But there have been plenty of coveted Jordans to release to keep you in a happy, upbeat mood. Take a look back and brush up on your Jordan history just a bit, and let us know in the comments section below if you have a great story picking up any one of these releases from years past.

Air Jordan XIV Low "Columbia"

Release Date: 8/4/1999

You already know that it’s ‘summa-summa-time’ when you break out all the dope low tops you’ve had on ice all year. And, back in ’99 when the Air Jordan XIV had it’s low top silo dropping, the “Columbia” colorway was poppin’. It may not have gotten as much attention as the “Royal” colorway, but we actually prefer the Columbias.


Air Jordan IV Retro+ "Columbia"

Release Date: 8/21/1999

Speaking of the “Columbia” colorway, it’s implementation on the 1999 Air Jordan IV Retro is one of the greatest of all time. There are so many amazing colorways of this silhouette that it’s difficult to pick a favorite. But truth be told, this is one of ours.


Air Jordan VI Retro Black/Deep Infrared

Release Date: 8/23/2000

How can you not include the iconic Black/Infrared Air Jordan VI? Just beautiful. While the color-scheme may be more in-style for the fall months, this summer 2000 drop may very well be the greatest August Air Jordan retro of all time.


Air Jordan XVI Low White/Red

Release Date: 8/4/2001

While far from a fan-favorite, we feel like the Air Jordan XVI Low is a very under-appreciated silo. And the white/red colorway that dropped in August 2001, was a proper summertime Jordan release. We love the use of perf leather on the upper and of course, the full-length Air unit. These are super-clean.


Air Jordan I Retro Black/Red

Release Date: 8/25/2001

Another Jordan release you’d typically associate with the colder months, the Black/Red Air Jordan I is a no-brainer. You can never get enough of a classic this gorgeous.


Air Jordan XVIII White/Red

Release Date: 8/9/2003

Yeah, we know the Air Jordan XVIII isn’t for everyone, but that’s kind of how we like it. Truth be told, they did take some time to grow on us as well. But now, we really love the unorthodox upper, with the quick lace system. Not to mention the fact that, until 2008’s CDP release, this white/red colorway was the closest to a Bulls color-scheme you could get.


Air Jordan VIII Retro Low "Playoffs"

Release Date: 8/23/2003

Another truly unorthodox design from Team Jordan was the Air Jordan VIII, and that goes double for the low top version. And, while we love the “Playoffs” colorway of the lows, we’d really like to see an “Aqua” version make their way to retail. But until then, these head-turners will have to do!


Air Jordan IV Retro "Rare Air" Black Laser

Release Date: 8/20/2005

A serious contender for best August Air Jordan release of all time, the ‘Black Laser’ Air Jordan IV “Rare Air” is one of the best IVs ever. Releasing just a few months after the White Laser “Rare Air” IVs, these babies were the real star of the show. You know, they always say that the sequel is never as good, but these Black Laser IVs are enough to make us reconsider that…just absolute fire.


Air Jordan V Retro Black/University Blue

Release Date: 8/19/2006

The Black/University Blue Air Jordan Vs are just so slept on. Perhaps due to the sheer volume of fantastic colorways on the silhouette, these University Blue Vs, from August 2006, are just awesome.


Air Jordan IV Retro "Thunder & Lightning" Pack

Release Date: 8/23/2006

You know it was a good day when, in 2006, Jordan Brand blessed the word with two previously unseen Air Jordan IV colorways; the excellent “Thunder” and “Lightning” IVs. This one was a crazy release that laid the groundwork for the madness we see on drop days in 2014’s sneaker game. But, all the way back in 2006, an online-only release for a brand as big as JB was pretty much unheard of. But Jordan dropped these two absolute bangers, on the same day, on their own site, and as part of their own independent packs. Now get this; the price for the Lightning pack (paired with matching T-shirt)? $200…the price for the Thunders (with matching zip-up jacket)? A whopping $500!


Air Jordan "Countdown Pack" 18/5

Release Date: 8/23/2008

Yeah, we’re aware of which sneaker is the star of this 2008 Countdown Pack. But the combination of one of our favorite Vs, with a previously unseen Air Jordan XVIII shouldn’t be ignored. Again, prior to this CDP, the only “Bulls” colorway of the AJ XVIII was the OG white/reds from 2003.


Air Jordan XX3 Low 'Black'

Release Date: 8/30/2008

Sure, we prefer the white/red colorway too. But the XX3 Lows are one of the most underrated low top silhouettes in Air Jordan history. Look, we really like the XX3. But the more we look back, the more we’re starting to think that the XX3 Low was one of the rare instances where the low top silo outshines it’s OG predecessors.


Air Jordan III Retro "True Blue"

Release Date: 8/8/2009

Oh the “True Blue” III…we just love ’em so much. Debuting as an OG colorway, back in 1988, we didn’t get a retro until 2001…that’s 13 long years. August 2009 saw the True Blue’s second retro, just 8 years later. And we know some folks take umbrance with that “short” time frame between releases. But we say, embrace it. With gems like this, in the current sneaker climate, the more chances you get to cop, the better. Plus, you never know when they’re coming back again!


Air Jordan VII Retro "Bulls vs. Magic, 60+ Pack"

Release Date: 8/22/2009

Mimicking some of His Airness’ greatest performances, the Air Jordan 60+ packs carry that same cold-blooded reputation as MJ himself, and the “Bulls vs. Magic” pack of AJ VIIs is no exception. Sure, you can’t go wrong with “Raptor” VIIs, but we’re really feeling the “Magic” colorway. These are excellent.


Air Jordan IX Retro White/Red-Black

Release Date: 8/7/2010

We know that the Air Jordan IX isn’t the most popular Jordan silhouette I-XIV, but we personally love the model. And you simply can’t go wrong with that classic Bulls colorways. Returning in it’s OG form, in August 2010, this is the pure definition of a classic.


Air Jordan IX Retro "For the Love of the Game"

Release Date: 8/11/2010

The “For the Love of the Game” series is one of the most coveted color-schemes in the Jordan canon. Not only because of it’s rarity (we know colorways exist for all silos, but only a handful have released), but also because, well, just look at ’em. Pairing that white patent leather and the “University Blue” nubuck, they’re just gorgeous. One of our favorite IXs, hands down.


Air Jordan VII Retro "Olympic" & "For the Love of the Game"

Release Date: 8/21/04 (Olympic) :: 8/13/2010 (FLOTG)

This is an interesting dual entry. For obvious reasons, JB really likes to hit us with the “Olympic” colorways in the summer months. But they dropped the “Olympic” and “For the Love of the Game” Air Jordan VIIs in an interesting pattern: both in August. Sure, the Olympics retro’ed in 2004, and the FLOTG dropped in 2010. But we find it interesting that they’d drop two retros, so similarly designed, with different names in August. Well, we aren’t going to complain…more dope VIIs all around!


Air Jordan XIII Retro Premio "Bin 23"

Release Date: 8/21/2010

One of our absolute favorites from the Premio “Bin 23″ collection, the Air Jordan XIII hit in August 2010. It’s a tough call to dub our favorite colorway of the XIII, a sneaker with so many dope ones. But, the Premio makes the case for the top spot pretty compellingly.


Air Jordan V Retro Black/Metallic Silver

Release Date: 8/20/2011

Pure classics. The Black/Metallic Silver Air Jordan V might not be the sexiest Air Jordan, or even the best performing. But you simply cannot have enough of these footwear staples in your closet. Trust.


Air Jordan IV Retro "Fire Red"

Release Date: 8/4/2012

Okay, this might be a bit of blasphemy, but we actually prefer the Air Jordan IV “Fire Red” colorway with Mars Blackmon’s goofy face imprinted on them. That said, the “Fire Red” IVs are crack, and we’ll be some of the first in line, every time they retro. Just a clean, classic colorway. A perfect August drop.


Air Jordan VI/VII Retro "Golden Moments Pack"

Release Date: 8/18/2012

Jordan Brand knows their clients perhaps better than any other company on the planet. Which is why we know they were cooking this pack up with the hype machine in mind (palm-rub emoji). With all the success of 2006’s gold-gilded DMP pack, JB knew August 2012’s Golden Moments Pack – featuring an AJ VII and another VI – was going to be a banger. Can’t argue with that one.


Air Jordan III Retro "Fire Red"

Release Date: 8/3/2013

The Air Jordan III is another one of those silos where, with so many dope colorways in the books, some of the older, lesser-seen colorways get slept on…and the “Fire Red” IIIs are one of them. Now, let’s not hate on it, that’s cool with us…gives us a better chance at picking up a pair (or two). But, interesting nonetheless.


Air Jordan IV Retro "Green Glow"

Release Date: 8/17/2013

The “Green Glow” IVs were interesting, because the internet hype-machine did a full 180 on these. When the first spy shots hit, so many ‘OG’ purists were crying foul. But, as the release got closer and closer, and we started seeing better photos, it was over. Now, we can’t knock that…we’re guilty of that too sometimes. But, the thirst was pretty real on the Green Glows.


Air Jordan FEAR Pack

Release Date: 8/24/2013

Last year’s FEAR pack was a bit of a throwback. It’s not too common for JB to drop more than one hot sneaker on the same day…let alone three! We’ve heard it said elsewhere, but it bears mentioning here; the FEAR pack colorways are some of the best ‘new’ colorways of all time. You might not see it now, you might not see it tomorrow. But in 5-10 years, the thirst for a retro will be palpable.


Air Jordan V Retro "Fire Red" (Black Tongue)

Release Date: 8/31/2013

Look, we know that, being a close-but-not-quite-OG colorway, the purists aren’t as fond of the “Black Tongue” Air Jordan V as we are. But that doesn’t matter. We think the “Fire Red” V with the black tongue is how the sneaker should have looked all along. Yeah, we said it!


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