The 25 Best Players To Wear Jordans On Court

While there really is no debate who the best player to wear Jordans on court, there sure have been plenty of noteworthy All-Stars to rock them as well. And truth be told, not just All-Stars, but Hall-of-Famers and future members heading to Springfield as well. From obvious selections such as Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul to some you may have forgotten in Glenn Robinson and Mitch Richmond, who do you think is the best player to wear Jordans on court other than MJ?! Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Darius Miles

While Darius Miles may not have ever been on a team capable of winning an NBA title, he was a tremendous individual player. And, the high school phenom spent years rocking some dope PEs. We’re particularly fond of his Air Jordan VIIIs and his XIIs.

Derek Anderson

One of the greatest benefits of being a Jordan Brand athlete, especially a journeyman player like Derek Anderson was, is the awesome player exclusives you get. While some might argue getting traded sucks, which happened three times for DA, at least you get new PE colorways!

Quentin Richardson

A member of the Jordan Brand family his entire career, Q Rich has some of the greatest PEs of all time. Even in his rookie season (yeah, all the way back in 2000), he spent most games laced up in various Air Jordan XI colorways. That’s a pretty high bar to set. But, Richardson’s PEs are just top-notch. His “Suns” XIIIs or “Knicks” VIIIs are just gorgeous.

Josh Howard

Josh Howard has been a great role player on some very talented teams. And though he’s yet to get that chip, his feet have looked proper with some awesome PEs. We’re partial to his awesome VIIIs he wore while a member of the Dallas Mavs.

Gilbert Arenas

Another player more likely known as a signature athlete from another brand (in this case, adidas), Agent Zero, aka Gilbert Arenas, has his sneaker game on point. While he’s never been an “official” member of the Jordan Brand family, that NBA paycheck has provided plenty of opportunities for him to stunt on court. Like the time he rocked the “Snakeskin” XI Low, or the ‘University Blue’ VI Lows. The boy’s got style, we’ll give him that. Oh, and his on-court game ain’t bad either.

Gerald Wallace

Gerald “Crash” Wallace’s connection to the Jordan Brand family goes back to his formative years spent with MJ’s Bobcats. When you’re the best player on a team owned by Michael Jordan himself, you best believe you’re gonna get the hook on some clean Js. Our favorites are his excellent Air Jordan XII PEs.

Michael Finley

If this list were judged solely on PEs, Michael Finley would be significantly higher. A longtime member of both the Dallas Mavs and San Antonio Spurs, Finley has some fantastic looking PEs on his resume. Not to mention that NBA title…that helps too.

Eddie Jones

One of the first members of Team Jordan Brand, Eddie Jones is probably best known for popularizing JB’s non-signature sneaker lines like the Jumpman Pro and Pro Quicks. But of course, being one of the founding members of Team Jordan, Mr. Jones also had his pick of excellent PEs to boot.

Glenn Robinson

Speaking of winning a ring, many folks forget that Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson actually won one as well (it had certainly slipped our minds!). And while the most notable part of Big Dog’s sneaker legacy is likely his recently retro’ed Reebok signature, The Rail, Robinson sported some pretty dope Jordans as well.

Mike Bibby

Many tip their caps to Mike Bibby when discussing the greatest PE Jordan game of all time and, while researching this article, we certainly couldn’t argue with that designation. While most JB athletes opt for team colorways on more popular silos, it’s obvious Bibby loved low tops because his sneaker resume is full of ’em. In fact, the most difficult part of this entry is to actually choose which PE is our favorite. While we like almost everything Bibby rocked, we’re partial to the his “Kings” colorways of the Air Jordan IX Low and the Air Jordan XIII Low.

Penny Hardaway

While Penny Hardaway is infamous for his own excellent signature line, as well as popularizing the Nike Foamposite silo, he also sported some clean Air Jordan PEs back in his early years. While he didn’t wear them too often, his Air Jordan IX game was proper.

Richard Hamilton

While we all know Rip Hamilton now for his ridiculous Instagram stunting, the boy also rocked some fire on court too. From GRs to PEs, Hamilton has been turning heads for sometime now, and he doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Joe Johnson

Another fantastic individual player who has yet to belong to a championship caliber NBA team, Joe Johnson’s Jordan game is proper. While he rocked some amazing XII PEs back in his Atlanta Hawks days, our favorite of Johnson’s PEs are the recently spotted Air Jordan XVI PEs. We know JB isn’t into retroing the post-retirement Js very often, but these XVIs are just beautiful.

Russell Westbrook

While Russell Westbrook is our list’s most recent addition to the Jordan Brand family, his ranking this high on such a prodigious list shows just how much we think of him as an NBA player. And, while he hasn’t won a chip just yet, he’s the embodiment of the evolution of the point guard position. Tremendous from outside or in, dangerously quick and flamboyantly stylish, Westbrook is the total package. That and he’s got some crazy Jordan PEs, like his recently spotted “OKC” Air Jordan IIIs.

Mitch Richmond

This one is easy money. Mitch Richmond was a fantastic player throughout much of his career, and he had some great Jordan PEs along the way. Back in 2005, when Jordan Brand dropped the AJ X “City Pack,” Mitch Richmond was one of the primary reasons the “Sacramento” colorway got so much attention. And though the hype of today’s sneaker market has pushed the “Sacramento” Xs into legendary status, Richmond also rocked some awesome PEs, including some banging IXs.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s on-court game is like Goldilocks…every aspect of it is jusssst right. And though he’s got his excellent Jordan Brand signature line, CP3 has also rocked some amazing PEs (both on court and off). We love his Hornets Vs and VIIIs.

Carmelo Anthony

Even with his own Jordan Brand signature line, Carmelo Anthony is definitely in the conversation for best Jordan PEs of all time. Prior to his Melo signature line, Carmelo rocked endless dope Jordan PEs, including our favorite, the Air Jordan XIII “Nuggets” Away PE.

Gary Payton

Over the course of his 17-year NBA career, Gary Payton was one of the best point guards in the league. And while he ‘only’ has one NBA Championship on his resume, his sneaker legacy has been significant. Not only did he popularize his excellent (and recently retro’ed) Nike “The Glove” signature line, but he rocked some fantastic Jordan PEs along the way too.

Dwyane Wade

When Dwyane Wade made the jump from Converse (yep, Converse) to Jordan Brand back in 2009, he was instantly the face of the brand. And, while Flash may not have been known for his wide variety of Jordan PEs, he did have a few bangers like the Heat-inspired Air Jordan XII and the eye-catching All-Star Air Jordan 2010s. Even though Wade has already moved on from JB, his on-court game (and three championship rings) place him in the upper echelon of Jordan Brand athletes.

Ray Allen

It’s no secret, Ray Allen is arguably the undisputed Jordan PE champ. Combine his prolific sneaker game with his deadly three-point shooting and three championship rings (and counting?), and you see why Jesus Shuttlesworth made a placement this high on our list. Honestly, we’ll never forget him strapping up his “Ring Night” Air Jordan XI PEs (both times).

Kevin Garnett

Sure, Kevin “Big Ticket” Garnett is likely best known for his monster adidas contract, KG sported Jordans early and often in his high-school-straight-to-the-NBA career. We’ll never forget when he wore the legendary “Columbia” Air Jordan XI while playing against MJ himself in 1996.

Allen Iverson

Okay, so Allen Iverson was a Reebok signature athlete his entire career, and these pics aren’t from his PRO playing days. But back when he was a Georgetown Hoya, and coincidentally one of the best college ballers of his time, he loved breaking ankles in the “Concord” Air Jordan XI.

Charles Barkley

We all know Chuck fell just short of winning a ring, but you can’t ALWAYS measure a player’s significance by the amount of championships they’ve won…just ask Karl Malone. And while Barkley may have popularized his own Nike signature silhouettes throughout his career, don’t forget: he also rocked some dope Jordans along the way as well. We’ll be honest, it actually looks a bit strange seeing him sporting Jordans. Especially considering his rivalry with MJ during their playing days.

Kobe Bryant

Five championship rings? Check. One of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball? Check. Ridiculous sneaker game? Check and mate. Many forget that, while Kobe was in between sneaker deals, he sported a few fantastic Jordan PEs. Some even while playing against MJ himself. While we’re partial to the “Lakers” Air Jordan III PE, the VIII PE is absolutely out of control as well.

Michael Jordan

Was there ever any question that MJ would top this list? No matter how you rank it – by skill, or sneaker game – His Airness takes the top slot by a country mile. All hail the Jumpman!

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