The Best Sneakerhead Athletes In Every Sport

A lot of athletes are just like us when it comes to their affinity and obsession for sneakers and we single out the best sneakerhead across a number of different sports. One thing is definitely certain though when you're a professional athlete and have a love for sneakers; you can pretty much get your hands on whatever you want either through sponsorship or simply by having plenty of stacks in the bank. You can never be mad about being blessed though and it's always fun to see others share the same passion and love for sneakers as you do!

Floyd Mayweather

Sport: Boxing

We know that boxing doesn’t get the shine it used to, but we’ll never stop admiring the sport for the pure athleticism it requires, as well as the outlandish personalities it attracts. And who better fits that bill than “Money” Mayweather? Seriously, aside from being possibly the greatest pound-for-pound fighter to ever step in the ring, the guy tows the line between heel and superstar so well, we’re not even sure he knows where he stands anymore. And of course, with the level of success that Mayweather has achieved, the dude is just ballin’ out of control. We’ve all heard about his private jets (yes, plural) or his multi-million dollar gambling stints, but it’s also been said that he never wears the same pair of shoes twice, and that he simply leaves his shoes in his hotel room when he checks out. Damn, that’s a baller-move. On top of that, it’s not just Js and Nike’s that Money is leaving behind. Just check out the stack of boxes in this guy’s closet…crazy.

Marco Materazzi

Sport: Soccer (Currently Player-Manager, Chennaiyin FC)

Marco Materazzi might be best known to casual soccer fans as the dude Zinedine Zidane head-butted in the 2006 World Cup Final. But Materazzi was a star defender for Italy and a fixture on the national team in the 2000s and his career in Italian soccer dates all the way back to the early ’90s. For sneaker fans though, you might be familiar with Materazzi’s name based on the Nike Tiempo ’94 Mid “Materazzi” Collection that released earlier this year featuring three colorways inspired by classic OG Jordan I colorways. It’s no secret that Materazzi has been a huge MJ fan for a long time, even boasting Jordan tattoos. If you need any further proof of Materazzi’s allegiance to sneakers just plan a visit to Space 23, which is Materazzi’s sneaker shop he owns located in Milan.

Nate Robinson

Sport: Basketball (NBA)

To be honest, it’s a real challenge to pick out the NBA’s biggest sneakerhead. Of course, it’s always subjective, but from Jarret Jack’s alleged 1,500 pair collection, to Derrick Williams throwing down in some crazy low-key heat, or dudes like Ray Allen and Joe Johnson ballin’ out in special one-off Jordan PEs, the NBA’s got a lot of truly dedicated sneakerheads. However, we’re selecting Nate Robinson as the cream of the sneakerhead crop in the NBA. Seriously, you should see this guy’s stash. While a lot of players are blessed with that coveted Jordan Brand contract, Nate has been a guy to go out and get the shoes on his own to build up his stash. You always have to respect the hunt and personal attention paid to one’s passion.

Eric Koston

Sport: Skateboarding

With pro skaters, a signature sneaker is just a part of the game for the elite performers. That is to say, a bunch of pro skaters fall into the sneakerhead category. From Chaz Ortiz to Paul Rodriguez (guess being Nike SB’s first signature athlete has it’s perks), skating has no shortage of big sneaker guys. But we’re going to tip our cap to the OG Eric Koston. Not only has Koston been doing it better and longer than most everyone else in the game, he’s also been the Kobe Bryant of the skate shoe game. Jumping from brand to brand, with dope shoes along the way (some even inspired by Jordans), he eventually landed at Nike where his kicks have become one of the flagships of their division. On top of all that, Koston has a pretty huge non-skate-sneaker stash himself (WATCH HERE). And, as a big golfer in his spare time, he even had Nike design him multiple pairs of golf shoes modeled after his skate signature! We wanna be Eric Koston when we grow up.

Victor Cruz

Sport: Football (NFL)

Between basketball and football, it’s tough to say which sport has more sneakerheads. But let’s just call it a draw, because there is a lot to choose from. But we’re going to go with our man Victor Cruz as the top sneakerhead in the NFL. Aside from being one of the more stylish guys in the league, TeamVic’s sneaker arsenal is amazing. Full of crazy limited Kith drops, as well as high-end neck-breakers and friends-and-family Jordans, Cruz’s stash is truly impressive. Beating out guys like JB athletes Earl Thomas, or hardcore Nike heads like Joe Haden and Marcus Gilchrest, is no small feat. #TEAMVIC

Epiphanny Prince

Sport: Basketball (WNBA)

Let’s show the ladies some love here too. Anyone with a female significant other knows; the ladies love their shoes (insert mandatory “women be shopping” joke here). But in all seriousness, some of the ladies from the WNBA have been showin’ out with their kicks on social media lately. While JB flagship athlete Maya Moore is a natural choice, we’re actually going to dub the Chicago Sky’s Epiphanny Prince the top sneakerhead in the WNBA. Seriously, she’s got game. While Maya now has more dope Jordan PEs than she can probably count, Prince has all kinds of treasures stacked up within her envious sneaker wall, from Nike Basketball PEs to retro Jordans for days.

Keegan Bradley

Sport: Golf (PGA)

Keegan Bradley actually has a bit of an unfair advantage in the sneaker game. Not only are sneakerheads not particularly prevalent in a country club sport like golf, but Keegan is Jordan’s neighbor and golf buddy. So, while he’s only recently been named an official JB athlete, Bradely’s been throwing down ridiculous heat on and off the course for a few years now. He does have the best plug around and it’s quite obvious he is a big sneaker fan all around…especially when it comes to the Js!

Blake Wheeler

Sport: Hockey (NHL)

While NHL players might not be known as the most stylish gentlemen in professional sports, there are a few sneakerheads skating around out there. Two that instantly come to mind though are Blake Wheeler from the Winnipeg Jets and Scottie Upshall of the Florida Panthers. But, we’re going to give the nod to Wheeler as the biggest sneakerhead in the NHL. What we like about Blake’s game is that it’s not all Jordans and Nikes. Though there are plenty of those (and doubles for the little one too), Wheeler’s stash goes deeper than that with a range of Asics and New Balance’s…and that’s what we like to see!

Nigel Sylvester

Sport: BMX

Style and substance. Not only is Nigel Sylvester one of the best BMX riders out there, he’s also one of the most stylish. And as a big sneaker guy, he’s in good favor with us. From his excellent S.O.M.P. SB collab (his JBF Customs versions are also worthy of numerous flame emojis), to his nice stash of Nike hoops, Air Max and SBs, all the way to friends and family kicks like the 112 LeBron 8s, Nigel certainly has his footwear in order.

Roger Federer

Sport: Tennis (ATP)

While you might not consider tennis players like Roger Federer big names in the sneaker world, you should really reconsider. Not only does Roger have a pretty impressive stash of his own, like those always-dope Yeezys, but he’s been putting it down for Nike for a long time now. His Vapor signature line has some seriously underrated silhouettes. And that’s before this year’s heart-breaking white/cement Air Jordan III-inspired colorway. We say heart-breaking because, obviously, we struck out hard on that one.

Shane Victorino

Sport: Baseball (MLB)

Playing a big-four American sport with no salary cap certainly has it’s benefits. Because of that, it’s no surprise MLB players are kings of disposable income. Just look at some of MLB’s biggest sneakerheads? CC Sabathia and Jimmy Rollins have got all the super-crazy PEs, and Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie even has a sneaker vault (seriously, it’s a damn bank vault in his house filled with sneakers). Victorino and Guthrie are really 1 and 1A, but we’re going to give the nod to Shane. Not only does the Flyin’ Hawaiian have the latest-and-greatest and the super-limited, what maybe separates him a little and shows his true passion for kicks is he’s gotten heavy into the customization game. Just take a look at some of the recent customs he’s had done. White ostrich leather Yeezys? Check. Hand deliveries from Mache himself? Check. Victorino’s sneaker game is thick!

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