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First things, first Kicks Deals is 100 percent legit. While we don’t actually sell sneakers, we scour the Internet, neighborhood shops and outlets to bring you the best prices on 100% authentic footwear. We also work with the biggest retailers in the world to bring our readers the best giveaways and exclusive sale prices on must have shoes and boots. As the community becomes overrun with resellers, fakes and outrageous prices, KicksDeals strives to change the game one deal at a time. Have a question or want to be aware of the best deals on the Internet? Want to share an awesome deal you came across? Hit us up at info@kicksdeals.com

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Jordan 13 Retro ‘Flint Grey’
  • Juryasz

    We’re can I get the Nike roshe run pure platinum??

  • Bring back pictures to your RSS feed.

    • Johnny

      word! Its so hard without them!

  • Jleon Mack

    Looking for a legit pair of air flightposite 3 in black or gold can anybody help pleassssssssssssssseeee?!

  • Samantha

    Just wondering if you ever have deals on girls/women basketball shoes. Looking for a pair for the upcoming season.

  • Bostonsneakerhead

    I just wonna thank you guys for always posting up iv boughting a couple shoes from the links you shared ! sometimes there worth it sometimes there not but the AF1 i got the year of the dragon i can’t believe they didn’t sell out, and some Jordans thanks again keep it up- bostonSneakerHead

  • M05th4t3d1

    Really good looks got to get the Olympic

  • davhec3

  • your site isn’t loading properly. on page 2 of the deals, its a week behind, ie. displaying deals from aug 1st, not aug 8th. all of the previous weeks deals are missing-

  • Women love sneakers too… Women with much smaller shoe sizes in the 4-6 category. Consider it. Thanks!

  • R7

    Is sole heaven legit?

    • Kicks Deals

      Without question…we wouldn’t highlight otherwise. Thanks!

  • bro

    i was trying to figure out why my email was banned brodytay@gmail.com

  • Is footasylum.com legit and are their shoes real?

  • Wally

    I love the websit,e and I look at it in the mobile version. But I have some constructive criticism, the bud platinum add switches to video everytime I click on a new shoe, which is frustrating. I get you need ads to help the website, yet they are overdone. Also there is a glitch on mobile, that after you look at the first page of deals and try to go to the second page. You get prior deals but they are the same ones from days even weeks before. Thus skipping newer deals. Not sure if this is just on my end or something you could fix. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Bang Bang

    Can you all post online retailers that will be dropping the KD Gold Medals?

  • Taylor

    restock of flyknits on nike.com

  • msmarian41

    wondering if i could get some info on how to start my buisness on selling shoes as such as this site…

  • 12345

    I neeeeeed the Nike air flow storm blue in 13. Any help?

  • NEO 39


  • what legit websites can you pre-order the bred 11’s for kids ?

  • How do you accually buy the shoes ???

  • CraftyKev
  • Nas

  • Would you guys ever consider posting info on GS sizes? We cop too!!!

  • Richard

    Do you ship to Canada?

  • Christian Rangel

    finish line restocked alot of retros right now

  • mike m

    loving the site… keep up the good work

  • Alison

    how can i order some shoes?

  • VT

    You should really look at getting womens shoes/smaller sizes so females can order too!!!

  • Jimmy

    How much is shipping if I’m living in Australia?

  • Johnblaze1109

    Nike outlet in Vacaville,ca has good sizes of fire red 5’s and Olympic 7’s and Digi camo lunar forces

  • Do you often get international shipping deals?? I’m in a Australia.

  • You know of anywhere I could find a pair of area 72 blazers size 10 1/2, 11. or 11 1/2 below retail??

  • macjoc23

  • Do you have any shoes on sale that can be shipped overseas? Particularly NZ?

  • ed

    im having trouble finding women nike roshe runs in canada. can i get a hand?

  • tracey garswood

    Hi Iv loved this sight for so long but always been confused on shipping and currency so have not yet been able to snap up one of your great deals.
    I live in Perth, Western Australia. Do any of your retailers ship to Australia and if so how do I sort that side of things?

  • Minxi Kush

    I live in Perth, Western Australia. Do any of your retailers ship to Australia and if so how do I sort that side of things?

  • Brandon Curtis

    For everybody in the Colorado Springs area I just left Champs and they have Fire Red V’s and the White Grape V’s on hand In all sizes. They also have Bred 13’s and the “He Got Game” 13’s those sizes vary

  • Jordan Finn
  • Seina

    Make sure you check out hat city boutique on instagram and facebook , should have been in the top 25 in new England

  • Andrew
  • Zag

    Livestock has a few sizes in the Laney 5s for $212 shipped to US


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