10 Best Jordan V PEs From 2006-07 NBA Season

The 2006-07 NBA season was chock full of dope Air Jordan V Retro PEs (Player Exclusives) and we highlight the 10 best gifted to a select few. From home and away iterations for Michael Finley and Chris Paul, along with low-top versions for both Derek Anderson and Mike Bibby, take a look at these terrific exclusive colorways and let us know which one is favorite in the comments section below.

Michael Finley - Spurs "Home"

Player: Michael Finley
Colorway: White/Black-Metallic Silver (Home)

Michael Finley was one of the many NBA players to get player exclusive Air Jordan V retro’s for the 2006-07 NBA season. He received both a “Home” and an “Away” colorway to go with his San Antonio Spurs uniforms. Since the “Away” pair was too similar to the OG black/metallic silver, his “Home” edition was more appealing as it featured a white-based leather upper with silver and black accents along with his jersey number “4” stitched on the heels. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who would’ve liked to see this pair released.

Mike Bibby - Kings "Away"

Player: Mike Bibby
Colorway: Black/Varsity Purple (Away)

A fan of low top sneakers, Mike Bibby laced up the Air Jordan V Retro Low, a first for the Jordan V. He too received both a “Home” and an “Away” colorway to go with his Sacramento Kings team uniforms. However, its the “Away” pair that trumps the two. While purple is always great on a shoe, put it as the accent color on a black-based pair with a purple outsole and one can put aside the fact that these are low’s.

Mickael Pietrus - Warriors "Home"

Player: Mickael Pietrus
Colorway: White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Maize (Home)

Mickael Pietrus…how did he get PEs?! We may never know but, he did get some of the freshest pairs to date. Including his “Home” colorway of the Air Jordan V Retro. This pair features a white-based leather upper with navy blue and maize yellow accents that matched his Golden State Warriors uniform at the time. He did get an “Away” colorway too but the black on them overshadows the pop of the blue and yellow on his “Home” pair which is why we prefer that one over the two.

Derek Anderson - Blazers "Away"

Player: Derek Anderson
Colorway: Black/Varsity Red (Away)

Like Bibby, Derek Anderson too preferred to play in low’s. Therefore he also got two player exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan V Retro Low. In this case his “Away” colorway is another one we too would’ve like to have seen released. The “Home” pair he got was of the original white, black and fire red colorway, just as a low so even though its a classic, it’s nothing we haven’t seen. The “Away” pair coming in black and red sporting a black-based upper with red accents and outsole definitely takes the cake between the two.

Richard Hamilton - Pistons "Home"

Player: Richard Hamilton
Colorway: White/Varsity Red-Varsity Royal (Home)

Team Jordan member Richard Hamilton was also someone on the long list who received Air Jordan V Retro PEs. His “Home” colorway came in white, red and blue to match his Detroit Pistons uniforms. A simple and clean colorway but still a nice change from the traditional colors we were used to seeing. The color placement on these is what really made these look great. Not to mention they are one of the hardest PE’s from that season to come across.

Quentin Richardson - Knicks "Home"

Player: Quentin Richardson
Colorway: White/Orange Flame-Blue Ribbon (Home)

Both Jared Jeffries and Quentin Richardson received New York Knicks themed PEs of the Air Jordan V Retro. However it was the uniqueness of Q-Rich’s “Home” colorway that set all of them apart. Very similar to Jeffries “Home” pair, except these feature a blue outsole which is a nice touch and a nice change from the usual clear translucent sole we are all used to seeing.

Ray Allen - Sonics "Home"

Player: Ray Allen
Colorway: White/Deep Forest-Pro Gold (Home)

Ray Allen always has great player exclusive’s. And his two Air Jordan V Retro PE’s from the 2006-07 season certainly do not disappointment. This one was a tough call as both pairs are nice but, we gave the nod to the “Home” edition. It really highlighted the Seattle Supersonics (RIP) colors with the green and gold accents on this white-based pair.

Eddie Jones - Grizzlies "Home"

Player: Eddie Jones
Colorway: White/Midnight Navy-University Blue (Home)

Eddie Jones split the 2006-07 NBA season between the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies. But its his Grizzlies player exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan V Retro that stand out. Both the “Home” and “Away” editions are nice but since we got the black/university blue LS release in 2006, we gave the nod to his “Home” pair. Featuring a white-based leather upper with navy blue and university blue accents, this is another pair we all would’ve like to see release.

Shawn Marion - Suns "Home"

Player: Shawn Marion
Colorway: White/Varsity Purple-Orange Blaze (Home)

Shawn Marion too got some PEs from Jordan Brand for the 2006-’07 NBA season. Made to match his Phoenix Suns uniforms, both the “Home” and “Away” colorways were great. However we again give the nod to the “Home” edition as it really lets the orange and purple accent colors pop. Just like Rip Hamilton, these pairs made for Marion are also ones you don’t come across too often.

Chris Paul - Hornets "Away"

Player: Chris Paul
Colorway: Black/Energy Teal-Sunstone (Away)

At the number one spot, we had to give it up for Chris Paul. Both of his New Orleans Hornets PE colorways of the Air Jordan V are absolutely stunning. His “Home” pair really makes the teal and yellow accent colors pop. But it’s the “Away” pair with the subtle hits of yellow along with the full teal outsole that really catches the eye. It was a tough call to make but for those reasons, we prefer the “Away” over the “Home.”


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