The 20 Most Stylish Industry Sneakerheads

The footwear industry is obviously loaded with plenty of sneakerheads and having a sick pair of Js is great, but how many people really complete the whole style right? One jump on Instagram and you already know its filled with endless people flexing their sneaker collections. But 99% of the time you just see one part of the outfit, sneakers. We highlight individuals within the industry that not only have rare and dope kicks, but the right style to pull off the whole look. Hit the 'Start' button below to check out who made the list and make sure to give them a follow on IG. Compiled by Brandon Edler @MrBrando3

Dennis Todisco

Instagram: @dennistodisco

Todisco’s name has rang out in the sneaker community for years. A lot of it is talent, but his style and pure enjoyment for having a good time makes him someone that a lot of people look up to.

Upscale Vandal

Instagram: @upscale_vandal

His IG is a hypebeast’s wet dream, nothing but fire kicks and attire that you save up for months to get.

Ronnie Fieg

Instagram: @ronniefieg

Even before Kith, Ronnie always had a good eye for quality designs. Now he is applying his love for product, creating his own lines that sell out faster than retro Js. Have you ever worn Bleecker sweats? #CozyBoyz

John Geiger

Instagram: @johngeiger_

Geiger took his opportunity as Darrelle Revis’ business manager and has made the most out of it. He helped Revis land a signature sneaker that was wildly underrated. One look at Geiger’s IG and you can see his influence on that shoe’s design, and why clothing designers and sneaker brands are just excited to work with the business manager as much as Revis. Blessed.

Emily Oberg

Instagram: @emilyelaineoberg

As soon as she popped up on ComplexTV, everyone was like “Who is that girl?” Her IG profile pretty much sums it up, ‘sporty & rich.’ Emily has executed the athletic and upscale perfectly and continues to gain more reach and fans organically. Stay woke, we have a feeling she is bound to keep rising.

DJ Clark Kent

Instagram: @djclarkkent

Not everything is skinny jeans and six layers of longer shirts. Clark Kent represents one of the greatest times in sneakers and hip-hop, and you have to appreciate how his style continuously reflects what made both lanes so popular. God’s favorite DJ also happens to be a tastemaker.

Frank The Butcher

Instagram: @FrankTheButcher

Anything but a hypebeast, The Butcher is known for rocking the originals and honoring what made the sneaker game what it is today. He is batting .1000 with his sneaker collabs and his BAU line also has some crazy heat.

Marcus Troy

Instagram: @marcustroy

Being a lifestyle media consultant sounds like everyone’s dream job, but few can carry it like Marcus Troy. Everything about homie’s style is lavish and original, no stunting, just doing what he does best.

Mellany Sanchez

Instagram: @mellany_sanchez

The Creative Director at Kith is the reason all these girls are out here making sweats and crop tops look really good.


Instagram: @regularolty

No hypebeast moves, Ty can flip a JC Penny hoodie and make it look fly. One of the realest and most original guys in the sneaker game, Ty’s sample size 9 luck also allows him to get a lot of great shoes before you even knew they existed.


Instagram: @vashtie

We once read a comment that said Vashtie was like the Beyonce of the sneaker world. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Jacob Keller

Instagram: @jacobjkeller

Most people on YouTube giving ‘style’ advice just throw together outlandish popular brands and tell you to run with it. Keller is that guy we actually trust to be our fashion consigliere.

Lawrence Schlossman

Instagram: @sartoriallyinc

Style writers are typically pretentious nerds, but Lawrence is actually someone who can dress well and crack you up…very rare. His Fashion Bros. franchise is arguably one of the greatest things on the web and his IG is laced with style moves you want to jack. Must. Follow.

Rick Williams

Instagram: @rickwlms

Burn Rubber’s de facto boss proves that there is actual style in the Midwest outside of Chicago. Whether its his fire alphets or designing collabs for his brand, Rick Williams continues to impress at such a humble rate.

Joe La Puma

Instagram: @jlp8

The Director of Content Strategy at Complex has been influencing the masses for a minute. His blend of upscale attire and streetwear is on the level of rappers like Pharrell. C’mon, even E! did a feature on his style.

Rob Garcia

Instagram: @noirrob

When GQ dons you one of the best designers in America, you’re doing something right. The king of En Noir made leather sweats more popular than ‘Ye and his all-black everything look is timeless.

Curtis Coltrane

Instagram: @coltranecurtis

The man behind Team Epiphany is on his grown man shit and kind of makes everyone in Been Trill look foolish. No obnoxious branding and ill-fitted attire, Coltrane makes the essentials look dope.

Wendy Nitrolicious

Instagram: @nitro_licious

Wendy’s sneaker game might actually put yours to shame and instead of pairing it with thot fits and corny matching sneaker tees, she blends in streetwear, while still giving off a grown-woman vibe. Very rare.

Anna Bediones

Instagram: @atothebed

Anna started from the bottom, now she’s here. In a few years she has blown up thanks to various features and contributing to sites like Complex, Finish Line, and Sneaker Report. Anna’s tech fashion look is flawless and her following continues to rise as she gains notoriety for her style.

Easy Otabor

Instagram: @easyotabor

Odds are you have heard of RSVP Gallery from everyone in Kanye’s clique and Easy is the man holding down the team. The shop is a staple in Chicago for everyone that messes with retros and Balmain jeans and having some great connects doesn’t hurt his own personal style. Red Octobers on fleek.

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