15 Designers/Labels We’d Like To See Get A Jordan Collab

Jordan collabs are few and far in between, but we've picked out 15 designers and labels we'd like to see team up with the good folks at JB on a numbered signature one day. From maybe unlikely pairings such as Mark McNairy and Mastermind Japan to unions that we could definitely see happen such as Dover Street Market or HTM, one thing is clear, if any of these Jordan collabs actually did go down, the buzz would be tremendous for each and every one. After taking a look at our picks, please let us know in the comments section below who you'd like to see work with Jordan Brand on an official collab and on what silo!

Riccardo Tisci

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan I

We love the recent Nike Air Force One collabs with Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci and think his style would look fantastic applied to the legendary Air Jordan I. The only things we don’t like about this idea would be the price tag, and the inevitable line ups.

Saint Laurent

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan I

Saint Laurent already puts out some pretty awesome high-top kicks of their own. And yeah, they may have ‘borrowed’ some inspiration from the Air Jordan I line. But ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ and all, right? That’s why we feel the most appropriate collab for Saint Laurent to get down with would be a “proper” Air Jordan I. You know they already like the silo!

Dover Street Market

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan II

The Dover Street Market x Nike Air Python was one of the best collabs of 2013, and certainly one of our favorites. We’d love to see that same simple, but luxurious style applied to the similarly sized Air Jordan II. We think it’d be a great way to continue the reemergence of what is currently an under appreciated AJ silo.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan III

Without a doubt, Boston-based retailer Concepts is one of the premier sneaker shops in the world, and have dropped some of the best collabs anyone has ever seen (Kennedy’s anyone?). What better silo for the boys from Beantown to tackle than the iconic Air Jordan III? This could be a game-changer.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan IV

French brand A.P.C. has steadily assembled an impressive resume of Nike collabs, particularly those excellent Air Max 1 drops. So, you know they love the trainers. Which is why we’d love to see their take on the most “trainer-esque” silhouette in the Jordan Brand stable, the Air Jordan IV. We can’t stop thinking about denim uppers and gumsoles.

Ronnie Fieg

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan IV

Can you imagine the hype behind an Air Jordan x Ronnie Fieg collab? So while the hype might scare a few folks off, let’s be real: Ronnie is one of the best in the game, and an AJ x RF collab would be out of this world. We’ve seen RF get down with plenty of varieties of silhouettes, but his work on low tops is pretty unmatchable. Which is why we’ve selected the mid-cut Air Jordan IV as the silo we’d most like to see Ronnie collab on. Can you imagine how sick a “Cove” IV would look? Fire.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan V

Even if you might not actually own many of them, just think back for a second about all the amazing HTM designs that have graced your favorite Nike silhouettes. The combination of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker may be the most powerful and significant union in the entire sneaker industry. Which is why we’d go crazy over an HTM Air Jordan V (as would pretty much every sneakerhead in the world).


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan V

While most of Japanese brand Mastermind’s recent collabs have been of the adidas, three-striped variety, just imagining a Mastermind x Air Jordan collab gets us hyped. Imagine their traditional, high-quality black leather murdering out the iconic Air Jordan V. Perhaps a skull logo somewhere in there…damn, these would go hard.

Kanye West

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan VI

Okay okay, so this one may be a bit far-fetched, considering his current sneaker deal. But, as you all know, sneaker deals do end. And one day Yeezus will be a free agent again, meaning he could (theoretically) get down with JB and Nike again. Love it or hate it, you have to admit; everything Kanye has put his artistic inspiration into thus far in his career is, at the very least, interesting and entertaining to watch. And, we’ve also seen ‘Ye’s affinity for the Air Jordan VI, which is why it’s the silo we’d most like to see him collab on. Pretty sure we just saw someone line up for these already.

DJ Clark Kent

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan VII

DJ Clark Kent’s collabs with Nike are among our very favorite, and the “112” colorway he’s established is spectacular. Now, we know that Clark is more than a one-trick pony, but we can’t stop thinking about how awesome it’d be to see the memorable “112” colorway on an Air Jordan. We think it’d work particularly well on the Air Jordan VII.

A Bathing Ape

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan VIII

BAPE is one of those brands that has collaborated on almost everything under the sun. Almost. What they haven’t hit up, yet anyway, is an Air Jordan. And we think the perfect fit for Bape’s unique style is the equally unique Air Jordan VIII. We know they’ve done camo eight ways from Sunday. But that iconic Bape camo would look amazing on the Jordan 8s lateral paneling in our minds.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan VIII

Now, Pigalle has recently dropped some very, very dope Nike collabs, so we feel this one is actually not that far-fetched. Especially considering their recent take on the strapped-up Nike Air Raid. So, what better Air Jordan silhouette for Pigalle to go after than the Air Jordan VIII? This could be really dope.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan XI

You know we couldn’t do a collab feature and not include Supreme, the undisputed king of Nike collabs. What we appreciate the most about Supreme is their variety. Not only do they hit up mainstream silhouettes like the Foamposites, with wild style, but they also dip into the vault with the likes of old-school kicks like the Tennis Classics or Bruins. That said, we can think of no other silo that we’d love to see Supreme get down with than the iconic Air Jordan XI. We know, we think just mentioning this proposal broke the internet a little bit. The hype behind this collab could be one for the record books if it ever went down.


Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan XII

While UK retailer size? has had an unbelievable run with Nike collabs lately (not to mention excellent work with other brands), they’ve yet to score themselves an Air Jordan collab. And, while it may be a bit far fetched, we absolutely love size?’s style and penchant for old-school trainer colorways. We’d love to see their take on the Air Jordan XII. While there have been some awesome colorways of the XII, it hasn’t seen as many “new” colorways as some of the other AJ silos. These could be epic.

Mark McNairy

Proposed Silhouette: Air Jordan XIV

While Mark McNairy might not be the first name that comes to mind when dreaming up Air Jordan collaborations, we think it could be tremendously successful. Though he’s mostly known for his high-quality dress shoes, we’d love to see McNasty’s vibrantly-colored sole-swapping take place on something like the Air Jordan XIV. We feel like the 14s just have the perfect lines for McNairy’s trademark style.

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The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Jordan Releases

Mark McNairy

IG page: http://instagram.com/sizeofficial/

While UK’s size? has become more well known in recent years for their superb Nike collabs, they’re also one of the country’s best places to pick up the hottest Jordans. Trust us on this one, just hit follow.

City Gear

IG page: http://instagram.com/citygear

Being a sneakerhead in the internet age means getting familiar with tons of shops you may never even see with your own eyes. Even if you’re not familiar with City Gear’s over 100+ locations throughout the South and Midwest, their IG page is a great place to keep in mind as release dates draw near.

Shiekh Shoes

IG page: http://instagram.com/shiekhshoes

Another retailer that the run-of-the-mill sneakerhead may overlook, Shiekh Shoes also has a JB account. Don’t sleep on Shiekh…especially if you reside on the west coast.


IG page: http://instagram.com/ryo_chi23

An IG page where you might not get exact release dates on upcoming Jordan drops, but ryo_chi23’s page is one of the go-tos for early peeks at the sneaker world’s upcoming hotness.

Sneaker News

IG page: http://instagram.com/sneakernews

Another one of the most trusted names in the sneaker world, Sneaker News is a must follow….plain and simple.

Sneaker Politics

IG page: http://instagram.com/sneakerpolitics

As the old addage goes: a picture’s worth a thousand words. And the good folks over at Louisiana’s Sneaker Politics have been killing the sneaker photo game for a few years now. Just hit their IG page and have a look at some of that good old sneaker porn. #SFW

Jordan Brand

IG page: http://instagram.com/jumpman23

Duh, this one’s a no-brainer. Now, they may not have the most up-to-the-minute breaking news on Jordan releases, but the brand’s IG page is the place to go for official info and of course, those beautiful product shots. The key word here is: OFFICIAL.


IG page: http://instagram.com/footaction

Footaction didn’t get to be one of the biggest sneaker retailers in the game without the pedigree to back it up. Check their IG page and take in all those beautiful sneaker shots, while also taking note which Jordans they’ll be stocking.

1973 By Mr. R

IG page: http://instagram.com/1973Miami

Formerly just Mr. R Sports, 1973 Miami is one of South Florida’s hottest sneaker spots. And their IG page ain’t bad either.

Social Status

IG page: http://instagram.com/thesocialstatus

Holding it down for Pittsburgh and North Carolina, Social Status has their IG game on point. They’ve also got some pretty dope products photographers over there. Nice hustle boys.

Shoe Palace

IG page: http://instagram.com/shoepalace/

If you don’t already know, Shoe Palace is a sneaker retailer that’s been holding it down in multiple southwestern states for a couple decades now. Selling Jordan product both in-store and online, peep their IG page and enjoy the alley-oop.

Foot Locker

IG page: http://instagram.com/footlocker

If you’ve been in the game long enough, you’re probably already following Foot Locker on Instagram. But if you’re new around these parts, their IG page is a can’t miss resource for all your Jordan release needs, especially ones that may only end up in store at a House of Hoops location.


IG page: http://instagram.com/solefly

If you’ve never heard of Miami’s SoleFly, you probably just became familiar as a result of their recent friends-and-family Jordan III collab. Pop over to their IG page and get down.

Kicks on Fire

IG page: http://instagram.com/kicksonfire

Kicks on Fire is another fan-favorite in the sneaker blog game. And they’ve got their IG game on lock, always staying up with the latest that’s set to drop.


IG page: http://instagram.com/oneness287

Kentucky’s leader in dope footwear has a great Instagram page to boot. Great product shots and top-notch customer service, Oneness is a must-follow in the social media sneaker game.

Sole Collector

IG page: http://instagram.com/solecollector

More than a blog, more than a magazine, Sole Collector is a phenomenon. From crazy-dope sneaker collabs to breaking news on all the latest Jordan info (and more), Sole Collector is one of the front-runners in the sneaker world.

Oregon Sole

IG page: http://instagram.com/oregonsole

Okay, so Oregon Sole and his IG page may not be your go-to spot for release dates. But, one look through his page and you’ll see why it’s one of our favorites and one you must follow if you’re a Jordan head.


IG page: http://instagram.com/sneakersnstuff

One of our favorite international footwear shops is Sweden’s Sneakersnstuff. Way more than just Jordans, SNS is a must-follow, and even more so for those who live in London as they just opened up a new shop, their third overall location.

Extra Butter

IG page: http://instagram.com/extrabutter

One of top boutiques in NY, now with two locations, Extra Butter has its IG game down pat. All the latest and greatest from Jordan Brand, sweet collabs, and all the rest of your favorites. Don’t sleep on Extra Butter.

Bows and Arrows

IG page: http://instagram.com/bowsandarrowsberkeley

One of the Bay Area’s best sneaker shops, Berkeley’s Bows & Arrows has an excellent Instagram presence. Not only do they carry the dopest new Jordans, but their product shot game is on point too.

Jimmy Jazz

IG page: http://instagram.com/jimmyjazzstores

One of the best tactics to make sure you come away happy on Jordan release day, is to stay one step ahead of the competition. Don’t forget that Jimmy Jazz has a Jordan Brand account and they sell online too. They’ve been helping many cop for quite some time now.

Nice Kicks

IG page: http://instagram.com/nicekicks

You already know Nice Kicks is one of the top names in the sneaker blog game and they also have a fantastic Instagram page to keep you briefed on all the latest Jordan drops.

Finish Line

IG page: http://instagram.com/finishline

Over the past few years, Finish Line has done a great job of outpacing other big-box sneaker retailers. Picking great product, like our favorite Js certainly helps of course. But their fantastic web presence, as showcased on their Instagram page, is a huge part of it too. Nice job fellas.


IG page: http://instagram.com/ubiqlife

Philly’s finest sneaker boutique also has a must-follow IG page. If you’re not on board already, fall back. Not only will you stay in the know with what Jordans they’ll be carrying, but you’ll also find out when their next dope collab will be hittin’.

Wish ATL

IG page: http://instagram.com/wishatl

Putting it down for A-Town, Wish in Atlanta is an awesome sneaker shop. Their IG page is one of our favorites and they’re a must follow for those in the area to know when to go after Jordan drops in-store.

Sneaker Bar Detroit

IG page: http://instagram.com/sneakerbardetroit

Sneaker Bar Detroit is another of our favorite follows. With continuous daily updates on sneaker news and release information, they’re an easy follow if you’re into kicks.


IG page: http://instagram.com/ajordanxi

Steve Jaconetta is the release dates guru over at Sole Collector, so you know his info is legit. And he’s also got a killer Jordan collection to boot.


IG page: http://instagram.com/j23app

Predominantly highlighting just Jordans, with a name like J23, it’s clear what their bread and butter is. J23’s already got you covered with their great mobile app, so you know their Instagram page is on point.

Complex Sneakers

IG page: http://instagram.com/complexsneakers

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of how awesome Complex’s sneaker team is. Their IG page continues that excellence, so if you’re not already following, you’ve been sleeping hard.


IG page: http://instagram.com/blends

Whether you’re looking for some awesome new Vans, or the hottest new Jordan drops, Blends holds down Southern Cali proper. From LA to OC to SD, Blends IG game is on point.


IG page: http://instagram.com/sizeofficial/

While UK’s size? has become more well known in recent years for their superb Nike collabs, they’re also one of the country’s best places to pick up the hottest Jordans. Trust us on this one, just hit follow.


IG page: http://instagram.com/ruvilla

With more than 80 locations throughout the US, Villa is more than a shop; it’s a movement. Their IG page is a great place to keep up to speed on all those latest Js you’ve been hoping to cop, especially in store and when/where they have big-time ‘Refresh’ restocks planned.

End Clothing

IG page: http://instagram.com/end_clothing

End is yet another high-end clothing boutique from across the pond. Peep their IG page and website to keep a step ahead of all those tunnel-visioned stateside sneakerheads.


IG page: http://instagram.com/bdgastore

One of Beantown’s finest purveyors of hot sneakers, simply put, Bodega is the spot. And their product shots aren’t too shabby either!

Wear Testers

IG page: http://instagram.com/weartesters

While the crew at Wear Testers deals heavily in performance reviews, they stay on the news tip as well giving you first looks at upcoming Jordan releases, as well as reminding you when you can actually cop too.


IG page: http://instagram.com/corporategotem

Corporate holds it down for Cincinnati and if you’re anywhere near the area where they’re located, you’ll want to be following on IG as they get just about any and all coveted drops from Jordan Brand.

Modern Notoriety

IG page: http://instagram.com/modernnotoriety

Clean, well-presented images are the name of the game with Modern Noteriety’s IG feed and as one of the top footwear news blogs out there, you know they’re on top of what’s coming next and when as far as Jordans are concerned.

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